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Replying To baire:  "Maybe if Galway hadn't let in 2 very soft goals in 2017 the margin of victory would have been much higher. Maybe if Galway had Mattie Kenny as manager instead of AC from 2012-2016 Galway would have won another ALL Ireland, if they had Niall Donoghue (RIP) etc etc. Oldtourman is talking both sides of his mouth, before the game he was saying Galway were still a huge threat as were other Limerick posters, now they come here to bad mouth them. They hit you when you're down, a sporting lot no doubt! Maybe if Limerick hadn't the financial backing of a billionaire they wouldn't be so hot! There will always be maybes."
Why would Galway 'maybe' have won an extra all-ireland 2012-2016, if Mattie Kenny managed them? Expand on that please. Do you know something that the rest of us don't know?

Cunningham presided over two fairly radical team selection 'overhauls' in 2012 & again in 2014, taking those two different teams to all-ireland finals. How would Kenny have topped that, or even matched those 'achievements'? Obviously, he was 'on board' with Cunningham in 2012 & 2013, so he presumably won't get credit for Cunningham's remarkable 'rebuild' of the 2015 side to runnerup level in just a season or two. It's been well documented that MD didn't have to radically overhaul the squad personnel after the autumn '15 'coup', to deliver the 2017 title. Just had to 'touch up' the softness, and the killer instinct!

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