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Can Offaly Park 1982 Now At This Stage Please..

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While it was a magnificent and one of the greatest results ever back at the time (as Kerry were so dominant) I feel this 1982 thing is played out at this stage, and even 71 and 72 at this stage, local papers again this week with pictures of those teams going around with Sam Maguire, yes, fund raising ok but even at that its getting a bit boring at this stage. We are moved and moving on as a county, other great results have happened since, Mayo knocking out Dublin up there with any great shock as such (was it really a shock either with how Dublin were going) Tipperary beating Kilkenny in 2010 or 11 to deny the 5 in a row in hurling, yes we Offaly are drawing from a small pool of clubs and population, but I think we need to just put 1982 and previous behind us and enjoy the present abit...same old faces, suited and booted, none of he young crowd can or even want to know now 40 or 50 years on...more suitable to Offaly form but anoraks on there would devour one for saying such...

Fairplayalways (Offaly) - Posts: 866 - 30/09/2021 17:17:08    2383820