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Roscommon Vs Tyrone

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Replying To Wally:  "
Replying To The_Fridge:  "[quote=Wally:  "So our new game plan failed against one team one time and therefore we should totally abandon it?

But we should persist with a gameplan that has failed against the big teams more times than I can remember?

Also your point about playing it against Dublin is neither here nor there as the one time we did deploy it against them we actually beat them. Every time we played our usual game against them we have been soundly beaten.

This is what I just don't get about people like you. It's like you just want to accept that we are second best.

If we play our same game against Dublin we will be beaten.

If we try to play a more positive and traditional style of football we might get beaten out the gate...but we might not. It might be the key to unlocking what we have not been able to unlock for the past number of years.

Surely it is worth a shot. Or is a 3-6 point defeat still enough of a moral victory for you??"
We would get bloody annihilated!!! If we can't do it against Donegal how would we do it against Dublin. Pie in the sky and you well know it. Donegal should have won by ten easy. What did we concede against Donegal? How many goals did they miss?

You seem to live in this world that Tyrone have a forward line of 05 and a defence of 03. Or we have close to the players we had back in the once in a life time generation off the 00's.

If we have a full forward line Mulligan, O'Neill and Canavan and a centre forward of McGuigan by all means fire balls into them all day.

But we don't have that quality of forward. So we have to adapt. Consistently get to semi and finals and find something that wins.

Were you at the games this year? I know you are an armchair supporter and I know you have a hectic professional life, with all the trips to Florida, but I think you should attend games to see how Tyrone play."
Jesus Fridge

You really do have a problem with going off on a rant and failing to address any of the very valid points which I make in my posts.

It always comes back to claiming that we don't have the players or how I don't attend live games.

Tell me this. We played Dublin in the league and played an offensive long kicking traditional game. We won that match. Probably should have won by more than we did. How did we manage that without getting annihilated?

We have played your tried and trusted way against them regularly from 2011 and have got beaten and fairly comprehensively beaten at that every time.

But look I am not going to have these same arguments with you every year cause let's be honest it gets rather tedious and I always win.

You can keep on insulating our players ability and ignoring the problems with our management and I will keep on fighting the good fight.

Enjoy all those moral victories kid."]the reason why the kicking game was effective in the league was because of the offensive mark....its a good job people like you are not in the county management about not getting it!...the kicking game to the big man inside was extremely effective with the mark especially against the dubs full back its a new ball game and tyrone have to adapt..also you ignore the fact that mickey harte has dispensed with 5 players since the donegal debacle...the recent upturn in championship form is very much down to the personnell now in place

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