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Replying To carlovia:  "And the Dublin goalkeeper you had last year ?

Did he come looking to play for Westmeath as well ?

Just pick the lads from your own county."
Go look at our most recent panel

Dheen (Westmeath) - Posts: 278 - 15/01/2022 19:05:34    2395091


Replying To Claretandblue:  "Jack Smith declared for Westmeath once he became senior, he didn't come to us once Dessie Farrell or Jim Gavin dispensed with his services. His dad served the county with distinction for years, absolutely no comparison between the two cases, Smith has his best years ahead of him, the rules apply to counties in the Nicky Rackard or Lory Meagher, we're a Liam McCarthy side. Same policy adopted by Kildare couple of years ago and it paid no dividends long term."
Jack Smith was a senior panellist with Dublin in 2017 for the league. He was dropped from the panel.
Jack Cooney approached Smith about coming to Westmeath as Smith worked with Pascal Kelleaghan. Westmeath footballers pursued Jack Smith. Stop spreading misinformation to suit your agenda.

dakid (Australia) - Posts: 269 - 16/01/2022 12:21:46    2395139


Won today, anyone any idea of scorers or subs???

JohnyDuncan (UK) - Posts: 111 - 16/01/2022 19:16:05    2395198


Replying To JohnyDuncan:  "Won today, anyone any idea of scorers or subs???"
Westmeath scorers: J Gillen 1-6 (0-4f); C Doyle 0-5; N O'Brien 0-3; K Regan and S Williams 0-2 (1f) each; E Cunneen, J Galvin 0-1 and E McCabe 0-1 each.

Dheen (Westmeath) - Posts: 278 - 16/01/2022 19:40:15    2395204