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Railway Cup- Revamp

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Replying To johnocarroll17:  "Agreed. 30 years ago provincial rugby was in the same boat. Maybe the GAA should consult their rugby counterparts as to how to make provincial teams more marketable and worth following."
Not in any way the same. Cant compare the two at all
Provincial rugby teams have always existed and were prior to professionalism sides who played occasionally. they played interpros 3 games a year which helped select players for final trials and irish squads and some provinces played touring national sides like new zealand, australia etc
the big thing was the club game and the senior cup in each province and then from 1990 the AIL. these then decreased in importance as european cup started in 1995 and then the celtic league in 2001.
completely different to the GAA

KillingFields (Limerick) - Posts: 2583 - 26/09/2021 13:40:55    2382990


Know the way they have those divisional teams in the club championships down in Kerry, Cork etc? Well here's a mental suggestion. Have interprovincial playoffs (and call it an interprovincial championship too, why not) consisting of players who have never won the All-Ireland, and the winning province gets to join the All-Ireland at the quarterfinals or the qualifiers or whatever. Players would be bursting to take part then. Of course you'd then have players playing for both county and province in the one competition but like I said it's a mental idea. Maybe it could run within a tiered All-Ireland system.

Tacaí Liatroma (Leitrim) - Posts: 700 - 27/09/2021 13:56:32    2383173