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Replying To DuhallowRed:  "Love that idea"
It's a good idea. The is no real outlet for the best from various counties to play on the same side. However, at provincial level, the Railway Cup offered something similar, and look what happened to that. Even though I loved it, but it seemed most fans, and the GAA itself, had no interest.

essmac (Tyrone) - Posts: 1066 - 03/09/2021 08:28:55    2377448


Replying To Hoofhearted:  "You know what, I like the sound of this. Wouldn't it be a great way to showcase football and hurling at the end of a hard season if the AI champions (say a month after the All Ireland) in both codes played a Rest-Of-Ireland team. Perhaps give the proceeds to a worthy charity, I'd say that you could get a good crowd interested in paying to see such games. Picking the Rest of Ireland team would be some crack mind. Who should pick the team ? who would be impartial.... maybe have some sort of pre-selection by a committee and then a final selection by the general public. So, let the committee come up with 3 players for each position and let the public narrow it down to the final winner for each place. It might be one way of having exceptional players from weaker counties play at least one game a season at the highest level.

I do think that the AI champions would win on most occasions though. Remember the Railway cup ? an All Galway Connacht team won so many Railway cups even during times when the Galway senior team weren't that good. But they were used to playing together. If ever such an idea came to fruition, I think that a limit of players from one single county should be put in place. So maybe a max of two per county so that you have at least 8 counties represented. This would broaden the appeal to spectators. If Laois had one or two playing then you would have most of the Laois hurling fraternity wanting to see how their players performed.

In 2021, I really don't think you could put together a team of 15 players from all of the other counties that would come within 8 points of Limerick."
That is along the lines of my thinking. Have tickets a reasonable price with proceeds donated to a worthy charity.
Not sure weather to have in Croke Park or spread the game each year to a different city/provincial town.
Don't think a month after the All Ireland will work as the players will be involved with there clubs. I think it would have to be played at the start of the league, view it as an opener to the inter county season.

Southsham (Limerick) - Posts: 729 - 03/09/2021 10:25:49    2377473


Replying To blackspot91:  "Bit of an aging forward line."
Dont think it's a team building for the future anyway!

Viking66 (Wexford) - Posts: 3301 - 03/09/2021 12:25:30    2377523


Replying To blackspot91:  "Bit of an aging forward line."
young whelan is only a nipper and sure Joe can still move well. Maybe Seamie is less mobile nbut you need at least 1 if not 2 left inside so ;)

brian (Meath) - Posts: 1385 - 03/09/2021 14:27:53    2377571


Replying To brian:  "Not a bad take I'd have several different names

1 Eoin Murphy - Not even a debate

2 Daithi Burke - Can do it all, shuts down opposition
3 Conor Prunty - Stood head and shoulders above many this year and probable all star. The full back problem Waterford have had since the days of Sean Cullinane are over.
4 Eoin O'Donnell - very good call there

5 Callum Lyons - would be getting a second all star in a row except for the brilliance of Diarmuid Byrnes
6 Padraig Walsh - Holds the middle, drives on when needed, helps protect his full back
7 Mark Coleman - Great player to sweep and win loose ball, can win it in the air or down low

8 Jamie Barron - No one else should be in the conversation before him. Consistently outstanding
9 Tony Kelly - Consistently brilliant for the last 4-5 years. Best player in the country not playing for Limerick

10 Austin Gleeson - has all the ability in the world to be better than Cian Lynch, at his best no one can stop him. But its getting that from him every single day
11 TJ Reid - The man is a wizard and couldn't be left off
12 Lee Chin - his athleticism and ability to win ball should earn him a place. Never gives less than his all.

13 Conor Whelan - has it all, getting more powerful but galway need to keep him closer to goal
14 Joe Canning - still one of the best in the country, from play and free's
15 Seamus Callanan - Still the best finisher in hurling. If you need a guy to get a goal he's the guy

I know that won't be to everyone's liking
Tadhg De Burka whilst great needs a seventh defender to do what he does. Against Limerick you don't have that luxury and Walsh gets the nod
Patrick Horgan - doesn't contribute enough from play or link the attack the way Joe and TJ can. Great player but a team to beat Limerick needs more

The corner positions were the hardest to pick."
This summer Pat Horgan also became the leading point-scorer from play in the history of the championship: he has raised 144 white flags from play since 2008, pushing him 10 clear of Joe Canning. He scored 0-15 in the All-Ireland semi-final win over Kilkenny, six of those coming from play.

over35hurler (Cork) - Posts: 30 - 10/09/2021 23:12:39    2379521