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2021 Hurling Championship - 6 Like(s)

Replying To HurlingBuzz:  "And the biggest decision of the game he got wrong."
He missed 2 red card tackles by Limerick players today. That being said Tipp embarrassed themselves in the second half

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 18/07/2021 18:05:00

Tipp Hurling Fans Fighting - 4 Like(s)

Replying To MesAmis:  "They are real fans though. They're not the fans we want but they're a part of fandom. Soccer has done this 'they're not real fans' routine for years but it is not true. Any sport that has big cross community support will attract all sorts of people to its games. Living beside Croker means I've seen all sorts, from different counties including my own, down through the years. From fighting to urinating at people's front doors etc. 99% of people are great but the 1% exists and have always been there, despite what some may think."
I disagree. The comment I was making about them not being real fans are that in reality clowns like this couldnt really care less about whats happening on the pitch, they are more interest in the day out and the p*ss up.

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 20/05/2019 11:03:33

Official Limerick Senior Hurling 2019 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To ancientrush:  "As the train is too expensive- probably going to drive, is it easy to get on street parking in Waterford and where would people recommend?"
Mount Sion GAA club which is a 5/10 minute walk to the stadium was an excellent option for the Clare game. Safe secure parking for a 5er, excellently laid out and no major issues when leaving. They also had the bar open and a good tent with burgers etc. Highly recommended

LohansRedHelmet (Limerick) - 29/05/2019 08:10:36

Official Limerick Senior Hurling 2019 - 4 Like(s)
Congratulations Limerick. Ye are everything I aspire our Clare team to be. Ye bullied us today and we have way too many off form. I expect Cork to beat us well next week and put us out of our misery. This is the end of the line for our management team who despite having a good year last year have shown themselves to be incapable of doing the job. That said, the player depth isn't there in Clare at the moment. Congrats again - ye have a super team.

LohansRedHelmet (Limerick) - 09/06/2019 20:10:42

Galway V Limerick - 4 Like(s)
You need to make sure your own house is neat and tidy before calling out simulation like Kiely did. I didn't see him complain when Diarmuid Byrnes dived to get David Reidy sent off in 2018.

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 17/05/2021 09:04:41

Tipp Hurling Fans Fighting - 3 Like(s)
Its got nothing to do with the game. A few idiots in the terrace acting the tough men probably drinking all morning before the game. They are not real fans. They need to be identified and named and shamed. That would deter this behavior in future.

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 20/05/2019 09:31:42

9 Dubs forwards, would any not make the Mayo team? - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "Ok, I am sure this topic will annoy a few and so on and so forth.....but so what! What do people think? I am gonna name 9 Dubs forwards. Flynn, Connolly, Kilkenny, Brogan, McManaman, Rock, Andrews, Mannion, O'Gara Now honestly, would any of those lads NOT get in the Mayo starting 15? Some may say that Deano is only there for frees, and Mayo have COC, but going on their respective form this year, that argument doesn't stand up. To be honest, I'd say Cormac Costelloe would most likely start for Mayo too I have to be honest, if Dublin get 45%-55% at Midfield, I cant see a path for Mayo to win ? Am I wrong?"
God almighty I hope Mayo smash ye.

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 08/09/2016 03:25:02

Neutral venue for Dublin and Tipperary - 3 Like(s)

Replying To northerncat:  "So the hurling draw stated that the weekend hurling qualifiers would be neutral venues Dublin did not agree to play in thurles but the gaa said the game is being played there surely this is unfair on dublin thoughts please :"
Maybe Dublin hurlers are being punished for the Dublin footballers nearly always getting home advantage?

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 04/07/2017 09:54:26

Limerick Senior Hurling 2018. - 3 Like(s)
Heartfelt congratulations to you all. Its a really special time so enjoy the celebrations. We have begun planning your downfall for next year already. : )

LohansRedHelmet (Limerick) - 20/08/2018 01:43:02

Player Power comes up trumps again - 3 Like(s)
What are the players supposed to do, sit by and see the talent being wasted with stupid tactics? I would have lost respect for them if they didn't move now. If you look at Clare's championship results since 2013 they are brutal. With the talent in our team we deserve a lot more. Davy was also very happy to deflect blame on the players "their hooking and blocking stats are down on 2013" and also on referees. Never once did he accept responsibility for his own decisions, like deploying Kelly in the half back line against Wford in Munster. He was also very happy to tell everyone how he made the call for Tony Kelly to take the free to level scores in the league final replay. That is one of the biggest frustations with Davy is he would never acknowledge an error by himself but was always happy to praise himself. Davy was in a unique position in Clare whereby his father is directly involved in his appointment and the term he would remain in charge. As a result, if Davy wanted it, it was a role for life. The only way a change was going to happen is if Davy decided to go and the only way that Davy would go is if the players voiced their opinion. This needed to happen for the sake of Clare hurling and I for one am very glad the players have spoke out and Davy has respected their wishes. Notwithstanding all this, the man needs to be praised for his contribution for Clare. Directly involved in three All Irelands. 2013 was just majestic. Thank you Davy. You have made the right decision and we are grateful for that and all you have done for Clare hurling.

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 21/09/2016 06:34:01

2021 Hurling Championship - 3 Like(s)
Wow. The game of hurling is ruined if that is a penalty. Tipperary were given some lifeline by the referee today. I felt we were the better team bar that 10 minute period when they ref sin binned McCarthy and gave them a penalty. I think Tipp had a 7 point swing in that time. Then with 5 minutes to go at the other end, Mark Rogers is man handled in the box- no penalty. Disgraceful decisions against clare today.

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 04/07/2021 17:24:31

Limerick Senior Hurling 2018. - 3 Like(s)
Well done Limerick and best of luck in the rest of the league. A few points from our perspective. 1. Clare conceding 4 goals - unbelievable return for Limerick and really showed problems in our full back line. That being said, i was surprised because we dont concede many goals with this new management team. Hoping this is a one-off. The league can be funny and teams can be different animals in the championship. 2. Tony Kelly is back on form thankfully. We saw greenshoots over the past few weeks but today showed he is back which is great for us. 3. Conor McGrath remains off form. Thankfully he has time to get back into form because the Conor of this league is not the Conor we know. On form, i believe he is top 3 corner forwards in the Country. 4. John Conlons - decision making is poor. Ive said it for a while now. More often then not conlon takes the wrong option. The shot for goal at the end of the game when a point wins the game was a clear example of this. He can be very selfish on the ball too but is too good a ball winner to drop. Really for Clare the league has put us in a bit of limbo. I was happy with us staying up and couldnt care less about the knockout stages but the reality is our defense is a bit all over the shop at the moment and our fullback line wont cut the mustard for the championship. Although in saying this, it is very very difficult to look into league form as a barometer of how the championship will go. Waterford were relegated but I expect them to go well again this year. Limerick on the otherhand are a team on the up with the NAP lads to come back in also and could do damage this year although it may be a year or two early to talk about All Irelands. Make hay while the sunshines though. Clare have arguably wasted our conveyor belt of talent (If an All ireland and League is considered a waste - maybe not on reflection) but I think we have enough in the tank to trouble teams this year I dont believe it will result in silverware. We would need to improve defensively, including giving away less frees and improve our accuracy. Would love to be proved wrong though. With Limerick now in the ascendancy surely this is one of the most competitive Munster championships ever.

LohansRedHelmet (Limerick) - 20/03/2018 01:19:35

Hurling league semi finals - 2 Like(s)

Replying To tonydoranfan:  "Go back to your rugby forum!!!! Without davey clare would of never won in 13..and they will be blown out of the water this year by tipp..."
Rugby forum??? Not sure why you are so sensitive? I made a fairly vanilla comment?? If you think that his behavovior yesterday was acceptable we'll I guess that says more about you than him

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 17/04/2017 16:09:25

Worst GAA Jersies Of All Time - 2 Like(s)

Replying To MesAmis:  "I think Offaly have had the same sponsor."
Clare ran off to Eircell/Vodafone in the early 00s when our stock was high but back we trotted to Pat O Donnell after that. In fairness to Pat bar the two or so years we had a different sponsor his company has been unreal to clare

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 02/12/2019 09:32:34

Cork v Tipperary - 2 Like(s)
God above this game is crap! Nothing against Tipp though, Cork look like a junior team

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 22/05/2016 16:39:31

Clare Senior Hurlers 2017 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To brianboru:  "I was absolutely disgusted with the officiating in to-days Clare Waterford encounter..It s seems when a ref from a football county is officiating at a hurling game"some things always go wrong.It is sad when the attendance have to give a derisive cheer when the ref. finally gives a correct decision,and that happened so often at this game.Clearly the ref. cost Clare he game,The GAA officials should really be ashamed of themselves for not appointing referees to important games.For that matter competent referees should be appointed to all games. Think of the poor players who practice long hours all week and then have their hopes destroyed by the idiotic decisions of an incompetent ref.I don't like it. No sir I dont like it at all!!!!!"
Absolute rubbish. Forget about the referee, Clare had enough to win the game today and didnt. They were the better team and didnt win. They are the only ones to blame. Focusing on the refs performance does nothing to address the fact that we should have closed out the game. Mentioning the fact that the ref is from a football county is juvenile behavior. Change the tune, its childish and boring.

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - 27/03/2017 03:00:34

Wexford Clare - 2 Like(s)

Replying To HurlingBuzz:  "Helps with the worst refereeing performance of the year"
Come out of the fog. Ref was spot on today bar a couple of relatively minor calls.

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 17/07/2021 15:43:09

Hurling Qualifiers - 2 Like(s)
Tony Kelly 1-15 Wexford 0-17

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 14/11/2020 17:02:19

Galway Vs Clare Hurling Semi Final - 2 Like(s)
Congratulations to Galway. I am bitterly disappointed as I thought we had ye in the closing stages but lady luck turned against us with the Shanagher rebound hitting the post and Duggan failing to clear the defender from the free. Well done and congratulations from your neighbours. We will be back next year you can be sure about that.

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 06/08/2018 05:57:30

NFL Division 2 - 2 Like(s)
Wooohooo. Unreal result for Clare. Some battle

LohansRedHelmet (National) - 01/03/2020 16:12:31