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Posters Crossing The Line - 6 Like(s)
The post in question is hilarious and hats off to whoever wrote it. A great laugh. I pity anyone who finds that offensive, remember, offence is taken, never given.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 05/06/2019 14:25:49

GOAT - 6 Like(s)

Replying To rebeltrev:  "Dublin are a serious team. They play the game on there terms. Tyrone made some very bad decisions today which they will regret but Dublin where well in control. Other counties need to step it up and stop moaning about Dublin having money and population. They are just an once in a lifetime team."
This is the same old line that is trotted out time and time again by GAA apologists. The reality of course, is that is simply not a "once in a lifetime team" because the team that won the AI in 2011 hardly resembles the team today, and in fact the team that won in 2013 has only a handful of players still there, so this is a conveyor belt, not a team. It is vital to make that distinction. What more do you want counties like Mayo and Tyrone to do exactly? Maybe they could play all their games at home, it might help, maybe even the odds a little bit. The GAA have a crisis on their hands, and they know it.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 02/09/2018 18:41:59

Posters Crossing The Line - 5 Like(s)

Replying To sceptical:  "Madge great to hear from you & so excited for you! Must be like the eve of an all Ireland final for you over there. If only RTE would have an 'up for the match' for supporters like you on occasions like this it would be great. With all our injury woes, this is probably Cavan's to lose - well that's as long as McLoughlin doesn't bottle it like he did back a few years ago - his jumping out of the way of Hughes was a game changer when we looked like we were in serious trouble. And I have something similar at the back of my mind for Moynagh in 2015. Anyway enjoy the big occasion with the big boys coming to town! greysoil (Monaghan) - Posts: 454 - 17/05/2019 16:40:09 2184997"
Lol, the original poster got absolutely owned there! Great find!

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 05/06/2019 14:24:47

Anti GAA Agenda - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Galway9801:  "Here in Galway I know lots of people who hate the gaa, not just for the so called money grabbing, but just the games themselves, people who play them. Words like "backwards" and "boggers" used to describe players, supporters, almost all of these people have never even watched a game. I agree the games get good support from the media in terms of coverage etc,however I'd say that the gaa is in a unique position of being many Irish peoples most lived sport, and many others most hated. I was 14 before I even started following it. Growing up in the East side of galway city soccer is pretty much the only sport kids were really aware of. (might have changed since)"
There is a small section of the Irish population who are embarrassed by GAA, and by extension, all things Gaelic, rural and Catholic.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 15/02/2021 20:00:13

Dublin V Kerry - 5 Like(s)
O'Shea should have been sent off but doesn't even get a booking. How many steps did he take for the goal? Why was that even a penalty? Gaelic football is a strange, strange sport in that it is wildly popular but the "rules" are wide open to everyone's interpretation.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 10/07/2022 16:11:41

Mayo 2012-2017. 3Rd Best Team Of All Time? - 5 Like(s)
Better than Tyrone of 03-08? You've gotta be havin a laugh innit.......

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 02/09/2018 21:41:02

Wexford V Tipperary - 4 Like(s)
As a Cavan man I have little or no knowledge of hurling. I don't watch it all that much, quite simply it just doesn't feature on the radar of most sports fans in Cavan. But I watched the game this afternoon. It was a total masterpiece of sporting entertainment from start to finish. I was gutted for Wexford, the extra man just didn't seem to make a difference for them. Full credit to Tipp, they showed serious mental resolve to come back and win in that fashion. I'll be watching more hurling from now on.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 28/07/2019 18:15:43

Championship 2019 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To DooReg:  "Easy enough understood. If the ref seen the incident as Grimley going for the ball wholeheartedly with no intent to hurt the player, he treated it as a yellow. If the incident was viewed, alternatively, as malice and intent to hurt the player then it's a red card. The ref chose to view the incident as the former and i would in that camp. Although, according to your limited research findings (which has little to no statistical validity) i am in the 1% of the population. Really depends on the extent of the population base (and whether the sample were randomly selected or have inherit bias built in). Hope you understand that bit there!"
That's a false interpretation of the rules. Nice try though. You're not allowed lunge at the ball with your feet as a man is going down on it, which is exactly what Grimley did. The reason you're not allowed do that, is because it constitutes dangerous and reckless behaviour. Similarly in soccer you're not allowed tackle with studs showing. Similarly in rugby you're not allowed hit a man in the air. Some movements, regardless of intent, are off limits, and Grimleys move is one of them.

Cavan_Shambles (Cavan) - 06/06/2019 15:29:58

Ulster Final Donegal V Cavan - 4 Like(s)
I am so, so proud of this team.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 22/11/2020 18:19:37

Four Teams Representing Dublin Geographic Area! - 4 Like(s)
This is a solid proposal. There is already a massive cultural divide in Dublin between north and south, public and private school, blue collar and white collar. So why not create new teams that reflect the reality on the ground? Let's get the ball rolling on this and pressure on the GAA to make it happen. Start with social media discussions and then talk to people in your clubs. #BreakThemUp

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 07/12/2020 21:23:06

Dublin Stars Pocketing €6,000 For Promotional Gigs - 4 Like(s)
Remember guys, there's nothing to see here. Absolutely nothing untoward about Dublin and their finances. Just keep your heads in the sand, and your money in the GAA coffers, support your county and don't ask questions about Dublin and their finances. Everything is fine.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 08/06/2019 18:15:16

Anti GAA Agenda - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Saynothing:  "I think you'll find those people think they're above everybody else. Take a look at the Late Late show over the years, bend over backwards for the British and the like."
Oh absolutely. The irony is that they have self-hatred issues. They're deeply uncomfortable being Irish and shun their own cultural inheritence for an Anglo-American pseudo-identity. Pitiful. But great craic to laugh at.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 16/02/2021 13:58:21

Allianz National Football League Div 2 2018 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Not at all, we just want it played , so we can move on to bigger fish."
Bigger fish? Lol. The only place you're moving onto is division 3!

Cavan_Shambles (Cavan) - 18/02/2018 16:23:00

GAA Athletes For A NO Vote - 3 Like(s)

Replying To westkerry:  "Opinion is one thing canvassing is another. I agree with Liam Mickey is not eligible to cast a vote in the republic and should not be campaigning."
The reality is there is a real and significant chance of Irish unification in the medium term, it makes perfect sense for Irish people in the north to engage in the democratic process, if they so wish, in a state that they may be part of in the future.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 23/04/2018 21:50:25

Irish Rugby Must Look To GAA's Top Talent For A Brighter Future - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Pikeman96:  "I sense some people with chips on shoulders about rugby. People who seem to have overlooked and/or ignored the criticism that Schmidt and the rugby team got when appropriate at those times mentioned. By the way, if you want to imply that in soccer, it wouldn't be the same case of "so long, and thanks for the memories" to somebody whose time in charge generally brought you good times but ended up with some disappointing results, then you must be too young to remember Jack Charlton."
Too many people have blinkered vision when it comes to rugby coverage. The Jack Charlton comparison is not an analogous situation at all. Not even closely equivalent. Jack Charlton brought a small country to the last eight of the world Cup, a tournament with bountiful competition and numerous competitive teams. Joe Schmidt finished 8th, on two occasions, in a tournament only four or five countries are capable of winning. Nobody has a chip on their shoulder about rugby, many people wisely don't buy the expertly marketed hype. Sadly, many do, which is why you have images coming back from Japan of Irish rugby supporters actively cheering when their own team is getting pummelled. And yet I thought rugby was all about passion?

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 25/10/2019 13:30:24

Team Of The Decade - 3 Like(s)
If anyone could find the stats on O'connor's scoring statistics in terms of what he's contributed from play vs dead ball situations that'd be great. I can't find them anywhere.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 24/07/2019 15:18:38

All Ireland Football Final 2020 - Dublin V Mayo - 3 Like(s)
Wow, look how happy the Dublin players are at the final whistle, they are absolutely ecstatic.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 19/12/2020 18:42:56

Dublin Stars Pocketing €6,000 For Promotional Gigs - 3 Like(s)

Replying To MesAmis:  "Sorry what exactly is the problem here?"
Are you serious?

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 08/06/2019 18:42:19

'The People's Game' - 3 Like(s)
Ormondbannerman and Furlong 1949, Gentlemen, let me first commend you on this ferocious back and forth discussion. Both of you have made clear, reasonable, concise and compelling arguments. Which is refreshing in the modern context of online debate which had descended largely into complete thrash. Ormondbannerman, I hate to break it to you, but Furlong hammered you with statistics mate. You put on a gallant challenge, but ultimately IMO, lost this one. But again, I enjoyed reading this.

Cavan_Shambles (National) - 15/03/2018 17:18:35

Monaghan In The Qualifiers! - 3 Like(s)
Having seen both yourselves and Armagh twice this year, I'd say Armagh will win this one, you lads look bereft of ideas, a new voice in the dressing room is probably needed.

Cavan_Shambles (Monaghan) - 10/06/2019 09:26:12