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Monaghan and Armagh. What a game of football.

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Replying To Kerry15:  "Rian O'Neill was outstanding. Definitely one of the top 10 footballers in the country for me anyway.

Pity Armagh don't have the backs that their forwards deserve. If games were won and lost based on how good numbers 8-15 are they'd be very near even the top teams in the country."
It's progress from the team for sure ,we are not picking from any winning underage teams in armagh, so when I take a look back over 4/5 yrs period coming from div3 I'm happy and see the positives .. I also believe the defence is getting better (but shipping 4 first half goals was big blow . One goal yesterday was a mistake which can happen to anyone or any team ,another goal was a mid-feilder running from deep which you got to lay responsibility at who was tracking/ marking .. I watched kerry in league against Dublin there was a few goals that day, monaghan put a few past donegal as well . these league games were played with almost full teams and at championship standard this year ,I think that's why your seeing the championship serve up top games ( there's always going to be mis-matches ) I do believe we will look back come end of championship and say Wow what a competition we have 10/12 top class games on straight knock out ( which is still the best way in my opinion) and players back with there clubs ready for another great county club championship just like last year people say best ever .. here's a suggestion why don't our association tell sky & any other paid prescription TV to do one, they serve no positive ever-lasting values to our game & people both at home & aboard . ( got to keep honest here and say my wife who is not irish,and I don't live at home anymore got me a GAAGO season ticket so maybe I'm a part of the problem ..

Theliveshow (Armagh) - Posts: 13 - 18/07/2021 07:47:08    2360935


fantastic game, well done to both teams, what has happened ulster football?

Stmunnsriver (Wexford) - Posts: 2208 - 18/07/2021 09:38:05    2360956


Replying To Saynothing:  "Thank God for BBC Ulster TV GAA coverage"
So true. When I am watching rte it feels like they are covering ulster as an after thought. Cause they have to. BBC are actually interested in ulster football.

Gumball (Donegal) - Posts: 8 - 18/07/2021 09:41:06    2360957


What a game.
Monaghan very nearly through it away but experience saw them through in the end.
Cracking game . Ulster football is fantastic to watch atm. Nothing defensive about it. No other province has a look in.
Also Rian o Neill was motm. Outstanding player and a joy to watch.

farney_exile (Monaghan) - Posts: 65 - 18/07/2021 10:45:06    2360980


Replying To farney_exile:  "What a game.
Monaghan very nearly through it away but experience saw them through in the end.
Cracking game . Ulster football is fantastic to watch atm. Nothing defensive about it. No other province has a look in.
Also Rian o Neill was motm. Outstanding player and a joy to watch."
It's amazing what a couple of Kerry men have done in such a short time by bringing a bit of football north.

AfricanGael (UK) - Posts: 1946 - 18/07/2021 12:35:41    2361002


Couldn't agree more with the praise of the BBC coverage, by far the best place to watch the Ulster Championship. They consistently have fair and unbiased analysis from quality pundits, and call it down the line.

I was amazed that much of the national media already had the winner coming from the Donegal/Tyrone side once the draw was made - and in alot of the analysis this week, the Armagh/Monaghan game was treated as an afterthought. Which is really odd to me as I don't think there's much at all between the top 4 counties at the minute.

patk (Monaghan) - Posts: 906 - 18/07/2021 12:52:10    2361005


Well done to everyone involved in that epic encounter, the management, players, backroom staff even the supporters all deserve great credit from both counties to produce a match of such quality. considering the events of the previous night.
Go ndéana Dia trócaire ar a anam dhílis

Anyone that has an unbiased view would have to concur that ulster football is where its at, not just this year but last year, thanks to Cavan's exploits. The northern section of the division 1 continued that quality this year. There are those who want to live in the past spewing out nonsense comparing Down's magnificent achievements decades ago and lazy analysis about defensive Ulster football. No talk about the evolving attacking game in Ulster this past 2 years. Some of them haven't even got the "liathroidi" to declare what County they are from. For Monaghan fans that's the seventh game out of eight we have been involved in matches like that, back to the Meath match in 2020.
Yesterday both defences were beaten and Armagh won the midfield battle so we have a bit to work on in our bid to win all 3 in 2021, why not.
Special mention to the referee, its no coincidence he was in charge for last week's epic as well

mhunicean_abu (Monaghan) - Posts: 931 - 18/07/2021 13:44:54    2361021


An exceptional game. Had everything. Amazing performance by Monaghan given the circumstances. It followed a well worn thread for us big lead sat on it and nearly paid the price. Felt armagh came back a little too early and fell back themselves which cost them in the finish. Rian o neill is the best player we have faced in ulster since Sean cavanagh fantastic talent. Best of luck to armagh in the future they were class on Saturday both on and off the field with a young team.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - Posts: 1592 - 19/07/2021 08:09:35    2361491


Kieran McGeeney is staying on with Armagh for another year fair play to him, I'm a big fan of his and Armagh so I'd like to wish him and the team the very best for 2022.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 14010 - 04/08/2021 09:50:59    2367454