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Is Now The Time For Mickey Harte To Step Down?

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I think Stephen Ó Néill saw nó purpose in continuing in his role. There certainly was a vast improvement in forward play since his work started to click. I don't think that he had any say in what was going on regarding, selection etc. Once Donnelly went he saw no future. I'd say bring back Tony Donnelly. The brains behind the achievements of the noughties.

border Gael (Monaghan) - Posts: 742 - 20/08/2019 20:12:44    2228017


Replying To mayotyroneman:  "It's really informative having posters who haven't a clue mulling over what is going on behind the scenes in the Tyrone camp. Peter Donnelly didn't walk away. He was offered a full time coaching role with Ulster Rugby. Unlike some counties Tyrone does not employ full time coaches. Stephen O'Neill is taking time away to concentrate on his own job as a teacher, and is reportedly completely disgusted and disillusioned with the accusations levelled at him from Kerry last week."
If the rumours are true that Donnelly will be combining his Ulster Rugby job with being a coach with Monaghan then I think this once and for all confirms why questions are being raised about the Tyrone set up. From an outsider it's very obvious there are issues there with the amount of players and coaches walking away.

sam1884 (UK) - Posts: 703 - 31/08/2019 11:32:13    2230949


Replying To redbomb:  "I don't agree we have an AI u21winning management team there that should get a chance

Also we need to have the best players in the county on the panel lads like Lee Brennan and Shea McGuigan and others that are on panel need more game time as when things are going bad we turn to the same players who are just no capable of changing the game in our favour"
Correct. The big ball winner + elusive hard to mark smaller guy is a good approach, even if you aren't Donaghy & Gooch. The likes of a Ronie O'Neill or wee Lee Brennan should be up there alongside McShane as a full-time approach. McShane is a breath of fresh air, but he can't do it all by himself or only with occasional help. O'Neill and Brennan will never be pack mules who top the stats chart in kms covered and tackling back; but they are slippery with great feet and surely to God there has to be a role for old-style pure forwards to back up a primary ball winner, even in the modern game. Either of those lads would have made hay v a clean and porous Kerry defence in the space of C Park. But it's been so obvious for several years now that Mickey only puts on lads like those, ones who don't fit the work til you drop approach, through gritted teeth. Whereas there's a cast of guys with merely average talent who seem to get chance after chance after chance. Sadly, the unity that Mickey brought in 03 is no longer as evident. It's no longer an E v W thing (as it was in my Dad's time when we had 2 county boards, one for E Tyrone, one for W Tyrone), but Mickey does have favourites. I'd love to see Feargal Logan get his chance. He has the right take no prisoners attitude, is a fan of good footballers over pack mules and crucially is a very personable character who gets on the right side of people - critical nowadays as the old aloof autocratic style doesn't work with young lads nowadays. Of course, Mickey's doing a lot right. The changes required are not major - but I can't see Mickey making them.

essmac (Tyrone) - Posts: 796 - 31/08/2019 12:16:58    2230955


I think he should definitely step down. There is bound to be self doubt among the players and self doubt spreads. His legacy is guaranteed but will be guaranteed even further if one of his ex players takes the realm, which is more than likely..

Allgael (Dublin) - Posts: 13 - 31/08/2019 12:48:25    2230964