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Replying To carlowman:  "I take what you say as true but if you have an old sliotar from 10 or more years ago and compare it to today's ones , there is a noticeable difference.. . The ball today is smaller and the rim is a lot smaller than the O Neill of 10 years ago... the result is that it travels further and is easier to control. I have one o Neills from 20 years ago and there is a huge difference with the O Neills of today and reports I have had from county players is that the yellow dliotar goes further again. Now, is that the way we want our game to be... where corner backs will soon be able to realistically take a point from their 20m line ?"
How many of the scores from the 2 semi finals were from outside the 65m? Even though lads can hit it further they don't. There is actually more team play than ever now. It's not a case of give it to the corner backs and let him hit it over!

Oldyellar (Carlow) - Posts: 42 - 01/12/2020 17:09:35    2317382