Radical FRC proposals go on trial

June 12, 2024

Jim Gavin Chairperson of the Review Committee ©INPHO/Bryan Keane

Four points for a goal and two points from a ‘point’ from a new 40-metre arc are among the new rules proposed by the Football Review Committee.

The proposed rule changes will be trialled in ‘sand box’ matches, starting this Saturday in Mullingar and continuing in Claremorris, Portlaoise, Armagh and Limerick thereafter. They will be trialled in games involving teams that have exited the Tailteann Cup.

The Football Review Committee, which is headed by Jim Gavin, will present their proposed trialled rules later this week following a comprehensive public survey that featured months of research and data collection.

Here are the rules that are under consideration as per The Irish Independent:

The start of games:

·         One v one throw-ins with other two midfielders retreating behind their 45-metre lines

·         All kick-outs taken from small rectangle

·         All kick-outs from 20-metre line must go beyond a new 40-metre arc

·         Kick-outs without the requirement of players being outside the 20-metre line

When in possession:

·         A goalkeeper can only receive the ball in the large rectangle and only if the player playing the ball is also within the large rectangle. ’Keepers can also receive possession from a team-mate beyond their 45-metre or 65-metre line.

·         Both teams must keep three players, including the ’keeper, inside their own 65-metre line

·         An attacking mark to be taken inside the 20-metre line with the ball kicked from outside the 45-metre line.

·         A player can play on from a mark but if no advantage accrues, the original mark will stand

The tackle:

·         New definition with possibility of allowing one initial contact with an open hand


·         Advantage won’t be restricted to five seconds but the free will be called back once it’s clear no advantage is accruing.


·         Free moved forward 30/50-metres for any instance


·         Two points for a ‘point’ from a new 40-metre arc

·         Four points for a goal

Tactical/delaying fouls:

·         30-metre or 50-metre advancement of the ball for tactical or delaying fouling

·         Facility to ‘solo and go’ from a free with a 30/50-metre advancement if the player is impeded within 13 metres.

Cynical play/Black cards

·         Deliberately holding a player but not grounding him becomes an additional black-card offence

·         Contributing to a melee to become a black-card offence (currently red but rarely used)

·         10-minute underage sin bin, with player replaced, for dissent

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