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Replying To Suas Sios:  "On the contrary, it's a decent A road from South Belfast to Ballykinlar, apart from maybe the Ballynahinch traffic. This suits those 2 dual clubs with huge membership that you mention."
It was Ballynahinch with that one way system through the town there I was thinking about. I suppose it just depends what time your making the journey.

SaffronDon (Antrim) - Posts: 2278 - 07/08/2021 12:32:44    2368462


This is great news and long overdue, Ireland's second largest city should have a modern all seater stadium. Ravenhill and Windsor both have a capacity of about 18,000 . Slightly disappointed that they weren't a little more ambitious and go for a 40,000 all seater stadium , the proposed development will hold about 2,500 more than Clones. Agree that enhanced car parking and transport links needs to be part of the development package.
Despite being further away it's still easier to reach than Clones which has a traditional charm to its congested nature on final day but can still be a turn off for some after a long drive. People from all counties of Ulster live and work in Belfast and some of them would welcome taking in a big semi or final without a long drive from the West or South of the province. Many of us further south would love a week end in Belfast finished off with a big match in a well appointed stadium.
Some will say that a capacity of 34,500 is big enough for a venue that more than likely will be be near full just once a year but what if the GAA were willing to allow it be part of of a bid for the Rugby/Soccer world cup. Hosting major concerts , International exhibitions and conferences would make it 'a stadium for all of the people' and make it more acceptable to those (anti GAA) currently opposing the redevelopment . What a great boost it would be for the local economy on hold for the last 18 months to have Casement Park Stadium hosting a Europa Cup final, American football match or the All Blacks on tour and at all times remaining primarily a GAA venue. I may be out of touch here but hoping that some my suggestions would be acceptable to Ulster Gaels. Looking forward to seeing this sleeping legendary venue bloom again soon.

Curlew66 (Roscommon) - Posts: 412 - 12/08/2021 02:33:42    2370009