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Replying To Wexfordgaa:  "I went to two live events the off the ball pod and colm Parkinson's one in liberty hall and I taught both both were very good. I'd say the Parkinson one was better because it was much more engaging in the crowd. Got to meet the guests and had great craic with joe quaid Ollie baker and even the Kilkenny lads John power and eoin Larkin"
Quaid and Baker look like two men who'd have great stories about their playing days.

GreenandRed (Mayo) - Posts: 7249 - 31/07/2023 13:44:47    2498036


Off the Ball moving to paywall bar the radio show and there live feed of the morning show has gotten alot of blowback, understandable too 10e a month is pretty steep compared to the likes of Second Captains and Smaller Fish at 5, giving 14 hour notice was poor form too.

I think its a poor move for them, there quantity is high but quality isn't always, for example I'd listen to them but for GAA wouldn't ahead of the likes of Our Game, I'd imagine someone into soccer would be drawn to Second Captains. I honestly think with the exception of Will O'Callaghan there's people here with more knowledge on hurling than pretty much all their presenters and hosts. I think they've made a big error on this one but in fairness taught the same when Second Captains went down this route about 10 years ago interesting to see how it pays out.

TerribleFootwork (Wexford) - Posts: 1489 - 09/08/2023 10:37:51    2499672