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Replying To tireoghainabu:  "I though Derry under Ciaran Meenagh we're very brave and went out to win the game on their terms, Gallagher would not have changed tact and his game plan would have been to stop Kerry which would not have got them over the line. Most Derry fans are disappointed but very proud of how their team played."
sometimes all a teams needs is a shout ! "come on to **** " the late great Eammon Coleman, was great man for a roar !
i thought rodgers was amazing but Derry needed more from Glass in the closing stages , i felt the keeper lost confidence in himself in terms of possession , kerry did push up in the second half and engaged derry further up the field , but Derry started very slowly in the second half and let kerry back into and gave them the initiative .

This isn't tactical stuff ..

i think you are very hard on Gallagher .. i think he took over Derry when they were in Division four and now D1 team and two ulster titles later had to step away

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