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Has The Sport Gone Too Soft And Are Commentators Now Being Muzzled?

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Replying To thelongridge:  "We have to get on with the present rules. Daly's comments were not acceptable, and it was right he retracted at the break. What is it about Clare mentors and match officials/ opposition players?.
Gerry O'Connor's actions were totally wrong.

Eddie Brennan on The Sunday Game that night was right in stating attacks by team mentors/officials are never acceptable."
Ah come on, he pushed the player in the heat of the moment. "Attack" is a very very strong word to use in this instance. If we keep going the way we are going, Gaelic Games will become riddled with diving, play acting and all that nonsense that makes soccer so unbearable to watch these days.

Granted, he shouldnt have done it, but he did, he will be punished, get on with it! If a player commits a cynical foul on the field and it leads to a score / prevents a score and the team wins, the commentators always say that the foul was "well timed" or the player "took one for the team". The player is generally still punished in accordance with the rules and the commentators give their opinion on the matter and thats it. How can this instance be viewed as being any different? The official was punished by being sent to the stands and will likely receive a ban but it could be argued that it riled the players and crowd up which ultimately benefited the team.

Sean Kavanagh definitely shouldnt have dragged Conor McManus down back in 2013. Plenty of pundits said he done the right thing (or at least that they would have done the same thing) while others (such as brolly) were furious at the cynical nature of it. Why then, should commentators like Daly be muzzled for giving his opinion on this controversial matter??? Commentators should have absolute freedom of speech until such speech offends law or is derogatorily personal in nature and Daly's comments were neither.

I would beg the GAA to please not let the sports that i love conform to the snowflake nature of my generation...

faithful4ever (Offaly) - Posts: 209 - 20/06/2019 12:08:36    2197908


The coverage of gaa on RTE tv is very poor, Morrissey and canning are past it. It's like listening to a commentary of a wake. As it is when Des Cahill is about

Joanne Cantwell won't last too long as presenter of the Sunday game, she's not up to it. Grand on the radio presenting.

Thelonesomegoose (Leitrim) - Posts: 204 - 20/06/2019 14:57:35    2197999


I do lament that skills such as overhead pulls are more likely to get penalized now, same could be said of much ground hurling clashes. But, many of the yellow cards being handed out are for more cynical fouls: pulling, holding, dragging etc. Nothing especially hard or manly about that kind of play. If you don't penalize those fouls, you're just rewarding cynical play. And if you don't hand out yellow cards for persistent fouling, there's no real deterrent to stop players fouling for the entire match.

And in fairness, as far as letting the game flow, the advantage rule now allows for that more effectively, and I do think that has contributed to better hurling matches in the last year or so. Referees ARE letting the game flow if there's an advantage to be played, and only calling back when none accrues. We need more consistency, but I think refs need to get some credit for how they've used the advantage rule since it came in.

Marlon_JD (Tipperary) - Posts: 1766 - 20/06/2019 15:32:39    2198016