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Maradona - 5 Like(s)
Once Maradona seen Cavan win Ulster he was happy enough to go. He often said he would love to see Mayo win Sam but added you cant live for ever.

breffnibluewhite (National) - 27/11/2020 17:58:25

Ladies All Ire Finals. - 4 Like(s)
Well done meath what a great game of football ref did all he could to win it for dublin why do they always favour the champions lucky they arent in the mens final with dublin Joe at the wheel

breffnibluewhite (National) - 05/09/2021 17:59:20

Monaghan GAA thread - 4 Like(s)
well done monaghan fair play to ye

breffnibluewhite (National) - 01/07/2023 20:45:11

GAA Funding And Fairness - 3 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "Ha, Ha Ha. A terrible beauty born, in here I see. So the counter argument to my point works on the balance that 5 year olds up were coached up by an injection of funds by the Irish Sports Council. So essentially anyone under 25. You just about get Con, Howard, Murch, P, Small, Basquel, Bugler, and that vintage. I think the argument works on the basis that GDF certainly the ISC grant goes toward coaching, it doesn't it goes toward participation. The club element do coach, but that relies on lads going to the club. I'd know the backroads of a lot of the lads and not to go into personal detail, Con comes from GAA lineage family steeped in at he's a legacy player, Howard GAA was his second sport, Rugby his first he spent much of his adolescence in the Leinster Rugby academy, doesn't it show. Murch is from a GAA stronghold of the City, Smalls are renowned family in Ballymun GAA history. Bugler is a legacy his distant family have played. Basquels are a GAA family steeped in Mayo footballing lineage. All these lads were always going to be club and GAA players. People can make their own minds up. I'm pretty certain, no one arguing the toss knows what goes on in the ground here in Dublin more then me. I actually think a big question for the GAA is the ISP grant money well spent. I'm not sure it has increased participation levels that much in the county. The figures are stark, there are touching 1.4mill people in Dublin, 39k are registered to play GAA, that is shockingly bad. I wouldn't be of the opinion at all that Dublin and the GAA have been successful in growing participation in Dublin. So why are Dublin so successful? Two reasons in my opinion, the Dublin club element of funding their own development programmes has led to real innovation and development. It's created a baseline stat dare to p,ah Senior Club football in Dublin. Dublin club football is played at a massively high standard and the development of players at club level is huge. The second biggest contribution is the development of the game on the south side and an end to the historical north vs Southside political stuff we saw for years - for example Crokes won club All Ireland's in the 90s but couldn't get a look in with Dublin. So for me I'd query the effectiveness of ISC grant as participation really hasn't improved that much, but the club facet of the development self funded has been wonderful. But largely we still relying on lads I mention above who were always going to be GAA players. I'll be interested in this decade, I think it's will be in the next five years when we start to see whether ISC grant and improved participation really starts to impact and players come through. We have a very specific approach to under age county we do well at U 20, but are brutal at anything under - despite all the non existent coaching money we are supposed to be getting. Advancedmsrk. ;D"
The only reason ye are poor at under 20 is that your county policy is to bring 4 to 5 teams through at under 17 minor level and give them all a chance to play for their county and they can afford to look after them with kit etc. No other county could afford to do this but it insures that they dont let any potential future stars slip through the net. this is why they are less competitive at this age group as they continually rotate the squad.

breffnibluewhite (National) - 05/12/2020 23:41:17

Cavan Seniors 2022 - 3 Like(s)
couple of right doses on here no wonder all the older posters from last year have quit. its like listen to the healy raes talking BS

breffnibluewhite (Cavan) - 26/05/2022 14:27:17

Derry v Armagh - 2023 Ulster SFC Final - 3 Like(s)

Replying To points50swiththeargyllsonthewrongfeet:  "When Barcelona did their keep ball stuff, it was lauded as genius ... What I can't stand is defending errors and cheap scores, big excitement for the ole ole brigade who want mistakes, adrenalin, lots of roaring and lots of scores, land all the hoof-it-up-the-pitch bores going on about "classics". I'm happy with low-scoring games and enjoy good passages of play and watching a good team working out how to break down a defence. I've seen high scoring "thrillers" that everyone raves about, but to me they were just a mess of bad defending and cheap scores, like watching a college basketball game. Great for floating voters of course, the folks who want to be "entertained"; that's all it means to them - packaged, consumer product. You always have some half-cut yahoo roaring "let her in tae ****"; it's usually all he knows. Since when was Gaelic football about entertainment? That's what movies are for. To me, football at county and especially at club level was about identity, and winning is all. Do not care less how the win was achieved, never have - close, one-sided, tactical, rip-roaring, makes no difference to me. Main thing, as a neutral, it was CLOSE today. Some games are tactical, some games are shoot-outs. As a neutral, I'm happy watching either - *provided the game is competitive and that either team has a chance of winning it*. You'll generally always get that in Ulster. And in Connacht. Munster and Leinster are very one-sided currently but who's to say it will always be that way? It's a huge over-reaction to propose scrapping the provincials just because a couple of teams are going through a purple patch. People need to take the long view on this. The GAA is supposed to be about tradition and identity. I like the provincial championships - Clones on Ulster final day is one of the most tribal places in Western Europe, and long may it continue."
if you cant see any thing wrong with 30 players trying to play football in one third of the area of the pitch and 90 percent of passing consists of a fisted pass to a colleague beside you then you are easily entertained. There were no skills on display in Clones today just very fit players who have had their natural abilities destroyed by stats men and defensive coaching gone mad. yes it was a close match which kept the crowd interested but was some manure to watch. Unless there is a change in the rules ie each team should have to keep 4 players in their half of the field at all times and two points awarded for every score kicked outside the so called scoring zone that every team has become obsessed with trying to work the ball into the game is finished.imagine players practicing kicking long range points instead of the sideways manure they are at.

breffnibluewhite (National) - 14/05/2023 21:11:46

Upcoming Special Congress - 3 Like(s)
The actual set up itself will go along way towards it marketing itself ie teams of similar standard playing each other on good pitches in the summer months and teams playing more attack minded open football as they are not setting up to avoid a serious hammering from a division one team. The attendances at these matches will be every as high or higher than with the current set up.

breffnibluewhite (National) - 19/09/2021 23:27:36

Tipperary V Mayo - 3 Like(s)

Replying To katser:  "Never thought I'd say this but..... I actually think Mayo will win the All Ireland! Definitely able to match the Dubs."
yes definitely they have just allowed tipperary 8 open goal chances

breffnibluewhite (National) - 06/12/2020 17:00:50

Cavan V Donegal - 3 Like(s)
Once Maradona had seen Cavan win an Ulster title he was happy to go. he once said that he would to see Mayo win Sam but added that you cant live for ever.

breffnibluewhite (Cavan) - 27/11/2020 17:55:49

Provincial Championships - 3 Like(s)
what else do you expect him to say. The ulster championship is a brilliant competition which is normally very competitive every year and is the only realistic chance of silver ware that any county in Ulster will have a chance of winning for the next ten years. why get rid of a successful competition.

breffnibluewhite (National) - 13/01/2021 19:30:06

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 2 Like(s)

Replying To MicktheMiller:  "Heard that too. I think the GAA community are playing their part in this prolonged lockdown. The Minister should ask the NPHET junta to come up with another strategy."
I think the politicians should organise another golf outing in galway to discuss this and think it over

breffnibluewhite (National) - 29/11/2020 17:51:03

Colm O'rourke - 2 Like(s)
Great Great player would have won another all ireland if he had of started against Down but dont think he will make it as a manager depends on what team he puts together he seems to be totally out of touch with the modern game on rte but maybe thats a good reason to appoint him.

breffnibluewhite (National) - 30/07/2022 09:47:23

Cavan V Dublin - 2 Like(s)
Cavans run in Ulster reminds me so much of my favourite film Gladiator. Russell Crowe states in the film some time when death stares you in the face all you can do is stare right back and smile. Three times in the white white heat of Ulster championship Cavan stared defeat in the face there she was like in the past 23 years with her arms outstretched beckoning us calling us taunting us come on lads ye are cavan come home this is where ye belong. Some how this magnificent battallion of blue Gladiators managed to fight on against all the odds and escape her clutches and after 5 long weeks lead my Mickey the great we arrived at Colosseum in Armagh ready for the final battle. At this stage unbeknown to most only Mickey the great the blue battallion were battle hardened and forged in steel from this white heat and would not bend or break for anyone. The Authorities had deemed as per usual that the underdogs would be slaughtered and victory would go the the green and white gladiators from the north who were also a magnificent force. To ensure that this occurred they made Claudius master of ceremony with strict instructions to ensure the desired result was achieved. To every ones amazement the contest turned out to be far from the one sided affair that was expected with the blue gladiators well in at the interval and even more so looked to be in full control entering the home straight. Claudius then realising that he would be roasted over coal pith and fed to the pigs if the north were to lose rushed in and delivered the final blow the last of five a knife to the back if the blue battalion and this one looked different it looked a mortal blow. The blue gladiators staggered backwards shedding blood and tears and there she was again defeat staring at them enticing them telling them it was a magnificent defeat no honour lost they could not win they were cavan this is how it all ways ends. But not this group of blue giants lead by Russell galligan. Battle formation he roared and for one last time this heroic group of blue gladiators turned looked defeat straight in the face smiled at her and smashed her out the gate. Dublin have not faced the white heat of championship football this year yet . lets bring it to them. Cavan abu

breffnibluewhite (Cavan) - 25/11/2020 15:51:41

Cavan Minor And U20s 2022 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To ForeverBlue2:  "People always use the word negative when they know they have no real argument about the topic been discussed….. It's a handy get out term when you know your wrong but won't admit it… Then again some are just deluded…. If I say " I hope Cavan beat Tyrone in this U20 final but without seeing them I doubt we have the scoring power to see us get past them ….I hope I'm wrong and will be delighted if I am.."…… Is this a negative comment or a general thought in the lead up to the game…..?"
its a negative comment and as allways your user name is a better description of you than any thing we could come up with. I thought our under 20 would get hammered by Monaghan and after that victory I also thought they would lose to Derry because i am very familiar with this age group and i would have thought that the talent in recent years was better but fair play to them and their mentors they have proved me wrong. They have beaten two teams who i think are much more talented than they are because of the way they are set up and also because of their work ethic and never say die attitude and i salute them for these victories. In my oponion they now face another more talented team Tyrone in the final and if they can win this by a point in a dire game of football it will be some going and I will be delighted and celebrate it for sure where you even in victory will be forever blue.

breffnibluewhite (Cavan) - 14/04/2022 16:37:53

Cavan Seniors 2022 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To ForeverBlue2:  "You must have the fat fingers..,., Mc Kiernan is a good player especially when up against weak opposition… I would say the vast majority of his Championship scores have come in back door games… He didn't do a whole lot v Tyrone in last year's championship apart from getting sent off and that was even after the game… I will put him down for 5/6 points this weekend v Tipperary… How is that for positivity…?"
your user name sums you up completely such continous positivity i say your great crack on a night out which i say is about once a year

breffnibluewhite (Cavan) - 11/03/2022 14:07:46

Ulster Final Donegal V Cavan - 2 Like(s)
Still buzzing after that performance yesterday. Mickey and his management team got everything right yesterday and won the tactical battle hands down. All the players were in the correct frame of mind and even if god had of togged out with Donegal yesterday the mighty giants in blue would have beaten them. Despite this we should have lost the final yesterday because of the performance of the referee. We the people of cavan need to keep highlighting this or the same will happen against Dublin as it did in the under 21 final a few years ago when dillon got a black card for nothing and a dublin player then got a yellow card for a worse offence and the same player then got two handy frees to close out the game. There is no way cavan should have won the game yesterday after the second black card. The referee got 5 major decisions wrong yesterday which cost cavan 5 to 10 points and should have cost us the game. Again i salute every single man on the cavan panel and to our brilliant management team. I hope we get a neutral referee for our battle against the magnificent dubs who i feel saved the gaa from the black death as they always continued to play brilliant attacking football.

breffnibluewhite (National) - 23/11/2020 11:28:58

Tailteann Cup 2023 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Ban:  "The league?"
if there were three tiers teams would be much more evenly matched

breffnibluewhite (National) - 13/05/2023 21:17:58

Cavan Minor And U20s 2022 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To ForeverBlue2:  "Oh but it does and you know it…. There is a lot more to be taken out of a game other than the result"
you are like a depressed version of the quiet man who use to be on this forum pretending to be a Cavan supporter a year or so ago but in reality was always trying to knock the team. if you genuinely supported Cavan and were not so worried about been proven right all the time you could see that the under twenty team put in a great performance in the final especially in the first half where they should have been 5 or 6 points up and this eventually was their undoing along with the help Tyrone got from the ref. Tyrone were dire in the first half completely beaten in midfield and The Cavan defence had their forwards in their pockets and if the ref had not of given them 3 to 4 scorable frees which were all taken from the wrong position the game would have been over. Imagine the encouragement Tyrone gained from this help going in at half time only a point down and the opposite effect it had on the Cavan camp. Yes we did not do ourselves justice in the second half and Tyrone improved but even Tyrone supportes at the match agreed that the ref decided the outcome but our own forever blue true cavan supporter cant bear to hear this.

breffnibluewhite (Cavan) - 28/04/2022 17:06:44

Upcoming Special Congress - 2 Like(s)
you have to laugh at all the sh*te on here the solution is already there the same format as every county uses for their own championship and the same format as the ladies championship and make sure it is marketed correctly. why try and reinvent the wheel. The only problem is that many counties and there supporters are living in cuckoo land and believe that junior and intermediate grade are beneath them and this is the real reason why there is such resistance to this format.

breffnibluewhite (National) - 19/09/2021 20:22:07

Attendances 2024 - 2 Like(s)
GAA themselves have scored an own goal with their new championship structure and need to go back to original format but all county players should have to play with their clubs through out the year. Cavan Monaghan match was too close to a disappointing league finish for both teams with low expectations in both camps and with poor weather forecast and big premier league games on in most bars thousands stayed away from this match. If it was played later on when soccer is finished and weather better and league long forgotten you could easily add 5 or 6 thousand to this crowd.

breffnibluewhite (National) - 08/04/2024 13:18:24