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Limerick V Galway - 12 Like(s)

Replying To waynoI:  "well done limerick. chuffed for limerick. good teams win all irelands .. great teams win themore back to back. Galway couldn't do it and u til a team does they can't be compared to great kilkenny teams of the past. Thank God that's over anyway, as the saying goes.. leaving the best til last with the Dubs and Tyrone in a fortnight. Different codes i know but shows how brilliant the dublin footballers are for their hunger to win tight tight games against very good kerry and mayo teams over the years. They are going for 4 in a row and even if we don't do it I won't allow that be forgotten. :) (bait thrown)"
This thread is for Limerick and Galway game. Why are you harping on about how good Dublin are and having a sneaky little pop at Galway. Best til last? The muck is being left til last. Fairplay Limerick, enjoy the week.

Dec82 (National) - 19/08/2018 19:17:48

Come Back Mayo All Is Forgiven - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Condorman:  "Tere? Come back to me when you learn to spell."
I dont think they're poor. 2017 final mayo forwards scored 10 points from play, Dubs scored 1 - 10 from play. Theres not much in that because each set of backs are evenly matched. Like another poster said earlier i think they're lacking a quality inside forward but i wouldn't say they're poor. Cant believe i posted using incorrect grammer, good job there's people like you in the world. Up there on your high horses keeping the rest of us in line. Fairplay buddy.

Dec82 (National) - 14/08/2018 22:03:33

Battling Lockdown - 4 Like(s)
Me and my missus have invented some new positions.

Dec82 (National) - 15/05/2020 17:14:26

Mayo V Galway - 4 Like(s)
Been to watch Mayo play twice in Limerick, 2 very enjoyable games for a neutral. Definitely not missing this. 25 euro to watch Mayo in the qualifiers is a bargain, most of there games are priceless. Thats not meant as an insult just great entertainment.

Dec82 (National) - 01/07/2019 19:18:20

All Ireland Football Final 2020 - Dublin V Mayo - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Jackeen:  "Pretty much all through the game until the final 10 mins."
Leave it out. Mayo looked like they were playing to the best of there ability, while Dublin looked like they could raise there game a notch or two.

Dec82 (National) - 19/12/2020 19:27:38

Kilkenny and Tipp Give Us A Traditional All Ireland Hurling Final - 3 Like(s)

Replying To ballydalane:  "If striking to the head is a red card how come there was none for the blow to Richie Hogan's face which bloodied his nose? Where's the consistency? It would have had to be reckless and/or dangerous to inflict such an injury."
Your right. Conor Cleary got suspended this year for a dangerous strike to the head and it was a loose swing behind him. There was no malice in it just clumsy. But a strike to head should be the same result for everyone.

Dec82 (National) - 18/08/2019 20:46:28

Munster Hurling Final Tipp V Limerick - 3 Like(s)
Kyle Hayes and Peter Casey, outstanding. Tipp can't live with Limericks work rate and intensity. Tipp lucky not to get 2 red cards.

Dec82 (National) - 30/06/2019 15:29:30

Dublin V Cork Super 8S - 3 Like(s)

Replying To realdub:  "Because our lads are better all round athletes who train properly, eat properly and have excelled in the physical side of the game coming through the ranks. Of course they have to be excellent footballers too. You're not suggesting something underhanded are you?"
Let's be honest, it's because of money. I heard that the Dubs dont even train anymore, that they just rub money all over each other before a game.

Dec82 (National) - 14/07/2019 11:39:55

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 3 Like(s)

Replying To TheFlaker:  "Jesus you are painful. I am talking about a half baked thrown together championship coming into winter, that is some joke considering most players won't be motivated to go hard at that time of the year, especially when they have no idea now when we are coming into what is usually club championship season. You can have a proper plan in place for next year, your desperation for some sort of GAA is hilarious, regardless of how well organised it is. How old are you? I must be talking to a teenager or someone in their early 20's? Do you play GAA, I doubt it otherwise you would have highlighted how it is frustrating for you. I played to a decent level, and managed a senior club for 3 years before I started travelling with my work. The players i know from back home and the managers I am still in touch with are planning for no championship this year and a thrown together one coming into the winter is not something they have a huge appetite for." Must be a bit soft up in Mayo. Us Clare lads would relish a thrown together winter championship. Hon the banner

Dec82 (National) - 12/05/2020 19:10:46

Michael Donoghue - 3 Like(s)
Davy Fitz and Donal Og are the men for the job. You might only beat weaker counties but at least you'll be innovative.

Dec82 (National) - 21/08/2019 11:28:45

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 3 Like(s)

Replying To GreenandRed:  "Lads, Hannah Montana wants her LOLs back."

Dec82 (National) - 05/05/2020 21:25:40

Limerick V Kilkenny - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Green2debone:  "To ALL the Kilkenny fans (and it was all I met) who moaned about the penalty not ONE single analyst thought it wasn't a penalty. As for Cillian Buckleys tackle on Nash I suppose ALL those fans think that's part of the game. Tough game for the ref but missing a blatant red and a blatant 65 is unforgivable. To Kilkenny fans I simply say the ref is not only there for Kilkenny ."
Penalty was very soft, Gillane was holding Lawlors hurley aswel, which is a free out and something Gillane never gets pulled for. I taught the ref favoured Limerick, ye got alot of soft frees.

Dec82 (National) - 28/07/2019 11:38:24

Galway Vs Clare - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Stool Pigeon:  "Well Clare didn't win, did they?? Should have, but couldn't see it out with half our starting team on the sideline including 5 current All Stars."
No they did not but either did Galway. Sure its a 20 man game these days or at least thats what im told. I actually enjoy your comments on the Clare forum, your hurling knowledge cant be questioned. Look 4ward to reading some more. My 1st comment was just a bit of banter. Hon the banner.

Dec82 (Galway) - 29/07/2018 21:54:09

Mayo V Dublin - 2 Like(s)

Replying To arock:  "Sorry for being so tetchy! They do serious individual fitness programs and follow them, coupled with being excellent natural athletes. But when you look, for I stance how high they can jump from a squat it is scary! All I know is whatever they doing they doing it right. Many in Dublin (clubs) are trying to replicate it at club level but with limited success, has to be done to just an exceptional bunch of players, the like I won't see again in my life time."
No need to apologise, i appreciate being educated. They are exceptional, there ability to turn it up a few notches is a sight to see. People saying its the death of football, i disagree, i think it will push other counties to try and reach a new level.

Dec82 (National) - 10/08/2019 21:25:49

Mayo V Galway - 2 Like(s)
I was gonna go to the Mayo Meath game, not so sure now. What if i dont make it out alive?.

Dec82 (National) - 08/07/2019 13:30:49

Mayo V Kerry - 2 Like(s)

Replying To cavanman47:  "Watch that 2016 game again lad. He moved out there and cleaned up. Remember sherlock having to tell Cluxton to keep the ball away from him!?"
It was 2017 when Sherlock ran out.

Dec82 (National) - 14/07/2019 18:52:36

Galway V Wexford- Summer Hurling At It's Best. - 2 Like(s)
Most matches Wexford are involved in are dour affairs. Was in PUC last year for 1/4 final and in ennis this year for league match. Awful wides from Wexford, not good enough to score from long range, easy to defend against because of there Christmas tree formation and then when they realise they wont win with only 1 inside 4ward, they go man for man and make a game out of it. At least Galway should improve but Wexford will get to a 1/4 final and all of the above will happen again.

Dec82 (National) - 28/05/2019 00:11:14

Most Tactical Sport: Football Or Hurling Or Rugby? - 2 Like(s)
I would say soccer. Being a Leeds fan, the last 2 seasons under Marcelo Bielsa have been incredible to watch. His tactics are insane, really makes you enjoy watching the game.

Dec82 (National) - 19/05/2020 22:16:26

Tipp V Limerick. Heavyweight Clash - 2 Like(s)

Replying To munsterchamps:  "ye'll be bk next year dec...the rest will do ye good."
Dont mind me lads, i was a bit drunk and feeling bitter. Clare cant have any complaints. Delighted at how we played yesterday, best 70 minute performance from a Clare team since 2013. Looking forward to the rest of the Championship now.

Dec82 (National) - 17/06/2019 11:18:46

Battling Lockdown - 2 Like(s)

Replying To lionofludesch:  "What ? Like Quarter Back or Ruck Rover ?"
I don't like to put names on them, I just do what I'm told.

Dec82 (National) - 15/05/2020 18:31:18