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Replying To Pat Mustard:  "350,000 euro and rising by the month"
Jeez. Have you any idea or heard if this "big" sponsorship deal announced last year is still going through ?? If it is, we are really in trouble - not that 350k isn't big trouble enough anyway. How long before Croker steps in at that rate ?? A levy on the clubs would only work once, which would only be a stopgap measure. We would be in the same boat next year if the hole can't be plugged or more sponsors brought on board. That won't happen without success at some level on the pitch.

Freethinker (Wicklow) - Posts: 978 - 12/04/2024 11:22:36    2537495


Best of luck to the senior footballers tomorrow against Kildare, here's hoping for another upset. There is a big write up on RTE about our senior footballers. One thing that stood out to me was we haven't won back to back games in the Leinster championship since 1989, when we beat Carlow and Kildare. We were then defeated in the Leinster semi's by Dublin by 6 points (only). I was at the game in Newbridge, only just turned a teenager, Jaysus, we had a great team in the 80's and up to the mid to late 90's.

minor93 (Wicklow) - Posts: 73 - 13/04/2024 14:54:27    2537648