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Kerry's easy path - 4 Like(s)
any thread on this about dublin's easy past , its not like there is anyone to come within 10 points of them in leinster and that's how many years now??? fact of the matter is kerrys route is no harder then dublins, mayo the same bar one game against galway . , munnster is harder then both provinces this year only ulster is stronger , cork clare and tipperary lose players every year to hurling and still all will be operating from division 2 up and last year reached the 4th round, 1/4 finals and semi finals respectably , much further then several connacht or leinster teams , its a bullshit argument and a good job there is so much hurling in munster given how bad some of the traditional football counties have gone

GameOfThrones (National) - 01/06/2017 22:56:28

Offaly footballers Div 3 campaign - 1 Like(s)

Replying To keeper7:  "Bernard Allen is a handy young lad."
saw him against clare last year caused havoc before picking up a serious head injury had about 4 points on the board from play , i understand he is just out of u21 level so plenty of time for him yet , looks a decent prospect

GameOfThrones (National) - 01/03/2017 21:57:30