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Tyrone Vs Donegal

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Replying To Offtheball10:  "The talk of Donegal as a top 3/4 team needs to stop at this stage. Massively overhyped!

When push comes to shove and it's a winner takes all championship game against a good side they far more often than not fall short.

I get the point Ulster is competitive but they haven't won these type of games against non ulster sides either since 2014. No Semi Final performance since 2014 either in all of the different championship formats that have been played in recent years. (back door, super 8's, now back to traditional provincial format)"
I accept Donegal have not reached the All Ireland SF's and have not beaten the likes of Dublin, Mayo or Kerry since 2014, but there have been significant factors that have played into this, so be fair in your analysis.

1. Rory Gallaghers era 2015 - 2017 was the start of a major transition phase, many 2012 All Ireland winners were in their 30's and retiring and he was trying to bleed in new talent, and while I felt it wasn't handled as well as it could have been, it definitely impacted Rory's tenure.

2. Declan Bonner took over in 2018 and he won back to back Ulster titles with a really young side (Avg age 21/22), but just couldn't get us to the next level. Injuries since 2019, particularly defensive injuries have taken a toll on us entering those key games which cost us a place in the All Ireland SF. Team selection has been a big part of it too, but in fairness this was quite often due to injuries.

Neil McGee's injury in the 4th minute against Tyrone, forced us to use a sub at the beginning of the match, meaning we had one less impact sub in the second half in that horrible heat. Michael Murphy's sending off before half time ensured Tyrone's kick-out in the 2nd half would be uncontested, and Tyrone could still put the full press on the Donegal kickout, meaning the percentages would be in Tyrone's favour and they would most like pull away in the 2nd half. Before Murphy was sent off, I actually felt it was an arm wrestle match we would win.

Commodore (Donegal) - Posts: 673 - 20/07/2021 13:40:34    2362130


Replying To essmac:  "Classic from Bonner:

"Without having had a chance to look at it, to me it wasn't a sending-off"

How can you make up your mind without even having seen it?

Didn't see Murphy's first yellow, but the second booking was clear cut. He could have broke the guy's shin - an experienced player knows that a wild swing like that is likely to do damage, and it was a yellow - at least - all day long. You could make a case certainly for it being a second yellow instead of a black, but either way it's a sending off.

As for McCann's injury late one - he was hit in the solar plexus area, and you could see him grimacing on the TV close up. RTÉ, who I increasingly struggle to listen to, such is the constant low-level bias, tried to suggest it wasn't a strike, instead, it was something they described as "a hand went in and away quickly".

Bit like saying it's not a headbuttt, his head just "went in and away quickly" lol"
I don't know what game Bonner was watching, as soon as Murphy's leg went in I put my hands on my head and said he's gone, he was on a yellow and it was definitely a second yellow or a black as the referee decided. I think Murphy's own reaction was the most telling he had mea culpa all over his face.

totalrecall (Leitrim) - Posts: 593 - 24/07/2021 09:00:27    2363349


Murphy had to go once he made the connection with the boot straight into yer man Mc Gearys shin. He could have broken Mc Gearys shin bone. It was dangerous play. No excuse.

border Gael (Monaghan) - Posts: 821 - 24/07/2021 22:36:30    2363680


Replying To border Gael:  "Murphy had to go once he made the connection with the boot straight into yer man Mc Gearys shin. He could have broken Mc Gearys shin bone. It was dangerous play. No excuse."
Bit dramatic with the 'dangerous play' description mo chara. He through a boot and was miles from ball and tried to pull out but momentum took it into McGeary. Absolute yellow card but of course Joe gave the black to try justify the red after very soft first yellow. Saying that no arguments with the 2 yellows on the day. The foul on Langan was actually dangerous and not even a free according to Joe who was made poor calls both ways.

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