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On a train journey up through Guatemala around 2009 I met several poverty-stricken immigrants making the highly dangerous trek northwards in the hope of making it into the US. One was a very young single mother with her two small kids, hitching non-paying train rides all the way up from Honduras. The kids enjoyed a little game of peek-a-boo with me at a brief stop-over on the way. The older was a little girl of around three years, named Veronica.. As doubtlessly with everyone on such treks, there was, I felt, a deeper story than met the eye with this very young and vulnerable family, but it is one that will forever remain a mystery to me, as will their fate thereafter. At the next Internet cafe I found I was feeling a little homesick, and was interested in hearing what the banter was about the hurling championship. That was when I joined Hoganstand, and I took my username after my little amiga.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 09/08/2021 18:05:14

No Palestinian Flags - 4 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "I'm getting sick to death of the Palestinian flags been brought to gaa games. I don't care if you agree with it or not. Gaa is not the place for displaying political messages, particularly not from another region (that has questionable human rights issues of its own people) . I'm not pro Israel either. I just want to go to a game and the only flags that should be allowed are those of the counties participating. David gaugh wasn't allowed to wear a bracelet, micky harte got hell over his stance on referendum. I ask all stewards to confiscate these flags on entrance or immediately when spotted. The gaa is not here for anyone's political views. Join a political party and stop going to games if that's all you go for."
I am not bringing Palestinian flags to GAA games but I have no problem with those that do. Maybe you should just close your eyes and look away. It might come quite easily to you, I think. And I will have you remember the origins of the GAA are purely political.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 18/06/2018 20:21:05

No Palestinian Flags - 4 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Well if you think Hamas are not a brutal regime then you are the one with the problem, hitler was democratic elected too don't forget. But sure that makes it alright then."
Hear it from a Jew directly affected by Hitler. This is my last contribution to this thread so please Administrators let it go through. There are two million ghettoised people, in a way quite comparable to the ghettos of the Seond World War, inside Gaza. They have some forms of elections but are essentially dehumanised and deprived of the right to self govern.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 18/06/2018 21:36:55

Limerick Senior Hurling 2018. - 3 Like(s)
Delighted for ye!!!! Fully deserved glory, now ENJOY THE PARTY!!! I'm sure there will be more from this group (let's hope not too many ;) ). Now, maybe next year we can finally banish the haunting memory of that Ciaran Carey piece of magic in 1996 by knocking ye out ;) Here's hoping anyway :)

MiAmigaVERONICA (Limerick) - 19/08/2018 21:15:18

No Palestinian Flags - 2 Like(s)
Administrators, unless this thread is purely for the purpose of a facrical political agenda please allow all view-points to be represented.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 18/06/2018 20:41:56

No Palestinian Flags - 2 Like(s)

Replying To ta32:  "Haha Zionist shills Ireland4israel Williams lol ok Have you spoken to miko peled, son of a Israeli general and who's grandfather was one of the signatures of the state of Israel, the Nakba . Be interesting if you could have his take on it . You may be enlightened."
If you speak to Israelis living in Ireland you will be surprised how much in common they have with Miko Peled, Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, etc. You will find an attitude to Israeli attrocities that might surprise you. Far more educational that the twaddle spouted here. And I think GAA grounds in particular are plaes where we should never forget state terrorism. As I said I do not bring Palestinian flags to the grounds myself but I definitely have no problem with those that do.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 18/06/2018 21:10:56

No Palestinian Flags - 2 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Well if you think Hamas are not a brutal regime then you are the one with the problem, hitler was democratic elected too don't forget. But sure that makes it alright then."
Hilter was elected, as was Benjamin Netanyahu. I see a lot more in common here. I would love to know the research you have actually done into Hamas, especially how it came to be.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 18/06/2018 21:20:31

Respect!! - 2 Like(s)
I just saw the video featuring Diarmuid Lyng of the Gaelic Voices for Change Campaign, and I just want to say publicly here Big Respect to all involved. The homeless crisis that has been allowed to develop in Ireland over the last few years is atrocious beyond belief, and the inhumanity of it deeply affects at least my very sense of Irishness. Especially with the narrative of how British landlords evected our ancestors from their homes being such a fundamental cornerstone of the quest for independence, it is great to see some sportspeople of our national games now standing up to ensure that the plight of those misfortunes on the streets cannot be easily swept under the carpet.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 05/12/2017 22:03:57

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Replying To Onion_Sack:  "There's a touch of the Verbal's about that Keyser!"
Does it not get claustrophobic in your little world?

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 09/08/2021 20:23:38

Galway Vs Clare Hurling Semi Final - 1 Like(s)

Replying To SAMMYTHEBULL:  "Hi Veronica.. My God! What a two teams.. I wont brag.. it could have gone either way.. My heart is damaged.. So proud of our lads.. you threw everything at us. You have a young team. Hard luck"
Cheers, Sammy! Enjoy the build-up to the final! The enjoyment these lads give us is unbelievable. They do all the work, make all the sacrifices, but we too live and die with them. I really hate these hurlers-on-the-ditch who knock players who are having a lull in form, or still finding their feet, and gorge themselves on those who are riding the crest of a wave. Right now I am hurting, especially for the lads. What with hurling being so competitive now (which is great!!), and with the boys' mileage building up (and O'Donnell away next year maybe just maybe mcGrath will recapture his form, but O'Donnell is something extra special) it will be hard for us to get back next year. A battle of both our near neighbours for the final - GREAT but also OUCH!!! :)

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 05/08/2018 16:48:21

All Things Galway Hurling - 1 Like(s)
I wonder if there is any chance of Joe Canning coming back, especially now. I thought his retirement announcement was somewhat of a knee-jerk reaction to the terrible season, and that he would be back for next year's championship. Davy Fitzgerald, I feel, would have worked on coaxing him back but I doubt Shefflin will. Joe's presence over the next two or three years, even in the dressing room and as impact sub and occasional starter, would be a huge bonus for Galway. But I suppose it is a whole new leaf for Galway hurling now, and I expect them to give the championship a good rattle next year regardless.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 23/10/2021 16:18:39

No Palestinian Flags - 1 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Hamas are a brutal regime, and have been the main cause of many of Palestinian people conditions. However it is not human rights. And a sporting event is no place for that either. Many who were on the loosing side of referendum believe wholeheartedly that they standing for human rights, is it ok if they bring large posters or banners or flags to games? No sport is sport , politics is politics. Keep both separate. That includes confederate flag."
Administrators, I will take you to task on this. If GAA stadia are not the place to publicly protest the atrocities that are happening in the hell-hole that is Gaza (as you have given this individual the space to advocate), then surely this forum is not the space she should have to call a democratically elected government a brutal regime. Or does that ethos extend to Sinn Fein, fundamentally linked to the IRA, also? A bit of fair play, please!

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 18/06/2018 20:35:10

No Palestinian Flags - 1 Like(s)

Replying To PeggyShippen:  "What about the rights of Israelis to live without the threat of terrorists like Hamas? Let's leave the politics outside the GAA fields. There's 2 sides to every story no matter what our Northern friends tell us."
Have you spoken to Israelis currently living in Ireland? Perhaps you should.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 18/06/2018 20:37:57

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Replying To Onion_Sack:  "Sincere apologies MiAmigaVERONICA If I offended you I apologise absolutely none was meant, was a tounge in cheek reference to that great movie the usual suspects which I was reminded of reading your post, which is a lovely storey. I better not say anymore in case I ruin the movie for people who haven't seen it. If you haven't seen it well worth a look seeing as there is now a lot of talk of movies on this thread. In my humble opinion it's a classic! And seeing as we're on the other subject! What have the Romans ever done for us! ;-)"
No problem at all, my friend! Apologies from me on the narky response. No, I haven't seen the movie, but a few years back it was on my list big-time but then I just forgot about it. For sure I will watch it now .) All the best!

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 13/08/2021 10:43:25

All Things Galway Hurling - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Cockney_Cat:  ""Davy Fitzgerald, I feel, would have worked on coaxing him back but I doubt Shefflin will." Why do you think that?"
Davy and Joe go back a long way and have a lot of glory days behind them with LIT. Also, Davy persuaded Colm Galvin to come back from the States for the Championship a few years back when Galvin wanted a year out. He seems to focus more on the resources at hand at a given time than building for the future. I think for Henry to take the job, he feels he has enough young talent at his disposal to develop Galway into contenders over the next couple of years, and that his old adversary's retirement will not concern him as much. But it would be very interesting to see if they did decide to work together. I hope they do!

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 23/10/2021 18:18:06

Clare Senior Hurling Championship - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Dec82:  "I heard Conor McGrath was taking the winter off due to work but is meant to be coming back. Shane O Donnell is back end of march. David Reidy is doing a masters so opted out for winter, hes playing soccer for newmarket at the moment. Morey isnt long back from travelling, he was on the bench the last day. Paul Flanagan was injured the last i heard and I'm not sure about Cathal Mac. The league has been good, hopefully we get Galway in a quarter final."
Thanks, Dec! Much appreciated :)

MiAmigaVERONICA (Clare) - 09/03/2019 12:35:28

Where is John 3:7? - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Cockney_Cat:  "I'm sorry to rain on his parade (I'm not really). But, good riddance to him and his dogma. There should be no religious or political banners at GAA games, or any sporting events for that matter. In fact, they are not allowed in soccer."
What has soccer got to do with it? In case you have not noticed, soccer itself is not allowed at GAA grounds (bar the odd token gesture) for intrinsically political purposes. You are entitled to your opinion but remember it is just that. And my opinion here does not, as seems to be pretty much the norm, does not concur with yours.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 20/06/2018 18:38:24

Leinster hurling final - 1 Like(s)

Replying To joncarter:  "Have been listening to people say Kilkenny are in decline since since the start of 2006. They are as dominant as they have ever been in the history of this sport and even if they were deteriorate somewhat as a squad, theyd still probably be too good for everyone else. They absolutely walked last years championship, no one got close to them. Okay, Hogan is missing, so what? Theyll replace him with a player who would probably walk onto any other county team. They were decimated by retirements last year and if anything it merely opened the door to fresher hungrier players who took up the baton without any difficulty. You say Galway will feel they have to prove a point? Not sure what your own point is tbh. Surely they felt they "had to" to win last years all Ireland but in the 2nd half when the chips were down the cats swatted them away like flies. Kilkenny by at least 5, Hogan or no Hogan."
And that 'swatted them like flies' would have nothing to do with whatever went in the Galway dressing-room at half time? Kilkenny most certainly will need to find somebody new to step up to the task if they are to do the business this year. Kilkenny's win last year was more a case of hold your head when all about you is losing theirs. They are a pale shadow of the team of four or five years ago. Incidently, I think Tipp are best placed to take the All Ireland this year. As regards the 'they had to win last year', their point is that things were just not right in the camp. Well, they have set themselves up now that for many of the senior members, the legacy of their entire inter-county hurling careers is being put on the line here. It is time to excrete or vacate the pot, and I just feel that circumstances have contrived to give them a lifeline to justify, for some observers, their actions of last year. My tuppence worth is on Galway, as it was in the All Ireland last year.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 01/07/2016 11:28:38

Galway Vs Clare Hurling Semi Final - 1 Like(s)
Cheers, lads. Here's to another great game, and a bit of craic afterwards :)

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 05/08/2018 13:10:11

Galway Vs Clare Hurling Semi Final - 1 Like(s)
By the skin of your teeth, lads, by the skin of your teeth. Bit disappointed now but well done, on reaching another final. Hats off to both teams but especially so proud of all associated with the Clare set-up. A lot of sound Galway lads posting here, but to the ones who are not - looks like you are not as good as you think you are. The way I see it, Limerick will prove themselves to be a great team in time but this final will depend on how fragile the Galway mindset is after this reality call.

MiAmigaVERONICA (National) - 05/08/2018 15:58:41