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Ulster Championship 2021

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Replying To The_Fridge:  "I actually would pay much attention to it either (result in Kerry) - its Tyrone's style of play. Logan/Dooher were chatting about attacking football when they got the job, now Logan in the papers staying they will "attack at the right time" & "we have to be right in defence first & foremost."
I think they have come in and realised that without Colm Cavanagh's organisation & leadership they are weak enough in defence. But they are weak because we cant win ball in midfield - Mattie Donnelly & Frank Burns isn't a midfield partnership that is going to win much ball. Kennedy & McNulty arent great either.
So if we meet Donegal it will be both teams with 14 behind the ball and Donegal's greater strength & deep will see them though. Tyrone know if its a dogfight they have a puncher's chance - lucky break here or there, Donegal get a man lined.

I feel this is Donegal's time, if they dont win an all Ireland in the next few years their chance may be gone. Just a pity they have to beat the best football team in the history of the GAA and an excellent Kerry team. Down, Derry, Tyrone, Monaghan, Kerrry, Dublin would be some run to win it. Extremely difficult but not impossible."
Fridge, ye mightn't want to be reminded of this.

Saynothing (Tyrone) - Posts: 979 - 14/09/2021 12:53:23    2380586


Replying To essmac:  "Yes that would be a great occasion. As likely as Tyrone getting to an Ulster final tbh. Can't see it unless we're allowed to play 18 players, 9 of them backs. Following Tyrone is now like the experience of Scottish friends who follow the Scotland Soccer team - the team does enough to give you hope, before falling in a heap again. It's the hope that wrecks your head"
Ye mightn't want to see this essmac.

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Replying To Tirchonaill1:  "I would have similar thoughts but as we know Ulster is a minefield, I'm not looking past the Down game, hopefully the injuries will start to clear up.
I still think Tyrone will take a lot of beating, I see Cathal McShane is fit again also, don't think we've seen anything yet from the red hands, I'd pay no heed to the result in Killarney."
Well called.

Saynothing (Tyrone) - Posts: 979 - 14/09/2021 12:58:41    2380589