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Clare Hurlers 2020 - 1 Like(s)
Commiserations from your neighbours. I watched the game totally aghast at the tactics employed by Clare. The world and its mother knows that Cork don't have a half forward line to win a puck out. To make matters even more daunting for Cork Clare have a first class half back line. The more bivouac tactic for Clare would be to push up on Cotks puck out and force them to go long. Couldn't believe my eyes when for the first 15 mins and last 15 mins Clare stood off and played the game on Cork terms by allowing them to go short. In these periods Cork raced into a lead and scored 1-5 in last 10-12 mins. I think Lohan committed tactical suicide . Clare best themselves IMO.

welpastit (Clare) - 24/07/2021 23:45:42