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RIP Eamon Burns

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For anyone who's not old enough to remember the early 90s Down won 2 all irelands and had a huge battle with a outstanding Meath team in 94 and our Eamon drove this Down team forward from Midfield scoring 2 fantastic points.

A very humble, Quite man Eamon did his talking on the field and its so sad that he's left us so early.

May you RIP Eamon.

Yourjoking (USA) - Posts: 524 - 10/10/2019 13:34:33    2242560


Always came across as a really nice man. May he RIP

sourmilk93 (Roscommon) - Posts: 565 - 10/10/2019 14:31:57    2242571


So so sad a great player. Didn't know him personally but always came across as a lovely man.. he took on the down job when they were in transition but his heart was always in the right place a true down legend. RIP eamon

rorysboys (Donegal) - Posts: 848 - 10/10/2019 14:35:52    2242572


I didn't know him personally, but it's so sad when anybody that young dies, and even more so one who devoted so much of his time down through the years giving so much joy to others. May he rest in peace.

gilly1910 (Galway) - Posts: 102 - 10/10/2019 16:13:51    2242601


Very young man to be leaving a wife and family behind.

Dubh_linn (Dublin) - Posts: 2168 - 10/10/2019 16:21:01    2242603


Big loss. That was a special Down team. Played like they were born to win. i had emigrated to England the previous day. Wandering around Birmingham that Sunday and saw the game in the Irish Centre. It wasn't just the win, but the self-confident manner of it. Made my day tbh.

essmac (Tyrone) - Posts: 796 - 10/10/2019 17:10:13    2242617


Very sad. Appeared to be a very humble and genuine man. A fine player in his day. May he rest in peace and may his family get the strength to overcome his massive loss.

neverright (Roscommon) - Posts: 1648 - 10/10/2019 18:51:12    2242631


Thoughts are with those who were closest to him.


TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 3656 - 10/10/2019 20:09:16    2242657


As a Donegal man I remember attending my first all Ireland final in 1991 and cheering for down like a lunatic. Eamonn Burns capped a fine display that day with 2 fine points. An elegant footballer, are dheis de.

totalrecall (Leitrim) - Posts: 521 - 10/10/2019 21:10:45    2242676


Eamonn played on one of the best teams in GAA history, I will never forget the classic Down-Derry game 1994, condolences to the family, Ar Dheis De

suckvalleypaddy (Galway) - Posts: 1377 - 10/10/2019 21:21:01    2242681


RIP .... a good Down GAA man.

seanie_boy (Tyrone) - Posts: 4220 - 11/10/2019 05:22:51    2242715


Terrible news.....RIP

panamasam (Australia) - Posts: 2449 - 16/10/2019 00:45:57    2243852