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Tackling - Do We Have A Problem?

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Replying To CTGAA10:  "I'm hoping this post will fit here..have the gas introduced a head injury assessment..why?well I've watched a lot of games in both codes and I think a ref should now insist on players being taken off going by how they go down and roll on the ground..I'm not disagreeing with yellow or red cards being given out..I've seen players going down holding their heads and then get up and put in man of match performance after..prunty(Waterford),barrett(tipp)..2 players were sent off but these 2 really made a meal of things..o Callaghan for Dublin with a penalty incident,as for the Clare/Kildare game the last 10 minutes were ridiculous..Clare players on ground all the soon as ref took action all injured players up and's a dangerous road to be going down and has to be got rid's happening in every county and in every game played..either get tackling right or the so called injured player off,see how long then it goes on in games..sorry about the long post.."
CON could go through a brick wall id say and correct he went down as if a bus hit him.

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Replying To bloodyban:  "Well we do certainly have a problem. One quick change would be to stop yellow carding guys if the shoulder isn't 100% correct. Give the free but don't give a yellow. That would stop a guy being afraid for 60mins after rgetting yellowed for a innocuous shoulder in the first ten.
Personally I think the Aussie rules tackle is coming to Gaelic football. Its looking like the only option. Iv no problem with it really, it speeds up the game and gives a real physical aspect. Stops all the niggly slapping and dragging.
Hurling is abit different, well alot different. Id look at Lacrosse and how physical that is. Id allow a full body collide in that. Just everything below the head and neck. Up to you to protect your chest. Might mean some body padding. Again it would mean the physical aspect comes in again."
bloodyban I thought I was completely alone in my thoughts. Two hands on the hurley feet planted, elbows down would eliminate a considerable amount of pulling and choking. If the player wants to charge into that sort of challenge that is his bad. ! O but the grey area b.s. ! No one will convince me that this is not safer that the grabbing around the neck. Two Waterford players had only a free called on them last Sunday for this type of foul. It is totally reckless. The ref needs to be always watching for what the free hand is doing. I am convinced rucks would diminish because of being ineffective. Nobody has yet answered me as to why there are so many free hands in this challenges (rucks) if not passing or catching the ball ? We probable know it is to drag back or hold the player.

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Replying To Galway9801:  "What do you mean "a certain" forward?
Just name him ffs."
Galway 9801
Language please!!!!

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Replying To Eddie the Exile:  "The OP raised an excellent question, relevant more to football if I understand correctly. It cuts to the definition of the game - how do you get the ball back? The rules and interpretation of same have high scoring as the sole objective, giving defenders little option but to mass their efforts. The fair contest for possession has to be brought back into the game.

A ​big part of this would be to actually implement the rules as they stand now. Refs and supporters are happy to allow 6 or 7 steps in the lead up to a scoring chance. A forward just has to tuck the ball, drop the shoulder and plough on. Chance or free in every time. There would be mayhem for a while if refs started pulling lads up on the way through but it should happen.

Another one is allowance of a double hop after the initial gaining of possession. OK in the first contact with the ball, but should be called as a free thereafter. There may case to be made for limiting the solo bounce in the game altogether

If a player goes to ground and lies over the ball its a free against them, not a throw ball. Just call it.

In terms of scoring, it is probably time to do away with points scored out of the hand, and scored with the hand from a ball in flight from a handpass. Make the forward earn the score by kicking the damn ball."
I'd be for kicking in the course of play as well - say after 2 consecutive passes, by hand or foot, that 3rd man is required to kick forward either 20 metres, or 2 field line markings. Ball needs to be more of a 'hot potato' - I like the AFL rule - if you are tackled with the ball, you have to turn it over - so all players are incentivised to keep it moving.

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Replying To Eddie the Exile:  "Agreed. Its a shame that the topic is already hijacked by lads offering trite examples of individual players and focussing on fouls they have seen. Missing the point entirely. Reminds me of the first night at referee training!

The debate around this needs to move away from the individual or team-based examples, it cannot be a reaction to any particular teams dominance in a championship for example. It needs to focus on creating a fair contest for possession on re-starts and during open play. Dull huh? Some clear scope for improvement
1. No more points scored off the hand inside 20m
2. No more scores by the hand off ball in flight played by hand-pass (but from kick ok)
3. Tighten on double hop after initial possession has been secured
4. Attacking player goes to ground in possession of ball is a turnover. reward for a fair shoulder and good footwork
5. Steps, steps, steps
6. Pulling down a defender to gain advantage. Black card
7. Hand on the back is not a push in the back. Clear force needed for free"
I like your number 2, and I've often wondered about it myself, ensuring that an actual kick of the ball has happened somewhere between the last possession and the goal* (but I'd have no problem with intercepting an opponent's handpass by swatting at it in mid-air and into the goals, or similarly whacking a breaking ball after it was handpassed into the box but with conditions).

*I'd still allow a player on the ground to score a palmed ball as an exception, just like a handpassed goal from a grounded player is an exception, and I've harped on about that elsewhere.

Tacaí Liatroma (Leitrim) - Posts: 656 - 30/05/2021 22:59:47    2346749