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Donal Og Cusack's Comments - 4 Like(s)
Am I alone in thinking that that man should never again be employed by our national broadcaster again. Is it ok to hide away for a year or so and come back as if nothing has happened. ?

twbm (National) - 11/03/2019 21:44:20

Wexford Hurling 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To icehonesty:  "Lads a lot of managers have a club team they coach as well as a county team. Not a big deal. What do ye think of the team? It'll be a sweeper anyway from the personnel selected"
I think it is a big deal. He's after taking over his home club (a large club with high expectations) 150miles from Wexford ! Last year he looked like he lost interest in the Wexford job and admitted himself that he had to be begged to stay on. We need some who can and will give 100% to Wexford and doesn't need begging and the end of every year to stay on. (I'm from Wexford originally but have lived in Clare for the last 20 years)

twbm (Wexford) - 27/01/2019 15:03:34

Wexford Hurling 2019 - 1 Like(s)
I just heard yesterday from a reliable source that Davy has signed up to 3 years in a new role with Clare minors. Crazy stuff!

twbm (Wexford) - 31/01/2019 11:11:39