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All Ireland Final - Who You Shouting For?

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I'm sticking with Dublin, be nice to see history made. I picked them for drawn game. Nothing against Kerry, who could have taken it the last day.

thelongridge (Offaly) - Posts: 1215 - 06/09/2019 13:00:14    2233280


Great game of football on Sunday and I would be happy to see the same again on Saturday week.

Byanthon (Tyrone) - Posts: 1644 - 06/09/2019 13:16:51    2233289


I'll stick with Dublin although Kerry really turned my head last day. I managed to get a ticket to the game, was sitting in the lower Cusack beside a Kerry man. When I asked him for his prediction he was vigorous in his confidence and summed it up, "sure why wouldn't I be confident, we're Kerry". It was a breath of fresh air to finally hear supporters have that confidence in their side against this Dublin team especially against the abundance of negativity swirling through the media against gaelic football.

Kerry went with a risk and reward approach with the big push against the kickouts which they initially got a lot of joy from. But my god what a player Cluxton is that he backed himself to keep hitting those long kickouts, if he doesn't get an all star this year then the process is very flawed.

I like the fact that Kerry threw the kitchen sink at them, even the maor uisces and runners were either throwing water at Dublin players or in the ref's ear. They were ravenous for the win.

But it was notable that Dublin had more in the tank when the game went into injury time. Seriously impressive considering Kerry had the extra man. To see the Dublin players hunt guys down to take the ball off them we so impressive, they are never beaten.

As I said on another thread, I don't think either team will switch too much up the next day. The Kerry backs will have a bit more faith in themselves as they coped very well with the lethal Dublin forwards.

I for one can't wait for the next installment

keithlemon (Australia) - Posts: 920 - 06/09/2019 14:12:17    2233306


Replying To Killarney.87:  "You are coming onto a football thread to troll me :) The hurling final was nearly three weeks ago now. I rather Dublin to Kerry because the Dublin players have better elbows than the Kerry players.

I have various reasons that I don't want to get into because I don't want to be annoying the Kerry posters on this site as I said already I used that as one example. I'm sure Kerry posters on this site haven't and won't lose too much sleep over it. Tipp wouldn't win a popularity contest any time soon, that's the way it goes, you are never going to get everyone to support you."
Well, it's a good thing there's no minor curtain raiser in the replay, Kerry fans can be free to read their match programmes beforehand without someone holding a grudge against them for the next ten years over it!

ballydalane (Kilkenny) - Posts: 1107 - 07/09/2019 00:51:31    2233400


Replying To Crinigan:  "Who cares! So very few posts about this game compared to other finals tells its own story about how tainted this 5 a row is.

Nobody outside the two counties involved gives a fiddlers."
RTE Tv had over 1 million viewers; what a coincidence that they all turned on the telly at the same time! Or maybe they were all in Dublin and Kerry?

Aibrean (Kerry) - Posts: 177 - 07/09/2019 12:19:46    2233429