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Making Intercounty Football Competitive

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Gaelic football has clearly swayed too far towards the athletic ability of a team as opposed to skill.

The following needs to be done .

1. Maximum playing width of 80M.
2. Maximum of 3 subs as was the case in 80s.
3. All Kickouts taken at the edge of the square and ball must travel to the 45 before being touched. If not throw in at the 45.
4. After kickout. No passing back behind your 45 yard line.
5. Funding distributed by ranking. Lowest ranked counties get the highest per capita funding. Simililar to draft in american sport where the worst teams get the highest pick.
6. Neutral venues in all championship matches except for AI final

centerfield (Mayo) - Posts: 360 - 05/12/2020 19:43:18    2318693