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Underdog Wins Final After Getting Rub Of Green From Ref.

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Replying To streaker:  "A soft free went a long way to deciding last years All-Ireland football final, and it wasn't the underdogs that benefited...."
You are correct in that. Certainly stopped Galway momentum and if it was a free at all it was one that 9/10 refs would have given the other way. Hard to say it was determining factor but it certainly had an influence.

BarneyGrant (Dublin) - Posts: 2393 - 21/07/2023 10:16:35    2495932


Replying To oneoff:  "Do you ever give it a rest?

If there hadn't been teams from Ulster and the same thing happened would you have been as worried? Would you be ranting like you always do?

It's funny how you made no comment on calls that went Derrys way. Or any Ulster teams. But no you'll just keep playing the victim card and how everyone is out to get everyone from Ulster."
And all of the Ulster teams playing Last weekend had Ulster referees

Thejampot (Leitrim) - Posts: 247 - 21/07/2023 14:21:11    2495997


Remember the famous Kerry v Mayo championship match in Limerick - Mayo got no run of the green - Kerry actually took to free kicks as hand passes and got away with it

cuchulainn35 (Armagh) - Posts: 1658 - 21/07/2023 17:34:51    2496025


Replying To cuchulainn35:  "Remember the famous Kerry v Mayo championship match in Limerick - Mayo got no run of the green - Kerry actually took to free kicks as hand passes and got away with it"
You're right, we got no luck that night.

But after losing a big match I don't think you should focus on calls that went against you - however harsh it might be. I don't think it does the team any good.. a long hard look in the mirror is generally of more benefit.

Cbar (Mayo) - Posts: 307 - 23/07/2023 19:41:37    2496394


Down beat meath in 1991 with the referee playing all of 24 seconds of injury time, blew in up when meath had a sideline inside the down half going in with the score 1-16 to 1-14

dickie10 (UK) - Posts: 667 - 25/07/2023 00:24:20    2496688


Replying To breffnibluewhite:  "Kerry and Dublin supporters think we are poor losers after the two semifinals at the weekend so can any of you remember the underdog winning an intercounty semifinal or final after getting the rub of the green from the ref. I mean real underdogs not like a mayo versus galway i mean in a match similar to the weekend where you had in most peoples eyes two teams with no hope of victory. I only attended one in my lifetime Cavan v Derry in the 1997 ulster final where Derry were one of the favourites for the all ireland and we were Cavan. Cavan were awarded one point in the first half which was a foot out side the post and in the very last play the cavan backs foul. We won the game by one point. We have been on the other end of such calls on numerous occasions not least 2020 final v Donegal where ref got 7 major decisions wrong including 2 black cards which he admitted to afterwards."
I get what you mean, however there is usually logic for this type of thing. I recall asking a decent level retired ref one time why it was that (at that time) Man United seemed to gets the breaks with penalties, off-side calls, fouls, late goals etc. He said it's purely cause of where they are. They're up the field taking the shots, taking the chances, being in the right positions, while the other team simply hang on. It is exceedingly rare that the underdog gets the rub, as they're very rarely in position to get that rub of the green. You can't get the calls if you're rarely taking them at that end of the game

Loughduff Lad (Cavan) - Posts: 2289 - 25/07/2023 12:31:15    2496768