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Galway V Sligo - 1 Like(s)
To be fair to Conroy, particularly on current form, he's just as pivotal a player in the forwards. If we had Walsh, Comer and Conroy all fully fit later on in the championship, assuming we can get over Sligo, then the three of them will stretch any defence and help make the space for the other three up front and for runs from deep from the likes of S Kelly or Heaney. It'd be great to see Steede back too, he'd been doing very well earlier in the year and definitely made the step up to IC level. It could all click yet lads, there's serious talent there - it's now up to the boys to find that bit of pride and savage hunger and then time the run right!

togoutlads (Galway) - 30/10/2020 11:35:53