GAA confirm removal of water breaks

January 26, 2022

No more water breaks.

The GAA has today confirmed that water breaks have been removed from match regulations.

2020 saw one water break per half introduced in club and inter-county games as the GAA resumed its activity amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In the latest Covid-19 update for its members, the Association confirmed the news earlier today ahead of this weekend’s opening round of the 2022 Allianz Football League.

The change also means the return of the Maor Uisce, with two permitted per team, although they cannot enter the field of play unless in hurling when carrying a replacement hurley to a player.

“Counties and Clubs should note that the provision for Water Breaks in our games is now removed from our Match Regulations with immediate effect,” the update reads.

“The following provisions in this context now apply:

“Maor Uisce – Two Maor Uisces who must be over 18 years of age, are permitted per team; they may not enter the field of play. Each must wear an official bib (Football: Purple or Green | Hurling: Brown or Lilac) and will be situated as per the “Pitch Layout” in our Match Regulations, and at least two metres from the sideline.

“Official team personnel (Selectors/Coaches), substitutes, injured players or members of the extended panel may not act as Maoir Uisce. In the event that any official team personnel, injured player(s) or a member of the extended panel act as a Maoir Uisce, any breach of rule, shall be considered as a Misconduct at Games by Team Officials infraction.

“Maoir Uisce are not permitted to have/use communications devices i.e. walkie talkies.

“In hurling the Maoir Uisce will also act as hurley carriers & may enter the field of play with a replacement hurley when necessary.

“This will also mean that the number of people allowed access to the controlled zone for games in our Match Regulations will increase by 2 (i.e. from 40 to 42) to accommodate this change.

“In this context, Counties and clubs should a note the provisions on unauthorised entry to the field of play as outlined in Rule 1.4 of the Rules of Control.”

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