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Mayo V Tyrone All-Ireland Football Final

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Replying To Ulsterman:  "I wasn't wrong."
What did they say about "self praise"?

tireoghainabu (Tyrone) - Posts: 176 - 11/09/2021 21:05:38    2379770


I think it's fair to say that Mayo are the Jimmy White of the GAA.

Ulsterman (Antrim) - Posts: 9426 - 11/09/2021 21:05:47    2379771


Absolutely delighted for all the lads on that team. Especially lads like Mattie Donnelly,Petey Harte who've been battling for years in a Tyrone jersey. Can't believe we are Sam Maguire holders again. Some great new young players brought in this year too so lots to look forward. Mayo…you've heard it all before.

seanie_boy (Tyrone) - Posts: 4235 - 11/09/2021 21:07:45    2379772


Replying To realdub:  "It would be more damaging I would agree."
The darkest hour before the dawn. The young lads coming through are good.

MiAmigaVERONICA (Clare) - Posts: 277 - 11/09/2021 21:14:07    2379774


Tyrone just to strong for Mayo. Well done. I think Mayo to have had any chance they should not have started Aidan o Shea but rather introduced him as an impact sub. MAYO will keep trying and I hope their day will come....

downtothecore (Down) - Posts: 340 - 11/09/2021 21:17:01    2379775


Replying To tireoghainabu:  "What did they say about "self praise"?"'s no recommendation...... but in my case I'll make an exception.

Ulsterman (Antrim) - Posts: 9426 - 11/09/2021 21:19:54    2379777


Replying To dingle2:  ""SAM" leaves Europe for the very first time!!! Comhgairdeas Tír Eoghain."
Best post ever

IsMise (Tyrone) - Posts: 112 - 11/09/2021 21:23:01    2379781


Replying To Ulsterman:  "I think it's fair to say that Mayo are the Jimmy White of the GAA."
Was only saying this to my bro earlier on.

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 8277 - 11/09/2021 21:35:57    2379784


Men against boys.

sean og (Armagh) - Posts: 1036 - 11/09/2021 21:37:28    2379786


Congrats to Tyrone. By far the better team and well deserved. We are a disgrace…absolutely fed up of this crap.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 10819 - 11/09/2021 21:42:07    2379789


Its over for Mayo and the neutral supporter. Sympathy and support can only go on for so long.

Eddie the Exile (Monaghan) - Posts: 860 - 11/09/2021 21:43:32    2379790


Tyrone are I am sure proud of their team and should be. There are not 31 counties hate them. In fact 32 counties don't hate them including Mayo. How long more are rte going to keep that bafoon on national t.v. They got rid of one loud mouth but left a bigger one. He gets his turn to comment but keeps talking over the next person.

Canuck (Waterford) - Posts: 1644 - 11/09/2021 21:45:01    2379791


Tyrone deserve their victory in fairness to Mayo this is the first final in twenty years that they did not turn up for and they truly are cursed as Killian O Connors injury cost them the final and a well overdue victory where as Tyrone could afford to wait another year or two for their day in the Sun, While the quality was poor there was a great honesty to the contest with both teams committed to all out attack and very little negative tactics sledging or men behind the ball or trying to run down the clock by tyrone when ahead. Hopefully this is the future and all stats men who are destroying the game in every county are given a kick in the ass.

breffnibluewhite (Cavan) - Posts: 104 - 11/09/2021 21:52:30    2379795


It's amazing that Mayo have appeared in 10 All-Ireland finals over the last 25 years and not won one of them.

Cockney_Cat (UK) - Posts: 1500 - 11/09/2021 21:52:45    2379796


Replying To Spoddgy:  "Congrats Tyrone best team won today they have earned it. I doubt there will be a 6 in a row for them they will be a few counties thinking about winning Sam now as Tyrone proved it's possible the power to ye! Why anyone will ever have mayo as favourites for a final we will always find a away to throw it just not good enough today! I don't know if this group will bounce back from this or sail away into the night. I believe mayo can win an all ireland but It's a very large monkey on our backs, this curse talk is a curse in itself covers up the real reasons you lost easy to make an excuse. I believe mayo can but I don't think they will. I'm deflated and even a pessimist mayo have managed to even make it feel worse. Was there for the taking today and just seemed to make the wrong decisions. The three goal chances should be taken all day long if you want to be winning an all ireland and both tyrones goals were defendable. Tyrone took their chances and that's why they are now all ireland champions."
The penalty was woeful, it wasn't even on target, there's no excuse for missing that.
Congrats to Tyrone deserving winners.
Where do Mayo go from here, I suppose they always say you have to lose 1 or 10 to win one.

Bon (Kildare) - Posts: 1389 - 11/09/2021 21:58:41    2379797


Hard to believe it was the same score as last year's final...poor Mayo........they just have to keep going...

Fkd12 (Louth) - Posts: 29 - 11/09/2021 21:59:22    2379798


Massive congratulations to Tyrone, fantastic win and the Sam Maguire is back in Ulster once again, I can see Tyrone and Kerry going on to dominate the next decade.

Tirchonaill1 (Donegal) - Posts: 1798 - 11/09/2021 22:09:57    2379802


Replying To wexico15:  "Arguably that will hurt Mayo more than any final defeat in the last decade."
You are so right wexico15 (Wexford), this defeat has the potential to do maximum damage psychologically to Mayo for a long time, Mayo appeared to be mentally drained all the way through, they were indecisive so took the wrong options, not a forward in sight over the 70 mins, expecting a penalty to be scored at cross bar height is very questionable. When goal chances come your way, you take them, not think about them.

Tyrone and Mayo's paths to the final, there lies the answer as to who was worthy favorites going into the game.

The Media have the power to make or break, - - - so it's said.

If Mayo had won the final how many all star nominations / awards would they have got.

There's an old saying, - Live horse and you'll get grass.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2467 - 11/09/2021 22:32:07    2379810


Congrats to Tyrone. Great job. Hard luck Mayo. Next year.

Trump2020 (Galway) - Posts: 1370 - 11/09/2021 22:35:28    2379811


Congratulations to Tyrone, well deserving winners today and throughout the championship. We haven't had too many meetings in the past but all the Tyrone fans I encountered today were a credit to their county. Enjoy the celebrations.

Immer (Mayo) - Posts: 16 - 11/09/2021 22:37:09    2379812