Ulster GAA issue advice to clubs in the six counties on April 12 return

April 07, 2021

Return to training protocols.

Ulster GAA has issued advice to clubs in the six counties surrounding the return of structured outdoor training for adults and underage groups on April 12.

The Northern Ireland Executive confirmed that outdoor sports in groups of 15 for all ages can resume from next Monday and the go-ahead has been given by the GAA.

Adult training can only be held with no more than 15 people on the pitch, including coaches.

Same applies for underage, 13-18, there will be a maximum of two groups of 15 on the pitch, and age 12 and below, a maximum of three groups, with no mixing of groups.

Contact training should be kept to a minimum and matches are not permitted until further notice.

The GAA are expected to unveil their roadmap for the 2021 season this week, but in the meantime, Ulster Council has informed clubs of return to training protocols.

Ulster GAA Statement

The NI Executive, at their meeting on 1 April 2021, confirmed that structured outdoor training for sports organisations, in groups of up to 15 people (including coaches), can resume in the ‘Six Counties’ on Monday 12 April 2021.

This is a cautious first step on the pathway out of lockdown and the following on-pitch group numbers apply;

  • Adults (18+) – one group size limit 15 on the pitch
  • Age 13-18 – maximum two groups of 15 on the pitch (no mixing of groups)
  • Age 12 and below – maximum three groups of 15 (no mixing of groups)

Contact training should be kept to a minimum and the playing of matches is not permitted.

It is essential that both Executive and GAA protocols are observed at all times in particular clubs should ensure that they;

  • Refresh risk assessments/action plans.
  • Promote HANDS-FACE-SPACE messaging via signs.
  • Keep records for contract tracing.
  • Build training plans building up from Pod cohorts (15) to full squads over time.
  • Modify training practices to build from limited contact to close contact over time.
  • Enforce rules on no spectators (including parents) dropping children off should be present during training.
  • Keeping all indoor facilities (except toilet/medical) closed at all times.
  • Ensure that each person attending training has completed the GAA online health questionnaire prior to attending – this must be done for every session

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