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Sympathy for the Devil - 7 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "Well, ye got what ye wanted lads. 12 weeks it is. So be it. Horseman pass by........"
Was hardly what we wanted, don't be so sensitive. You cannot lay a hand on an official. 12 week ban is the rules. He had to get banned, otherwise we may as well throw out the rulebook. Officials have to be protected or this would have opened a can of worms

Loughduff Lad (National) - 06/06/2017 18:05:04

Football Max Passes Limit - 7 Like(s)
I see many of you here also saying about wholesale changes they'd like to make to the game. While I'd agree on removing certain aspects like black cards, forward marks etc. I think our game is where it needs to be. I do not want anything like certain number of passes, can't go back inside your 45 once you're outside it etc. There is no need for any of that, the game is in a good place, make it simpler if anything, not more confusing. Something people here do is think the game was better years ago. Newsflash, it wasn't. It is far better now, the quality of play and scoring is consistently far superior to anything we've ever seen previously. Yeah sure the odd TG4 gold match looks like it was all great, but it wasn't always and they are a selection of the very best matches in the past. Many of those games in past eras were brutal, as some YouTube matches of old now show us. Lots of games these days are way better consistently. Stop tinkering with things too much, or make it simpler if anything. The past wasn't as good as we think

Loughduff Lad (National) - 24/05/2021 13:00:39

Move To National Forum Only Model - 6 Like(s)
This is an extremely odd move. I see my own counties forum is being kept, but some very active forums have been removed. I like nothing better than to drop into another forum every so often in the build up to a game with that county and see what the chat is, maybe post a message myself an stir things up a bit! Really hope this is changed back. I'm one of the longest on this forum. I've been here over 20 years (despite my post count - I was more active years before when it was just a message board) and as one of the longest here, I always felt that the changes made over time have consistently been poor ones. Our soccer brethren had their own board Elevenaside and they all disappeared when that was merged over to here. I can see the same happening here for local forum posters. I have been very critical of the layout of the forum in the past. It is nowhere near a modern layout, and other GAA forums are far more modern and useable. I feel that this a doubling down of using a poor system rather than actual effectual change. You driver users away, and then you try adjust more to consolidate, not realising you'll drive even more away. The forum doesn't work. It needs to be completely overhauled. I would recommend the following: * New forum structure (templates available like, gaaboard and such are accepted and modern standards on many forums). Get this with your own slant/spin on it to show it's HS. These allow proper linking, a reply function that is actually readable, upvote posts, ability to follow users, and check all their posts in one place and so on. It offers so much more than we currently get * With this, you can still keep local county forums. They won't take much looking after. * Take on volunteer moderators. Every forum (bar here) uses these to keep things in the right. There are many who are here daily, and they can moderate replies. They can highlight or remove problem posts, suspend users, and so on. Final word to be with yourselves, but it would lessen the load on you to moderate everything yourselves. * If the above happens, posts can appear instantly. This thing where you have to wait for each individual post to be moderated (or for your work day to start) before being posted is just ridiculous. Post them all, but have a forum system in place to moderate as and when needed. The doubling down on a poor forum set-up is a bad call. We've lost so many posters over the years. This used to be my first port of call during and after matches to see the chat, but it's all disappearing as it's not a good forum to use and it's not as busy. Try and make it easier to use and for us to have our chats. Otherwise I can see that this is the beginning of the end, and none of us want to see that.

Loughduff Lad (National) - 05/10/2021 10:53:44

The GAA And Taking The Knee. - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Tom1916:  "not a chance, if the GAA go down this route I for one will leave. This populist nonsense is none of our business, why is there no 'knee' for the palestinians, why was there no 'knee' for Irish catholics being discriminated against and massacred in our own country, where does it end!!? I will never support that fai soccer team again."
Being against racism is populist? How is it none of our business when players have experienced racism on our GAA pitches? Honestly, if that's how you feel with a gesture, it says more about you than anything else. Away with you so if you want to leave a sport due to something like that, I'd rather you not be associated with the sport

Loughduff Lad (National) - 11/06/2021 11:45:00

Ulster Final Now A Double Header - 5 Like(s)
Ridiculous situation with a triple header. Count yourselves lucky you even got that many tickets. I know Cavan hurling is not big, but as a county we got 370 and most clubmates of county players and most supporters can't get any tickets for this. GAA an absolute disgrace for trying to play a triple header in a reduced capacity Croker

Loughduff Lad (Monaghan) - 29/07/2021 14:50:33

Scrap The Pre Season Competitions - 5 Like(s)

Replying To wex:  "It's time to scrap the pre season competitions. They generate hardly any interest among supporters and counties don't take it seriously with some not even entering teams."
They are literally warm up competitions. Basically challenges to try out different players. They are really not meant to generate interest other than if you're a hardcore supporter. What's wrong with that?

Loughduff Lad (National) - 04/01/2019 14:29:52

Football Max Passes Limit - 5 Like(s)

Replying To centerfield:  "This passing the ball around the place timewasting has gone beyond a joke. Teams get 3-4 pts up towards the end and starts playing keep ball for 5-6 min. Max pass limit should be put into place in rules. e.g after 8 passes you must shoot. if team doesn't shoot possession given to opposition keeper. Will force teams to attack not mind their lead"
Why this need to micro manage things in the game to such minute detail. Never mind giving something else for already overworked refs to try keep an eye on. How do you honestly police this one? Fix the problem, not the end result. It's on the team without the ball to get it back if they're down by 3 or 4...

Loughduff Lad (National) - 24/05/2021 10:56:33

Nobody Shouted Stop - Our National Game Being Destroyed And Dumbed Down - 5 Like(s)

Replying To handpassking:  "I am distraught watching the ulster final , our beloved game been destroyed and denigrated by the handpass. A race to the bottom skill wise ."
A one off game, with a perfect storm of these 2 sides, their history, the coaches, and the way they set up against each other. One side clinging on to their superior status, the other trying to break through a glass ceiling for first time in 24 years. The unique circumstances made it, so I'm not surprised it was tetchy, it was always going to be. But it was intriguing, and I couldn't take my eyes off it. I think the games on Saturday showed where our game is being destroyed, far more than what we saw yesterday. We'll not see it like this again, so just let it go. The hand wringing from this one game, which was actually close, is unreal to see. Far bigger problems than this

Loughduff Lad (National) - 30/05/2022 08:19:13

Cavan Hurling - 5 Like(s)
It might pass most people by, but some news is that the Cavan Senior hurlers beat Fermanagh today by 4-17 to 0-17, an emphatic win in any mans language. It is their first win since the team reformed this year, and their first win since 2010. We should take a moment to appreciate where this team has come from. Castigated from all sides, the panel was done away with after an (admittedly) poor 2011 season - although I would point to this being an anamoly, the 2010 season was decent with the team competitive with 2 wins out of 5 and close losses in the other 3 games (but nobody ever looks at that when discussing where Cavan hurling went wrong all those years ago, they all fixated on 2011). They had no league campaign this year so entered the Lory Meagher kinda cold, but they kept at it, trained hard and had good numbers at training all year. They were unlucky to lose to Lancashire last week after leading going into injury time at the end of the game, but made up for it with a great win today. There are some great young hurlers coming up through underage development squads, and hopefully the senior team will be here to stay so they have something to aim for. Weaker counties in both codes are rarely bigged up and are constantly put down, but lets give these lads the praise they deserve. There is an appetite for hurling in Cavan despite what the naysayers constantly say. Well done lads

Loughduff Lad (National) - 20/05/2017 16:01:19

Tailteann Cup 2022 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To LongfordgaaAbú:  "Time. We have to sit it out until the old guard who are protecting those provincials move aside so that a new generation can get rid of them and push on with the rest of the change. If last January's Green proposals had mandated getting rid of the provincials, it wouldn't have got thru. So this is step 1. Getting rid of provincials is the unspoken step 2. Eventually the Leinster Championship for example will simply replace the O'Byrne Cup as a pre-season tournament and so on."
I'm not so sure about that. You've a competitive Connacht and Ulster, and minus Dublin Leinster looks competitive enough most of the time. When Dublin comes back into the pack there (it'll happen eventually) you'll find you'll have 3 relatively competitive provinces, on which a lot of rivalry is based. Munster has always been an outlier bar Tipp 2020 and Clare 1992. Can't see them going. Needs incorporation somehow into a new system, but can't be losing them. I feel you won't realise what you've lost until you get rid of it. Ulster Championship is different level here. Easy talk to say about getting rid of them, but not as simple as that. it's not just old guard holding onto it

Loughduff Lad (National) - 13/05/2022 14:59:11

Tailteann Cup 2022 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To oneoff:  "But it's not against them. Since 2008 Limerick and Clare have been in All Ireland quarter finals. Tipp have been in two semi finals as have Wexford. Fermanagh, Wicklow and Antrim have had some of their best ever seasons. Monaghan have established themselves in Div 1 and have had one of their best era. The same can be said for Roscommon. The system is there for teams to process. Your "system" rewards teams just for the sake of it. Now tell us how yours benefits anyone? Are you trying to claim the likes of Wicklow and Carlow are suddenly going to start winning Leinster titles? Or Leitrim are going to challenge fir All-Irelands?"
Please, I'm begging you, go back up the the data I show on Division 1 and the spread and gap widening that exists and has grown since 2015. isolated examples of a team getting a run and maybe a favourable draw to the quarters since 2008 is hardly indicative of a thriving system. The only example it has worked for is Monaghan. Every other you name had a good year here or there, but nothing sustained. Teams like Roscommon get up to Division 1 but get instantly relegated. I implore to actually open your eyes. I've posted on it multiple times above. The system is set for the top teams, and it's nearly impossible for others to break in, and the lower teams are kept adrift with pure apathy. Look at this draw this morning. Offaly Wexford again. They didn't even bother to put in a rule to prevent repeat pairings in the 1st round like they have in the Qualifiers. They. Don't. Care.

Loughduff Lad (National) - 16/05/2022 09:07:26

Pairc Ui Chaoimh And That Twenty Five Million Overspend - 4 Like(s)

Replying To galwayford:  "I don't condone the overspend But every stadium in the World is overspent seemingly."
Agreed, but at least stadia like those are worth it. The cost of PUC and it looks like it's from the 80s. Haven't full all covered seated stadia been built in England for example for far less? It's a joke how much has been spent on that and it doesn't even look half decent

Loughduff Lad (National) - 19/12/2018 08:02:11

National League 2020 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To theweanling:  "well done to the lads, that's two really impressive wins on the bounce considering where this squad is coming from. like everyone else on here I was worried about the league and more so by the attitude when you see so many lads walking away for various reasons. but the point was made that whos there is there and they would be better just getting on with it, which it appears they certainly have!! I know its only two wins but some lads thrown in at the deep end seem to be going really well and taking big roles upon themselves, I feel that they are safe now and they will pick up a few more points here and there, three weeks ago people would laugh but looking at that league table it's hard not to think that maybe Cavan could be in the promotion hunt again!!! I know the lads would love to meet Armagh again!! also I must add that the lads look in super shape. keep it going and I'm looking forward to brewster which has been a very happy hunting ground for us over the years."
That Armagh league game was an outlier. They were coming after us after Ulster last year. They beat us well in the McKenna Cup, then again in the league with a very strong team that had a lot of starters from the Ulster semi. Our two games had a lot of new young lads first of all, and then the more established fellas in the league who were playing for the first time this year. We're up and going now and the lads are looking fit, in form, and going well. Not saying we'd beat Armagh, but if we played them next week, it'd be a lot closer than the first game would suggest...

Loughduff Lad (Cavan) - 17/02/2020 15:23:33

CCCC Uphold Hughes' Eight-Week Ban!! - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Farney:  "Darren Hughes has been banned for eight weeks.. and if I was his Manager I would tell him that if the same situation arose then he should do the exact same as he did.. He stood on the sideline and watched 3 feet in front of him a Monaghan player and a Fermanagh player wrestle on the ground and he did nothing but watch. But when a Second Fermanagh player came flying in and went straight into the Monaghan players back, he stepped in and pulled the players apart.. he protected his team mate and did not shoulder charge a player as a Manager recently did.. did not stick his hand into another players mouth or stand on his neck, did not stop play by grabbing a ball, did not face up to another player, did not push a referee or knock a notebook from a ref's hand, did not dive to the ground after getting his hair tousled. He protected a player from a cowardly act. Darren Hughes did the right thing as he often does."
Those are some tinted glasses you're wearing... Ah but sure Hughes was just a matronly teacher, looking over his pupils in the schoolyard, carefully breaking up a fight with a delicate touch. Didn't so much as lay a strong hand on any of them as he guided them all apart in his quest to stop a fight. I was at the game too lad, he launched in. And for all the manliness you hear about nowadays in the game, did you think any of his lads were in serious trouble that he was needed so badly? They can handle themselves just fine. Everyone knows based on incidents over the last few years that if an official enters the field and lays a finger, you've got 8 weeks. That's non negotiable, it's standard at this stage. Same as 12 weeks for interfering with an official is standard. He needs to man up now and accept that. Same way he was man enough to launch himself into the field of play where it wasn't his business. And another thing. This thing needs to stop of comparing incidents when all are completely different with differing ban lengths. Are we going to consistently hear about bans and drag Connolly, McCann and Fitzgerald into the conversation? Every single one of those incidents you refer to are completely different for varying reasons and have ban lengths set out in the rules. Please stop and take the medicine.

Loughduff Lad (National) - 20/06/2019 16:26:46

Ulster Championship 2021 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To thegadfly:  "I think you said something similar about donegal beating us before last years ulster final. So what are you basing that prediction on May I ask?"
Yep, he called a 17 point win for Donegal, so he was only 21 points out. You'd imagine someone with that record would keep quiet...

Loughduff Lad (National) - 22/04/2021 11:07:03

Cavan Seniors 23 - 3 Like(s)
Got the win, topped the table, all ad expected. Very facile win, Offaly lost the head a bit. Pity to concede another early goal, but good to see us run up a score like that and get a few goals ourselves. Did what was asked and sure that's it. Great to see McGovern and Hoffman get time too. A break now until the quarters, while likes of Down need to go and get a win. I think we're guaranteed a home quarter, so need to aim for that and see that it really starts from there. 3 games out, go for it lads.

Loughduff Lad (Cavan) - 03/06/2023 16:49:41

Should The Leagues Be Re-Tiered? - 3 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "Loughduff Lad, it is crazy that the hurling Division 2A winners are going into Division 1. A few people have likened it to going from Division 3 to Division 1. Hurling are going to have to return to Divisions 1A and 1B on a metric system. Teams 10 to 12 need to be taking on teams 7 to 9."
Hurling a very different sport with only a small number of strong counties. So why do you keep referring to it? It's completely different when we discuss football, where we're seemingly actively trying to turn it into as closed a shop as hurling is. I'm saying we should bring in measure's to prevent this. But you're cheerleading it instead as it suits you

Loughduff Lad (National) - 11/04/2022 14:12:12

Fermanagh GAA thread - 3 Like(s)

Replying To ERNEDEVIL:  "Big well done to the lads. I was not not expecting them to get promoted let alone top the group, especially after the offaly game in tullamore. With us moveing up to division 2 next year do we get to compete for the sam maguire if we are put out of the championship or would we be in the Tailteann cup. Or because we are currently in division 3 do we compete for the tailteann cup this year and next year when we are in division 2 get the chance for sam? The cavan game on Saturday in croke park will be completely different to what we witnessed on sunday. Lets hope we get the same result, would be nice to lift some sort of sliverware. We got off to bad a start on sunday concedeing 2 fortunatatus early goals. We can't get allow that to happen on saturday. It seemed to be an unusal yellow card for declan McCusker. Looked like he ran onto the pitch when ge was not supposed to be on. Thought we were the better team 1st halve but cavan come out stronger in the 2nd but we clawed are we back into it and finished strong. In the end we were the better team. Think i heard that apart from the 2 goals cavan only scored 2 points from open play. Star man Kelm again. Great finish for the goal but he was causeing cavan problems all over. Their keeper had to make another save from him and he had another opportuninty were he could have shot on goal but decided to square the ball intead but just over hit the pass. Know early in the year, and if he played for a bigger county think he could be a possible all star. Thats not to take away from the rest of the team who all played well. A good varity of scorers again 5 or 6 different players. Thought Jones, Lyons and horan were very good. There was one passage of play out of defence which was brillant. Worked the ball well but thought played themselves into trouble but for a super bit of skill from cassidy were he passed to himself, fisted the ball over the oncoming man and ran past him and collected the ball again. Its a fadeing skill in the modern game, but nice to see him have the confidence to do it. Nice haveing both cullens back in the defence for that extra bit of phyisicality. McNally is a excellent keeper but still work to improve on like his kickouts. Overheard a few cavan people on the way out saying that we are a lot bettter than want they were expecting and that they are a bit neverous now. Which is nice to hear. Was also following the offaly vs down game. Is good to be going up on are own terms not depending on relsults else where. Donnelly and his team deserve paised to. They have done a great job with a young squad. What has impressed me the most is the improvement in front of goal. We createing more goal scoreing chances. Which in turn has increased are total average score per match from about 14points to about 17. If we can continue to score round that figure its enough to win most matchs. I hope they continue to do that next year in the higher leagues. Well done all to all and bring us home a cup."
Fair play to yous last Sunday. You played very well, and were worth far more than a 2 point win, and travelled up in big voice. Our boys seemed to be holding themselves back, and when your lads were killing themselves for every ball, we weren't so bothered knowing we were up anyway. Dangerous game to play though, as we need to turn it on now for Croke Park on Saturday. We seemed to rest a few lads, and change up the squad a bit to get time into some legs. It will be a different game on Saturday with a cup on the line, and I will admit to being more nervous than I was about this game a few weeks ago. I'd hope that our fellas learned a lot more about yourselves at full strength than you did about us, but that'd great form you are in so it'll be tight going. Go well anyway fellas, always had great time for Fermanagh football, and always watch for your results. Kelm is an absolute star you have btw

Loughduff Lad (National) - 28/03/2023 15:35:59

Carlow GAA thread - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Blackbog:  "Seemed like an improved display today Anyone have first hand report"
Ye played very decently. Practically scored with every chance you got in the 1st half due to the very strong wind. Scored a number of 45+ metres points that floated over the bar. Cavan had to work a lot harder to get inside the 21 to get a shot away, and that seemed to take a lot out of us. It was tit for tat a lot of the way through the half, with Cavan getting to 3 point leads here and there before brought back to 2 for half time. We didn't use the wind as well in the 2nd half as ye did. It had eased up a bit, but we still worked it in a bit to be sure of the point rather than too many long range efforts. We got the lead out to 6 before you got your goal, but still kept things at arms length and saw the game out ok. Lot of goal chances for both sides. Cavan had a ball cleared off the line and hit the post, while Carlow hit the bar and had a few other chances either saved or picked up before going over the line when it might have been easier to score. Overall result was fair I thought on overall play, and ye were quite good at times.

Loughduff Lad (National) - 28/02/2022 09:09:33

Donegal GAA thread - 3 Like(s)
Looking forward to 2 weeks time already boys. I'm already giving my Donegal missus and her Dad grief that we'll do you over like 2020! In all seriousness think it'll be a belter of a game. We're better than most think and you're still stinging from 2020 so you'll not take this for granted. Hope it's in Clones and a big day for all concerned. Always had great days out with the Donegal crowd, and back with the fans should be good!

Loughduff Lad (National) - 24/04/2022 19:52:37