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Division 2 2017 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To 32_4_1:  "If certain fellow Meath posters want to monopolise all Division 2 talk about Meath, then surely it should be taken to the Meath forum. Isn't that what the county forums are for? As much as I'd like to see Meath promoted, it's too soon. Too soon for new management to make any huge impact, and as we seen against Laois the second half traits from under MOD haven't gone away. The second half collapses predate MOD as was already pointed out, and the problem runs alot deeper than management. The issue will take alot more time to resolve. Expect alot more Meath second half collapses this year"

bobobo (National) - 22/01/2017 16:46:38

Glenswilly 0-03 St Eunans 0-02 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To moc.dna:  "Good man an apologist for the sh#te football, if you watched enough games over the last few years & opened your eyes to what's on display you might see that, probably difficult when your trying to rack up likes with endless posts, truly blinded to reality, sad really, not even worthy of a debate."
Which games are you referring to? As much as I enjoy vague, pointless comments backed up with no facts or precedence I believe in this case they are warranted. Was it just low scoring games like Cork and Roscommon in the league ;) or what. You remind me of spillanes comments saying football was dead in 1992 and as another user said on here "I remember Breandan O hEithear writing in 1984 saying "if football was a hospital patient it would be on life support". I also remember elderly football followers at that time saying the great Kerry team of 1975-86 would not have lived with the Kerry three in a row team of1939-42." As someone else pointed out these 2 teams had a high scoring game last month. This is not a common occurrence. Go to any county GAA page and look at senior game scores and reports. These low scores are far and few between but due to the age of 24 hour media we hear about them more regularly despite them not increasing in number. Look at the league this year (when teams are still getting going) D1 had a game average of 30.6 points per game

bobobo (National) - 24/07/2016 20:10:03

Glenswilly 0-03 St Eunans 0-02 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To benjyyy:  "He's not apologising for sh*te football and why would he? I think the players themselves will know they were in a terrible game, no need for the whole country to jump on it.

The game had 27 wides, 6 balls dropped into the keepers hands and 2 shots hitting the post.

An unusually bad game it was, but there are people just using it to suit their narrative instead of getting a bit of context."
Well said again and nice to hear some actual commentary about the game. Notice from the 17 games played in Donegal yesterday that the average score was 27 points per game. People are just picking out the bad instead of looking at the good.

bobobo (National) - 24/07/2016 20:21:56

Gogglebox looking for a GAA family - 1 Like(s)
So reality TV has made it on here. Goodbye and goodnight

bobobo (National) - 15/08/2016 19:59:00

The Golden Generation of Hoganstand. - 1 Like(s)
I USED to think you were one of the more intelligent posters on here. This is not a hoganstand, GAA or online thing. This is an Irish thing. A deep problem we have. We call it living in the past. You see it when people talk about football, how it used to be. I saw it in Sydney when lads would say how the pints were better at home, in Vancouver when they said food was cheaper at home. Stay home , stay in the past, long for the glory days. I wont be. I like to more forward and be optimistic instead of dreaming of past glories and things that may have been p.s Id say most of those posters (or just the usernames) got banned and never told why ;)

bobobo (National) - 16/08/2016 19:50:25