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Dublin Vs Kerry

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Replying To arock:  "Nothing sinister in it, this was decided last January apparently, not many people in the GAA know the rules of the competitions they watch (or care until they see the opportunity to put on the tinfoil hat). They get outraged only when its pointed out by two lads in the RTE studio. BTW the operation of the league is pathetic, the greatest danger to the GAA is the GAA, nonsensical rules (the mark free kick!), Black cards and revised Yellows. But the competiton structures are rubbish, wait until you see the way home advantage is spread around in championship, shocking."
I'm thinking we'll have a shock in the Leinster championship this year .

Dublin haven't played in Croker since Christmas so they might be a bit rusty. Levels the playing field a bit when they have to rethink the angles of running, shooting etc like the rest of us playing in this fine neutral venue....

kingdom_come (Kerry) - Posts: 76 - 31/05/2021 11:47:16    2346868