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Any Good GAA Books?

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Replying To Tirchonaill1:  "I read Tomás Ó Sé's 'The White heat' book recently, I didn't like it at all, half of it was rambling on about his uncle Paidi and it was all very repetitive.
One things for sure, not being able to beat Tyrone in Croke park in those big games in 03. 05 and 08 still rankles with them down in Kerry.
Biggest regret I have with Donegal is we didn't beat them in that '14 final, we played absolute rubbish that day,
still though that's sport, you have to do it on the day."
I thought Donegal played well in 2014 final. The mistake the goalie made in his poor kick out, resulting in Donaghy's goal, gifted the game to Kerry.

Ryanteam (Cork) - Posts: 189 - 31/12/2023 09:10:55    2517918


Replying To dunaval_gael:  "Reading the one about the sports GAA grounds at present by Humphrey Kelleher. Enjoying it. Suppose being from the north neither realised how impressive pairc Caoimhe was. 101 grounds profiled. Some are basic enough with no stands at all."
Heard him on the radio, sounds like he was over ten years visiting grounds so should be packed full of information.

brisbane (Galway) - Posts: 671 - 03/01/2024 13:23:40    2518188


There's one book I'd love to see out there and it's the King, Frank Mc Guigan. Don't know if he ever was approached to write one but for me it would be some read.

Saynothing (Tyrone) - Posts: 1985 - 05/01/2024 20:38:09    2518546


Best GAA books I've read:

1. Liam Hayes' book 'Out of our Skins' is an astonishing book.

2. Jim McGuinness autobiography is brilliant. I'm a big fan of his and the story of his childhood tragedy and his first training sessions with Donegal u21 were extraordinary.

3. Paul Galvin's book is very underrated, beautifully written (he wrote it himself!).

Philly McMahon's book is good but only insofar as it relates to drug addiction and growing up in Ballymun. Didn't give too much away re Dublin setup or about his actions on the pitch (by all accounts his sledging and physicality went too far at times but no mention of this in his book, while likes of Liam Hayes tells you everything that happens on a pitch, even where it paints him or his team-mates in a bad light).

Crinigan (Meath) - Posts: 1314 - 13/01/2024 20:06:20    2520053


Read Haye's book, the updated version, great read alright but looking back on comment at the time it didn't go down well with a lot of his peers.
Just looked back at those Meath V Cork games etc from the time and the 1991 All Ireland final v Down and that epic battle with Dublin in Leinster, they were some teams back then, some hits in it that would have fellas away to the side line now but them men got back on their feet and battled on.
It's sad to see the way Gaelic football has gone, it was far more entertaining back then, now it's all systems, work the ball to the shooters in the scoring zone, etc etc etc. fly goal keepers too.

Tirchonaill1 (Donegal) - Posts: 2664 - 19/01/2024 19:03:16    2521023