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Usa Clubs Should Be Banned From Taking Players Other Than Bona-Fide Students From Ireland In Summer

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Replying To foreveryoung:  "Agreed totally. Either shape up or ship out Tom, and that's just when it comes to the basic aspect of penning a sentence in understandable English. I'll be nice to you Tom. You can even use British English. You don't have to get up to speed and all fancy and intellectual now, by using American English. The Queen's finest will suffice for you Tom, as I'm sure it has done in every way for the county of Cavan for centuries now.

And guys, I'm being metaphorical when I say "shape up". I wouldn't want any of you to suffer sleepless nights or even nightmares at the visual imagery of 'Tom Smith here' trying to do a lap of Breffni Park."
I went to Queens. Never saw Tom there: D

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