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wishfulthinkin (Cavan) - Posts: 1605 - 09/04/2023 07:34:37    2469665


Where do we go from here lads? I've no words right now. Congrats to New York.

JimmyNail (Leitrim) - Posts: 153 - 09/04/2023 08:17:58    2469666


When is the tailteann cup starting?

Leitrimdivide (Leitrim) - Posts: 84 - 09/04/2023 08:27:38    2469667


A sobering evening for us and indeed the Connacht council.
They would have had 7000 plus prob at a Leitrim Sligo semi, now they have to fork out for NY to travel, or partially fork out, amusing in a way.
100 mins of kicking ball and scoring 15 points won't win you a game at any stage. To lose to a team playing their first proper competitive game this year is deplorable and unacceptable for the management really.
Wonder is this part of the five year project mentioned previously?!
I feel sorry for the players, they'll always be remembered for losing this one. Maybe winning the tintin cup might salve some wounds but I don't see them doing that.
Would be great if NY beat Sligo but Sligo will blow them off the field.

somewouldargue (Leitrim) - Posts: 52 - 09/04/2023 08:42:11    2469668


Replying To martinjoe:  "Worries about an upset or "ambush" are par for the course even when Mayo are playing this fixture. A top ref has been put in charge. Truth is anything other an a win for the visitors would be a nightmare for Connacht Council and Gaa in general. Talk of an upset on the cards keeps the buzz going, but the result will not be in any doubt. Andy has being preparing for this and the Sligo game since Christmas. Best of Luck."
Andy Moran - always talked a good game.

peiledoir20 (Donegal) - Posts: 590 - 09/04/2023 09:25:07    2469672


Replying To theroadtocroker:  "On paper this New York has much better footballers than any team they ever had before, they ran sligo very close last year and have added Eoghan Kerin,all star nominee, O Brien and Wharton who have played with Kerry in 2019, Carthy who was involved with Dublin for a Sam Maguire winning year and Maher who played for Tipperary in their Munster final win in 2020. Individually they have better footballers than Leitrim , simple. Lack of match fitness should play into our hands . Kerin will be capable of marking Beirne , 50/50 game."
Is that Andy Moran finished now. Ye have a good team that should be getting out of division 4 but not sure Moran has a clue what's he's at.

dave1988 (Roscommon) - Posts: 978 - 09/04/2023 09:30:36    2469673


Replying To Buzzcagney62:  "I expect Leitrim to prevail with the same ease as Sligo did v London earlier today.
Our sharpness and fitness .and NY's lack of match practice will see us through with a bit to spare."
This aged well.

Overthebar53 (Carlow) - Posts: 74 - 09/04/2023 10:01:31    2469679


A sad , sad day to be a Leitrim supporter. I don't know what to say anymore . I'm so embarrassed. Players and management should be ashamed of themselves.

leitrimman1994 (Leitrim) - Posts: 18 - 09/04/2023 10:17:20    2469681


Hard luck last night - a couple of big goal chances missed - either would have done the business.
NY well improved and probably have a greater pick than yourselves so no shame in losing to them. A great occasion for NY in fairness.

ardmhacha (Armagh) - Posts: 172 - 09/04/2023 10:25:37    2469682


Well a team now can put a bunch of guys together, play no Fbd league, no league not challenges and win.
I suppose it does help when the opposition misses a pile of goal chances. Now don't annoy me by trying to have the glass half full. This was is and will be a disaster for Leitrim County football. Shocking really.
The u20 not let line out with a full team is also very annoying and mad stuff really. And all of this cost a fortune. So many heads need to role.

TwoFeet (Leitrim) - Posts: 30 - 09/04/2023 10:27:34    2469683


A disgrace. Let's call it as it is instead of rolling out the same tired excuses. We've heard them all at this stage. We're enabling this if we try and come up with excuses. It's what we are great at. Deluding ourselves that what we've been at for the past 25 years is good enough. Deluding ourselves that we are doing the right thing. We're not and we haven't been doing it for a long, long time. And don't bother telling me about sacrifices etc. etc. These lads are well looked after. Park that bull.

I've read on this forum that the lads are very happy with management. I can well believe it. I've read people giving out about Riordan O' Rourke allegedly walking. I don't blame him if he walked because he saw through the bull.

It's the same nonsense every year. Figure out too late that we could and should have been promoted. If only, if only.... The lead into the championship is either the same nonsense about New York or London, Sligo are the same level (they're not by the way) or maybe, just maybe if we play to our best and one of the big three have an off day, whisper this, we could take them. But it'll be a great experience getting hammered by them.

Then it's like child birth. We lap up the sob stories and the faux sympathy and we move onto the club scene. The wounds are healing by the time we've finished that and we sit back and wait for the league to start again. And it goes on and on and on. We'll post stuff on social media about yellow hats and walking 500 miles and put up pictures about lads eating their breakfast pretending they're celebrities. Harsh but true. Earn it instead of pretending that you've achieved something. Be honest with yourselves.

Should we at least have beaten New York comfortably. Yes we should. Stupid decisions that have been made throughout the league and obviously no "learnings" taken on board.

Oh and don't bother with the other age old excuse of population etc etc. Look at Sligo. Rugby and soccer are massive. Look at what they're achieving. Look at Fermanagh, Monaghan, Roscommon, Clare etc. etc.

We're full of excuses and great at convincing ourselves that it'll come good. It won't. Last night was no surprise.

ThePowerhouse (Leitrim) - Posts: 67 - 09/04/2023 10:40:42    2469686


Replying To Buzzcagney62:  "I expect Leitrim to prevail with the same ease as Sligo did v London earlier today.
Our sharpness and fitness .and NY's lack of match practice will see us through with a bit to spare."
Not sure why you expected that, Leitrim fitness was as bad as I've seen from any team against New York over the years. Had the opinion last year after failing to get out of Div 4 and a poor championship that it would better for both parties that Andy Moran and his expensive management stepped aside. Someone local would do as good as job as them and more focus needs to be put into the underage scene, Moran not allowing U20s play in the Connacht championship was wrong.

Gaa_lover (USA) - Posts: 3218 - 09/04/2023 10:45:27    2469690


Replying To leitrimman1994:  "A sad , sad day to be a Leitrim supporter. I don't know what to say anymore . I'm so embarrassed. Players and management should be ashamed of themselves."

ThePowerhouse (Leitrim) - Posts: 67 - 09/04/2023 10:48:07    2469692


If ye have any awareness at all then do not post stuff about going on the beer last night.

ThePowerhouse (Leitrim) - Posts: 67 - 09/04/2023 10:49:53    2469693


If Andy Moran is still in a job this morning sum of d lads must've been on a rip of pints last night.. Like dare training all d time how can they be so bad at playing ball? D only forward who can say anything is Keith Beirne. At least he can kick off left and right and scored 90%of the time!! Andy shudn b paid a red cent 4 his "work" throughout the year. We are a shambles. Fair dues 2 new York tho. They smelled blood and bet us fair and square.

Zucker (Leitrim) - Posts: 139 - 09/04/2023 10:54:06    2469694


I just don't know what to say. Supporting Leitrim at the best of times is full of heartache and disappointment but my god that was a sobering experience. Not sure where we go from here but I can tell you one thing... Moran needs to go. He's finished as an intercounty manager. And a few more at executive level need to consider their positions.

Square_B (Leitrim) - Posts: 655 - 09/04/2023 10:54:27    2469695


It was going to happen to some team at some stage and there have been a few close shaves in the past. New York did mighty but Leitrim left so many chances behind them. Looked like an incredible crowd at it. New York seemed to dominate midfield as the game went on. I know it is disappointing now but maybe hold judgement until NY play Sligo. There was some big hitters on that NY team and as already said, probably their strongest team yet. That said Leitrim match practice should be much better. Maybe a combination of long flight, distracting functions and a funny oul astro pitch were enough to unsettle them.

MachaireConnacht (Roscommon) - Posts: 641 - 09/04/2023 10:58:14    2469696


Id say Coach Hyland is either shaking his head or chuckling at this. Why on earth was he let go.

somewouldargue (Leitrim) - Posts: 52 - 09/04/2023 11:10:44    2469698


Goals are Here,

giveitlong (Galway) - Posts: 1201 - 09/04/2023 11:19:49    2469699


I cannot believe this result, I got it wrong in a big way. NY were so open which ye showed with the goal chances but lack of cardio fitness is still a big issue which is most surprising. The penalties were hard to believe too, zero from 4.

martinjoe (Mayo) - Posts: 496 - 09/04/2023 11:28:05    2469703