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Hurling semis on same weekend - 3 Like(s)
Just throwing out an idea that's part of a proposal I've put together to radically reform the AI championship. The subtext is to get the championship finished 3-4 weeks earlier to allow club players the chance to play their championships July/Aug/Sep. Play the two AI semis on the same weekend, one on Saturday, one on Sunday. Let's say both attract 40k fans. Create a new type of ticket that allows you to attend one and get a discounted ticket for the other - so you go to your county's game on Sat for €50, but you have the option of a €25 add-on to see the other the next day. People get value for their attracts neutrals (I'd go if Clare weren't involved) helps to fill Croke Park....hurling takes over the media for a weekend. Any thoughts?

1914 (National) - 15/08/2016 10:55:20

All Refs are Human and and have a life outside GAA - 3 Like(s)
Hear hear to those posters who note that the vast majority of posters here don't understand the job of the ref as they've never done it! It has been mentioned already that slow motion and multiple views make it easy to pick on mistakes. Can I add to that the fact that camera angles (on which people base their opinions) are at a height above ground level, thus giving a much better view than refs have. Refs make mistakes, and plenty of them, but I feel that pundits who zero in on refereeing errors time after time are the worst pundits of all. They take an easy target to avoid having to do any serious analysis. It's an affliction called EOHS, Eamon O'Hara Syndrome.

1914 (National) - 17/07/2016 11:44:03

All Ireland Club Hurling Championship - 1 Like(s)

Replying To PortInFaithful:  "Borris Kilcotton will be a serious test for Cuala but I expect the Dublin forwards' class to shine through. The likes of the Treacys, Schuttes and Colm Cronin... Rynagh's are missing three key players for their Oulart clash, according to the Offaly page. I think they will struggle down in Wexford, hopefully not. Any chance of St Mullins making it third time lucky against the Westmeath champions? They lost to Raharney in 2014 by eight points and Clonkill by twelve in 2015, now they have Raharney again... Thurles should be too strong for Ballyea who won't pose the same threat as Ballygunner did. Ballyea are on the back of winning their first ever Clare title. Easiest call of the weekend. Finally, Patrickswell to make it eight years without a provincial win for the Cork senior champions. They beat Glen Rovers easy enough in a challenge a few weeks back and should do so again."
The beauty of the club championship - the easiest call of the weekend and your prediction was upset! Of course, Thurles were entitled to be hot favourites, the Lord only knows who will win the provincials, never mind the AI!

1914 (National) - 06/11/2016 16:50:51

Another embarrassment in Croke Park - 1 Like(s)
Jack McCaffrey is quoted elsewhere on HS to have tweeted "how on earth is the clock not stopped when a penalty is being taken?" My immediate thought was - for much the same reason as the clock not being stopped for the time it takes S Cluxton to amble up the field to take a winning free! Re the issue of today, I can't see any argument for a replay. Terrible decision, happens often, get on with it.

1914 (National) - 25/09/2016 21:42:57

GAA TV contract 2017-19 - 1 Like(s)
A bit of rubbish being thrown in here! To suggest that 'it's a disgrace' not to show matches (and replays at that) on tv is downright funny. Armchair viewers get a huge variety of games to see even if the Sky games are left out of the mix. At some point, a balance has to be struck between televising matches and protecting attendances. I not sure where that balance lies exactly, but I know that every weekend I can watch matches, plural, from my sofa without having to pay a subscription...that's fair in my eyes. As for my friend who is complaining about the 2 best games not being shown, well done on being able to predict in advance what games turn out to be entertaining (notwithstanding their being replays). Any chance of next Saturday's lotto numbers please?

1914 (National) - 03/07/2016 18:00:15

Tony Kelly or Austin Gleeson - 1 Like(s)

Replying To juniorjudge:  "Good reply! But AG does have an AI all ready, albeit minor with an expected u21 to follow this term"
Hopefully a senior some day too, as long as it isn't at Clare's expense! (The day might come when somebody realises that the faster and more often ball is played to C McGrath, S O'Donnell, T Kelly etc., the better chance we have of winning games!). I've said before that Gleeson is a rare talent and a joy to watch. You know that age-old (and futile) argument as to who is the better player, A or B? I'd prefer to talk about who I like to see play - for example, give me DJ Carey over Henry Shefflin for thrilling moments. Austin Gleeson is one of those players.

1914 (National) - 31/07/2016 10:26:33

Camogie handshakes - 1 Like(s)
Anybody able to shed light on the incident before the senior Camogie final? Without knowing what it was about, seems petulant and lacking in sportsmanship to say the least! (Is there a female equivalent of sportsmanship?!)

1914 (National) - 11/09/2016 21:12:01

Good GAA Quiz Questions - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Gael85:  "3 All Ireland Winners from family 3 generations from 3 different counties?? Small clue all came from Munster counties"
Jackie Power, Ger Power and Stephen McNamara...

1914 (National) - 05/07/2016 23:56:02

U-21 hurling - 1 Like(s)
Loads of controversy in that 1st half! Waterford goal was a definite square ball (though I admit it wasn't until they showed a replay that I realised that). A Gleeson a lucky man to only get a yellow - yes, it wasn't particularly rough but it was still a punching motion - still a serious lack of discipline in that man! In the same incident, the defender who conceded the free caught the Tipp face mask, not once but twice. The penalty for that should be?! Linesman was 5m away from him, made the call on Gleeson alright but nothing on the face mask.

1914 (National) - 27/07/2016 19:38:49

Co commentators - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "Between MC on RTE and PE on sky..... Are the channels trying to outdo each other or something......? Shocking stuff"
I agree! MC is like a first year trying to hang out with the Leaving Certs - always trying to please! Unfortunately he also has a history of not knowing the rules.
For me, there's a tv camera and a commentator - the co-commentator should be trying to add something different that we can't see ourselves - who's picking up who, tactical set-up etc. If they're a past player or manager, maybe trying to give the rest of us plebs some insight into that level of game. You know a pundit isn't up to much when they're harping on about the ref the whole time - easy pickings when you have nothing else to say.
There's also an overkill of replays for run of the mill scores, so much that so that we miss a lot of the puckouts/kick outs which are impure at in themselves.
The worst of them all is NE, former hurling great, who can't be heard half of the time and whose contribution the rest of the time often extends to wisdom such as "the ball is played in to x, who puts it over the bar for a score for y."

1914 (National) - 31/07/2016 11:30:02

Co commentators - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Douglas_Hyde:  "And now we have to endure Tom Carr for next 70 minutes!"
Our lads my playing well notwithstanding, he is the most condescending man. It's a wonder he didn't manage the counties he had to multiple All-Irelands, he knows so much!

1914 (National) - 31/07/2016 15:27:58

The greatest hurling shock of all time! - 1 Like(s)

Replying To janesboro:  "westmeath now play winner of dubs/wexford insemi other semi is carlow v offaly, no offence to the cats but aint it nice that there is a major all ireland available for the rest of us, also great either carlow or offaly will be in a leinster final - big boost for hurling is those counties."
Are Limerick not the reigning U-21 champions?!

1914 (National) - 26/05/2016 11:25:02

Tony Kelly or Austin Gleeson - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Cockney_Cat:  "In the same league? TJ Reid won 2 Senior All-Irelands before he turned 21."
What's your point? TJ Reid plays for Kilkenny, that they won 2 All-Irelands before he was 21 is irrelevant. A Gleeson might never win one. That doesn't mean he couldn't be one of the greatest players ever.

1914 (National) - 30/07/2016 23:37:24