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Cork just can't be this far behind kerry, at the time of writing there's 7 goals in it,,since they scored their goal there's been a 26 point turnaround,, surely they can do better than this

Galway9801 (Galway) - Posts: 612 - 25/07/2021 17:37:13    2363951


Replying To Galway9801:  "Cork just can't be this far behind kerry, at the time of writing there's 7 goals in it,,since they scored their goal there's been a 26 point turnaround,, surely they can do better than this"
Most of the country are a long way behind this Kerry team and it won't be the last big loss they'll hand out to various teams over the next few years. There is obviously one team that isn't but whilst this year's All Ireland will be close, Kerry will win it and I think start their own period of dominance.

sam1884 (UK) - Posts: 814 - 25/07/2021 17:50:35    2363954


Replying To realdub:  "Bejaysus if Dublin had beat Meath like this there'd be an outcry!"
Because Dublin have advantages. If a county without major advantages does it.. fair play to them!

blackspot91 (Limerick) - Posts: 1032 - 25/07/2021 17:59:56    2363959


Replying To BarneyGrant:  "Kerry favourites now to win All Ireland. That's the bookies, not me."
It's because dublin have to play mayo. Not because they think Kerry is the better team.

Sssthe (Mayo) - Posts: 20 - 25/07/2021 18:01:26    2363961


The negativity around football is quite irritating. You have good teams and bad teams in every competition. There are structural problems in the game for sure, some of the rules are bizarre, take a free scoring chance for a catch! . But every sport has these problems. If Liverpool stuff someone 7-0 no one bats an eyelid, so what?

arock (Dublin) - Posts: 4668 - 25/07/2021 18:05:06    2363965


Replying To BaldyBadger:  "I think the mechanism was already there for this. Promote the railway cup properly and start it again. Make it prestigious. Maybe have teams made up from all the players of teams that did not make their provincial finals. Then, the winning team can play the winning all ireland county in a one off show piece instead of the terrible all star game. If it was promoted and made prestigious, it would give an opportunity for top players in smaller counties to compete at a higher level with a chance to win something."
Spot on Baldybadger I've been banging that drum for years.

Viking66 (Wexford) - Posts: 2443 - 25/07/2021 18:06:36    2363967


Replying To Galway9801:  "Could be worth a shot, but even though provinces historically are a presence in our mindset, I'm not sure if there's any enthusiasm for them in the GAA anymore,, bizarrely enough I think players might buy into the idea of divisional County teams more, like we see in the kerry club championship.
For example if all leinster teams in the bottom two league divisions combined for the all Ireland championship, I'd like to see how that would go."
Non starter Galway9801 noone I know in any if the so called weaker counties want to be combined.

Viking66 (Wexford) - Posts: 2443 - 25/07/2021 18:07:42    2363970


Replying To omahant:  "Take it further - from the bottom 20, create 4 divisional teams,- and they join the top 12 in a 16-team League Championship.
Divide the 16 into 3 ranked seeding pots of 4, 6 & 6 teams.
Draw 2 teams from pots 2 & 3, and at least 1 from pot 1, to each of 3 groups, of 5, 5 & 6 teams.
The 5s play round robins and the 6 play the other 10 - so each team plays a 10-match schedule.
Top 8 of 16 to Aussie AFL-style playoffs."
It's an intercounty championship. If you are going to go away from this why not just introduce professional clubs? Btw I'm not proposing that as a solution because it goes against every principle the GAA is founded on. Parish, club and county. Identity.

Viking66 (Wexford) - Posts: 2443 - 25/07/2021 18:11:06    2363973


Replying To Ronan1989:  "Wow Galway had the game in the palm of their hands....

Make no mistake this result is because Galway stopped playing in the second half not due to the talent of Mayo.

Dublin to beat Mayo by 5/6 points"
Isnt Dublins next game against Kildare?

Viking66 (Wexford) - Posts: 2443 - 25/07/2021 18:12:15    2363975


Before this championship started I had Cork at high intermediate level. I certainly have to reassess that evaluation after what I witnessed today. How did Limerick ever manage to leave that game behind them against that Cork side? I suppose, if you don't take your chances, you can't expect to win!

foreveryoung (USA) - Posts: 460 - 25/07/2021 18:19:19    2363978


Replying To realdub:  "Absolutely, glad I got them at 13/8!"
Dublin 11/8 now,

I just hope that if they are caught that it's next weekend or against Mayo. There would be only one truly awful end to the glory years!

BarneyGrant (Dublin) - Posts: 82 - 25/07/2021 18:20:10    2363979


Only competitive province is Ulster, the rest is mostly dross until the All Ireland semi final stage, it's a broken system and I hope we can find and implement a solution soon, 3 tiered Championship for me gives teams a realistic chance of wining something at their own level.
Kerry Dublin final looks the most likely still but now that Dublin have regressed a bit Mayo have the runners to test them out in the semi final, best chance to catch Dublin out having coasted through Leinster.

Tirchonaill1 (Donegal) - Posts: 1515 - 25/07/2021 18:24:54    2363982