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Who said that the Dubs don't travel! - 9 Like(s)

Replying To fifty:  "The Dubs travelled in numbers yesterday, and added a carnival atmosphere with their music, wit and good football! It was a great occasion for football, pity that the ref didn't change his jersey!"
Nothing to do with the referee. The Dubs won without breaking sweat and could have won by 15 points. They fisted points when goals were on two or three times and kicked 11 wides. I hope our lads learned from them as it's great to play against the best, it should bring the Cavan team on. They are a great team and they have great supporters.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 06/02/2017 15:59:55

This is not Kerry football - 7 Like(s)
Kerry are the most cynical and dirty team in the country. Great to see a referee finally catching on to it.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 26/08/2017 17:29:44

Kerry have it easy. - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Greengrass:  "The point I was making was that throughout the history of Gaelic football Derry, Donegal and Down were rarely good enough to beat Kerry. They have often been good enough to beat Tyrone and have done so. The rest of my post is highly relevant. It states the facts as they are. Ultimately for any team to win an All Ireland they have to beat the best teams. Kerry have done that 37 times because they are the best football county in the land."
Yet they have won All Irelands by only beating 4 teams inc two easy matches ?? How is that not easier than say Tyrone having to play 6? Kerry got more time to prepare and less games to get injured in too.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 02/08/2017 20:18:22

Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught - 3 Like(s)
Are Rugbai Telefis Eireann showing any GAA today?

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 11/02/2017 11:26:42

Kerry have it easy. - 3 Like(s)
Jim Mc Guinness has it right. Kerry have an easy path every year and don't be tested until very late in the competition. It is easier for them to prepare and to peak at the right time. I have to agree with Jim on this.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 01/08/2017 21:51:00

Monaghan V Donegal - 3 Like(s)
Donegal by 1 point. Good game but they were the better team on both days.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 02/07/2016 20:43:05

Should supporters have a selector to ensure that their views are looked after - 3 Like(s)
Not this rubbish again??? He never gives up.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 31/12/2016 14:43:27

Tipperary v Mayo - 3 Like(s)
Marty Morrissey on about how long Tipp have been away .... El;vis was born, Hitler came to power etc etc.
Time to switch to Sky.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 21/08/2016 15:28:41

Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught - 3 Like(s)

Replying To tonydoranfan:  "is the great Mick O'Connell not from the Kingdom of kerry, hardly a weak football county, he does not even look at kerry playing now. lads sorry but football is a bore to watch!!!!"
Rubbish. The attendances even last Sunday in Cavan on a very cold day was nearly 5K for a meaningless Dr Mc Kenna Cup match. Rugby will never replace Gaelic Football. Unlike Gaelic it has no soul. Garrison game.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 13/01/2017 21:32:46

No Tricolour or National Anthem at GAA Matches - 3 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Yep. We are home and hosed. Winner alright winner alright. :)"
Do away with our Anthem and Flag at your peril you Meath boyos. Haven't felt so outraged since Joe scored the try.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 01/12/2016 19:52:16

Colm O'Rourke is nearly 60......... - 3 Like(s)
He's 60 lads. He's not dead. Stop all the eulogising. It's a bit over the top.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 24/08/2017 15:57:05

NEW President - 2 Like(s)
What did Kelly do that was so good?

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 23/02/2017 16:47:28

Kerry have it easy. - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Greengrass:  "That point has been answered . A teams run through its province is irrelevant when it comes to the winning of an All Ireland . In order to win an All Ireland a team has always had to beat the best the rest of the country can offer . The day(s) of reckoning will always come . Kerry have won 37 All Irelands and have been runners up 22 times. Your point when it comes to the actual winning of All Irelands is superfluous."
You are still missing the point. As Mc Guinness stated - Kerry have an easy passage very often. AND they play less games than the Ulster sides.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 03/08/2017 18:58:08

Down v Monaghan - 2 Like(s)
I didn't see any warning signs in the Cavan v Monaghan match. Monaghan won with a it in hand and kicked 15 wides too. They were clearly the better side. People sticking the boot into the Monaghan team now is a bit rich.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 24/06/2017 22:09:15

Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught - 2 Like(s)
Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught? Judging by the Irish performance on Sat and the craic at the Cavan v Dubs game we will have no problem surviving.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 07/02/2017 15:54:27

National League - 2 Like(s)
If I was ever condemned to death by firing squad I'd ask for a few of our forwards to be on it. I'd have a good chance of surviving.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - 12/02/2017 17:33:45

Championship 2017 - 2 Like(s)
Monaghan will beat Wexford easily enough. A lot of you throwing in the towel far too early here. Monaghan didn't suddenly become a bad team and are far from out of the C/ship. They just have a new route. Good luck.

Cavan_Slasher (Monaghan) - 26/06/2017 11:58:14

Rory Mcilroy played Gaelic football - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Frederick:  "I thought it was a great article. Regarding throwing the Tri colour, he explains the reason for that(not that specific incident, but he said he doesn't feel one or the other and he is entitled to that). Mad the obsession the great pros have, tiger in the gym at 4am because he couldn't sleep, may weather is the same, mc Gregor. Anyone know of gaa lads like this? Also to the poster who said it's probably all lies, could they care to elaborate on or explain such a statement."
He told lies originally about his refusal to play in the Olympics for Ireland. He said it was about the Zika virus. Then he changed his story to not wanting to stand under the Irish or British flags. So he finds it hard to tell the truth it seems.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 11/01/2017 21:13:55

No Tricolour or National Anthem at GAA Matches - 2 Like(s)
Was never at a rugby match although i watched a few Irish matches on t.v. I don't think i'd have been heavy or fat enough for that game as a young lad.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 02/12/2016 20:22:32

A lot of referees don't know this rule - 2 Like(s)

Replying To banner_boy:  "Well if you're gobsmacked by that, then you've a lot to learn about the GAA my friend. There's at least 7 rules within the GAA playing rulebook (mostly in football) that are so daft I've never seen them applied in my 40 years watching/playing/refereeing GAA. Don't blame the refs for applying a bit of pragmatism and common sense. We need to get off the pitch alive to rear our kids ya know!"
Maybe you shouldn't be refereeing if you're afraid of getting off alive by applying the rules of the game. That kind of attitude makes for a "homer" referee, one who is afraid to offend the home crowd by refereeing by the rules.

Cavan_Slasher (National) - 06/03/2017 17:44:28