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Replying To Trump2020:  "Ha ha. That's a tough group alright. It seems like just a few years ago Mellowes won the County and now fighting for their lives….maybe the Groups should be picked by Seeding the teams so it wouldn't be so lopsided. But that's easier said than done I suppose."
They are done by seeding. The 4 semi finalists get seeded. Turloughmore lost to kilnademna last year so definitely don't deserve seeding. No bad year can lead to getting an awful group the following year. Craughwell and Gort being seeded teams probably caused a lop sided groups quality wise but like it rewards performance so can't say much about it.

Throughthemidfieldhewasstormin (Wexford) - Posts: 16 - 14/08/2022 18:04:45    2437383


Replying To Trump2020:  "What about Liam Mellowes? I suppose their ship has sailed."
Mellows have been on the wane since their last county final appearance. They were very consistent and definitely the second best team in Galway for those 3 years with a county title won along the way. Probably disappointed with the other finals, the 2019 one especially, and the all Ireland semi final against Cuala but other than that they beat everyone else galway had to offer. Probably don't have the players coming through to replace the lads they've lost. Against Ardrahan They looked very poor and short of any game plan that they were very good at under Mulqueen. Will still have enough to get out of the senior B group.

Throughthemidfieldhewasstormin (Wexford) - Posts: 16 - 14/08/2022 18:10:24    2437385