"The last week or two doesn't bode well"

August 12, 2020

Kevin McStay during his time as Roscommon manager. ©INPHO/Tommy Dickson.

Former Roscommon boss Kevin McStay believes it’s “a toss-up” at the moment whether or not the All-Ireland championships will go ahead this year. 

This year’s All-Ireland senior hurling championship is set to start on October 24, with the football commencing a week later, however the recent rise in the country’s Covid-19 cases has saw fresh doubts emerge over whether they’ll go ahead.

Speaking on 2fm's Game On programme, McStay said he feels that we’re coming into “a very strange period” and that the last few weeks do not bode well for the championships to be played in the latter part of 2020.

"It's very much a dynamic and fluid situation at the moment regarding coronavirus, and as of now it would be a toss-up if we get a inter-county series this year,” said the former All Star.

He added: "We are now entering a very strange period. I started off being quite negative about the prospect but as the weeks went by I got more confident, especially when the club scene got up and running. Now, with the latest developments, the lockdown in the three counties does make it difficult.

"I won't say it's on a knife-edge, but the last week or two doesn't bode well. We'll do very well to get the club scene out of the way and see where we are then."

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