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HS Readers' Football Team Of The Year - Forwards - 4 Like(s)
Just to something different before I write my football of the year here is best 6 forwards I have seen play in each position from right half forward. 10 Michael Donnellan The most talented footballer from Connacht in last 50 years 11 Trevor Giles The best playmaker , passer of the ball in the last 4 decades 12 Pat Spillane One of the greatest forwards of all time 13 Mikey Sheedy One of greatest forwards of all time 14 Matt Connor The most talented gaelic footballer ever , the george best of gaelic football 15 Peter Cavanan Sean O Neill and Peter Cavanan are the two greatest forwards ever to come from Ulster thats the best 6 forwards I have saw play in each position . Here is my Forwards for this year. 10 Brian Howard Best wing forward in football , a leader and brilliant athlete. Underated. 11 Sean O Shea Going to be one of the players of his generation. Very talented and also future kerry all Ireland winning captain 12 Michael Murphy Donegals greatest player and Best Ulster footballer of his generation 13 Con Callaghan The Jimmy Barry Murphy of Dublin. Tommy Walsh says he best hurler in the country. Has the ability and talent to become greatest forward Dublin have ever produced in football. 14 Cathal McShane Pound for pound the best full forward in Ireland. best target man also. 15 Paul Mannion A stylish clever skilful inside forward. One of best inside forwards Dublin have produced in last 20 years.

Pattheshakermaker (National) - 26/09/2019 07:41:48

Clare Hurlers 2019 - 1 Like(s)
Bring back Davy Fitz

Pattheshakermaker (Clare) - 26/09/2019 01:37:20

HS Readers' Football Team Of The Year - Defenders - 1 Like(s)
Johnny Cooper Tadgh Morley Tom Sullivan Niall Daly Donal keoghan Jack McCafffrey

Pattheshakermaker (National) - 26/09/2019 01:41:06