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Super 8 General Discussion - 14 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "I'm going to keep saying it until the GAA address the massive advantages they bestowed upon on theDublin football team. Would you like us all to stay quite and not mention it and keep the GAAs dirty little secret buried beneath the carpet?"
Kingdomboy coming on here ruining every thread with the same stuff is not going to make any difference to the Gaa hierarchy. You left the main page a few years back cause you couldn't take the abuse Kerry we're getting yet your the worst fella on here for giving it out. Can you not just stick to talking about the games instead of being a broken record?

clondalkindub (National) - 08/07/2019 16:35:31

Our new Legends - 4 All Ireland Medals - 13 Like(s)
Costello has 3 injured for final but defo played during '13 against Westmeath.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 03/10/2016 17:56:35

Dublin Senior Football Championship - 13 Like(s)
Ok sorry to the other teams but we want Ballymun Crokes and Vincent's to avoid each other in the quarters draw so we get a good final pairing.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 10/10/2016 09:41:35

Weather for Saturday 1st Oct!!! - 13 Like(s)
It did do us harm last year , we won by 3 we should of won by 15.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 28/09/2016 10:22:53

Dublin Senior Football Championship - 13 Like(s)
Mes I'm nearly sure it was brought in a few years ago that whatever happens in hurling cards wise stays with just hurling ,likewise football.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 19/10/2016 11:13:50

Dublin Senior Football Championship - 13 Like(s)
And just like that the all Ireland champs are gone, savage win by Crokes they'll be hard bet, very few teams have a forward like Paul Mannion his pace and power in club football is very hard to stop. Vaughan rolling back the years with some great kicking.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 09/10/2016 10:01:38

Weather for Saturday 1st Oct!!! - 13 Like(s)
A blue tornado reported for 5 o clock this Saturday Mayo people in most danger.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 29/09/2016 11:06:36

Dublin Senior Football Championship - 13 Like(s)
Ah Mes it's very annoying their really taking the piss with this one. They always did a semi final double header. Why are they doing this ? Is everything just about money ? I can't imagine one supporter of Dublin club football is happy with this.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 13/10/2016 16:21:05

Dublins Greatest Ever Forward - 13 Like(s)
Gorm I'm in enough trouble on here to start having a go at you but come on man Shane Ryan ahead of Paul Flynn are you having a laugh??? Shane Ryan a great warhorse for Dublin he gave it everything but he's not at Flynn's level.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 12/02/2017 22:53:23

Dublin Club Championship 2018 - 12 Like(s)
Can I just say well done to all involved in changing the Dublin club football championship format I've been crying on here for years for change and they've finally done it to make it a much better championship for all clubs. Well done again absolutely delighted with this.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 22/03/2018 11:51:19

Dublin Senior Football Championship - 12 Like(s)
Wasn't at it but how the hell did Castleknock beat Plunketts ??? Fair play to them great result but plunketts with the Brogan's Ross McConnell Nesty Mckever Tomas Corrigan etc couldn't beat Castleknock I don't get it? We've play Castleknock in div 2 the last few years and yeah they were good but not in plunketts good.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 30/04/2016 13:26:40

Dublin Senior Football Championship - 12 Like(s)
I was 100% in PP yesterday and Vincent's were 5 up when he got the line , castleknock had one goal chance that was taken off the line Vincent's had at least 3 goal chances in the second half , castleknock scored 3 points from frees Vincent's were the way better team, number 12 was very good for Castleknock and I thought Kilkenny was class. Ask me any question about yesterday's game and I'll prove I was there, I paid in to the stand but had to go over the far side cause the stand was full by 2.40

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 06/11/2016 13:34:22

Donegal Vs Dublin: NFL Div 1 2017 - 12 Like(s)
Wayne you enjoy that type of game fair enough but why you so harsh against posters who hate it and find it brutal to watch? I honestly don't want to be giving out about football I'm trying my hardest to enjoy these games but I just can't , 15 players in their own half doing the same things over and over again It's just so boring and bad to watch there's absolutely no skill involved. And Donegal supporters sitting around me were giving out about it just as much as me.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 27/02/2017 11:25:50

The loudmouth Dublin Fan - 12 Like(s)
I wasn't a fan of Fitzsimon's at the start he took a few roastings and was always behind his man but with experience he's totally changed my opinion of him I think he's a great bit of stuff. I've also been harsh on Cooper at the start but as I get older I realise they just need more experience and then they'll be fine, lik Davy Byrne has taken a few roastings the last two years but I haven't been harsh on him cause I know with experience he'll become a great back for dublin just like Cooper n Fitzsimons.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 17/02/2017 10:14:10

Dublin's forwards 2017 - Going Well? - 12 Like(s)
Holy sh*t first our keeper now our forwards whose getting it next week Liamo the manager?

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 22/03/2017 13:36:26

U21 - Dublin v Longford - 12 Like(s)
You always have a chance against a Dublin county or club team on a tight boggey wet pitch. That's how Vincent's didn't win this year , if a Dublin club makes it to Croker you've no chance of beating them. Anyway best of luck to Con and the boys tonight.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 22/03/2017 13:40:30

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 12 Like(s)

Replying To valley84:  "That's what millions pumped into a county gets you"
Yeah true we use to never hammer Louth before we got money , great shout.

clondalkindub (National) - 26/05/2019 12:09:29

All Stars - 12 Like(s)
Cluxton Cooper McMahon Fenton Connolly Kilkenny Rock That's who'll get in but we should have more for what we achieved this year.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 06/10/2016 09:59:27

Jimbo n Liam - 12 Like(s)
Good man Jimbo great times , to think back when Laois n Westmeath bet us two years running to this now jaysis. Come here check out on YouTube "timid Dublin man going nuts watching Dublin v Mayo " absolutely hilarious I'd tears watching it. I'd put the link up only the bad language won't probably get tru admin.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 03/10/2016 21:16:23

Dublin Senior Football Championship - 12 Like(s)
Vincent's for me, Ballymun have a great team but maybe a bit short up front. Crokes v Boden is the stand out tie of this round if The Roc was still in town I'd fancy Crokes but without him I don't think so. Brigids haven't been good for a few years now. Vincents Boden Crokes Ballymun Brigids The winner comes from 1 of them? Anyone else as a maybe? Jude's? Castleknock?

clondalkindub (Dublin) - 05/05/2016 11:47:54