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This Needs To Stop!!! - 10 Like(s) after a fantastic weekend of hurling its easy to see how football can be treated as the poor relation for a week at least for entertainment value, I've seen my fair share of poor games in my lifetime but i've seen an equal amount of very entertaining breathtaking battles from all ireland finals (most recent 2016/17) right down to league games in a wet Breffni park. pundits have been vocal for years now on the biggest threat to gaelic football and I'm thinking of Brolly who was the first to voice concerns, but in the last 3 years or so and particularly this year the criticism has escalated to become a monster at risk of consuming our game. first of all i will admit that the level of tactics as interesting as they are, are actually having a negative effect on our game however the constant criticism is putting football at serious risk in every club in every county. articles like the above are the go to subject now and is what sells papers apparently but to the extreme detriment of the game. as i read in another forum on this, no other sports pundits criticise the game like gaelic football. this level of criticism is brainwashing the public, it is the NO. 1 threat to our game!!!!

theweanling (National) - 03/08/2018 10:01:27

Ballyragget - 5 Like(s)
I'd be no shrinking violet myself when it comes to the partying, I've been abroad and i've been to the strip clubs and it is good craic i won't deny, standard is better too....but christ what were these lads at, there was reportedly about 30-40 people in the place during this and not one person thought ''hold on a minute this isn't a good idea', I''ll let them away with the stripper part cos its not really a big deal but then it turns out about 10 lads have phones and have sent it all around the world. Again you could live with that, an odd lad will lose a sensitive girlfriend or get a slap from the mammy or the wife for being there, but then it turns out their actually escorts and one lad is video'd receiving a ''sex act'' that also goes all around the world!!!!!! There's just so many moments in this whole debacle that it should and could have been stopped but jesus when it got to the sex part!!!!! then the defence on their twitter page being 'boys will be boys' and the hashtag referring to someones manhood. come on like!!!! this is nothing got to do with catholic ireland or whatever people are saying. However i won't condemn the lads, they know they done something regrettable, we all have, and like most of us doing something regrettable we learned the hard way from it. Just a pity some people felt the need to film it and upload it. I cant see that being good for team morale

theweanling (National) - 27/10/2017 10:59:35

As AI football finals go.. - 4 Like(s)
the question asked was simple, its not intended to be subjective. I was a (mayo) neutral and of all the all irelands i've seen i'd put this second. the best all ireland i've seen was in 2008. Now it had it all!!!! 3 in row, the two heavy weights of that era battling to prove who was the best of the noughties up to that point, Galvin coming on,Stephen o' Neill coming on, the twin towers being taken down, Doohers point, Dara o Shea's point on one leg literally, the beards!!!!

theweanling (National) - 10/10/2017 14:43:18

Donegal Sec Comments. - 4 Like(s)
i understand your sentiment but first of all. there is no irony in her comments. she didn't come up with the defensive style of play for Donegal. you can't make her responsible by the association of just being from Donegal. Secondly i always defend and feel Donegal senior team 2011-14 get a far harder time over their tactics than they deserve. yes 2011 was mind blowing for a lot of us. for the 1 millionth time i'll fleetingly reference the semi final v Dublin. however 2012 Donegal were a joy to watch, their defence was solid, aggressive, skilful and effective but their counter attack was the best we've seen in recent GAA history and i include Dublin in that. just my opinion btw.....Donegal 2018 i felt were a great team to watch. their performance in the ulster final was reminiscent of 2012 and against my own county in the first round they were equally as good!!! the problem lies with copy cat coaches making a name for themselves, playing it safe and most importantly don't have the players to play an effective counter attacking game.

theweanling (National) - 07/12/2018 11:29:00

Is it foolish to trust ''the system'' too much? - 4 Like(s)
I first thought on this after the Donegal/ Tyrone game in June when Donegal were flat and got hammered by tyrone I know a lot of Donegal people and the one thing i learned was that from top to bottom of the club and county scene all teams were playing the same system of players back in numbers, defending, breaking and covering zones etc etc. I remember at the time (3-4 years ago) people were lauding this saying that all the players coming up will know the system to a tee and it'll be second nature to them come senior level. But strangely its having a negative impact on players. they're only part of a pack now and no one feels the need to have an individual impact. it happened with tyrone on sunday. they were very very confident in their ability and in the system they played to the point where no one took responsibility. Players were covering space and pointing here there and everywhere but no one put in a tackle. Are young players footballing abilities been stunted by this over reliance on a plan and less of an emphasis on their individual skills ?

theweanling (National) - 29/08/2017 12:32:23

Quitting The Club - 3 Like(s)

Replying To eastsligo:  "Entering into my 5th year living away, but training away from home and keeping in shape training with Dublin clubs. Now I've never missed a game in the four previous seasons, and always kept my place, but I don't know whether it's the new management hounding me each weekend as to why I'm not posting proof of my sessions into the WhatsApp, or it's the constant up and down the road every week, this year I just feel like the fire is gone from my belly. Having been sitting with a text saved in drafts all outlining my plan to step away from the first team panel, I just wanted to see if anyone else has been in the same position as me, and if so, when did you realise it was time to step away from your club?"
I've been in this situation. I was living in Dublin also, had my own circle of friends there and my own commitments there. I felt i was been pulled from pillar to post for years to a point where if i missed game i was l been ridiculed (which i missed hardly any) and if i missed doing something away for a weekend for a football game i was ridiculed. needless to say you cant be torn in two and it came to a head one day where there was an internal row at a game and i just said to myself f*ck this. I have more free time, i do what i want when i want and how i want. i keep myself fit by going to the gym and i keep my footballing appetite whetted by watching an odd game. unless you're winning there's no craic left in football anymore. God be with the days when we played underage and we just went out and had fun be it a training session or a game.

theweanling (National) - 16/03/2018 10:27:53

Virginia Detour Possible in Future? - 3 Like(s)
Haha you're a bit more confident of getting the opportunity of coming down again than the majority of cavan supporters. it was a great occasion yesterday. some of cavans debutants must have been buzzing playing their first cavan game on front of 20 + thousand people. I'm sure that'll give them the hunger to want to stay in the top flight. fair play to the travelling support yesterday, there was a good bit of craic in the stands and you brought a great buzz overall to the town. it's wishful thinking but it would be great to meet you later in the year

theweanling (National) - 06/02/2017 09:26:52

Donegal's Motion Fails - 3 Like(s)
this whole thing stinks of a set up!!! three other delegates (Meath and wexford) got up and supported the GAA in allowing dublin play their neutral game in croke park!! why did they feel the need to stand up and support? yet not one delegate supported Donegals motion. yet i haven't spoken to any GAA person who hasn't at the very least questioned Dublins playing of neutral games in croke park. the rules aren't transparent. Kildare were being almost bullied into playing in croke park last year against Mayo until there was a mini revolt. As for people making the point that if you're good enough to beat dublin you'll beat them in croke park and to stop making excuses. that doesn't stand up for me. playing at home is a massive advantage. even for Dublin (one of the best teams of a generation) any time they were caught or nearly caught has been away from croke park. thats a fact!!! fairness obviously doesn't come into it.

theweanling (National) - 25/02/2019 10:59:29

The Future Of Inter-County Football - 3 Like(s)
the culture in the GAA is changing too. Back when it was straight knockout there was a bit of a tribal feel to it. you really had to put in a massive massive performance if you wanted to continue playing in the championship. That tribalism and desire floated around for a while after the qualifiers came in but it has all but evaporated now. That was the finger print of the GAA!!! The one thing i will say and this is causing problems everywhere including Kildare and Meath is tactics. Now i'm a big fan of tactics and i love studying games and match ups etc but low risk football is not enjoyable overall. The cavan/ Donegal game a few weeks ago was like watching a game of snooker. it was just silent the whole game. I'm presuming half the people were literally studying the game in silence and the other half that would love to cheer and shout really had nothing to cheer about. Although football in the 90'S and so on was a poor standard when compared to now the games were epic cliff hangers. there was beauty in its blemishes The negativity around GAA these days too is a major issue. the amount of complaining about standard of play etc etc is outrageous. nobody is ever happy. dare i say it there has been a very very high proportion of outstanding games this year so far, but people don't care because ''awh sure leitrim wouldn't have a hope against dublin''. just take each game as it is, a contest between two teams......... I know some parts of this are contradictory, I'm just thinking out loud at what i think the SOME of the issues are.

theweanling (National) - 28/05/2018 17:15:48

The Sunday Game - 3 Like(s)
the sunday game has become a joke!!!! some of the pundits only want to talk about the shortcomings of ''the game''. so we hear about styles of play, blanket defenses, men behind the ball, sweepers, defensive game plans, two-tier systems, funding etc etc etc. all the boring old platitudes that started back 20 years ago nearly. theres a handful of them in both hurling and football combined that want to analyze the game. to think the evening after two spectacular semi-finals (I'll say that again- all Ireland semi-finals!!!!!) they spent a large proportion of the time talking about how they saw the opposition in the media to the sweeper!!!! and how it made them feel!! and somehow the english were brought into it. what was all that about. meanwhile, penalty shouts weren't discussed nor were the 65 shout (i don't think) amongst several other talking points of the two days action. I'll also mention that I had great hopes for Joanne, I really thought she was a brilliant appointment after Lyster (he now looks like a massive loss) but she comes across as almost angry sometimes or domineering. much different from what I remembered her in previous years.

theweanling (National) - 29/07/2019 11:41:39

National League 2019 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To cavanman47:  "Inaroundthehouse Do you go to any Cavan games? There was no lateral passing on the Mayo 45 on Saturday night. Plenty of ball went in to Madden. Sometimes the quality of the delivery wasn't great and even when it was, Cafferkey snuffed him out (apart from 1 free we won and scored in the 1st half). Higgins sat in front of Cafferkey for the whole game and direct ball in wasn't always the right option. The team ran plenty of ball at the Mayo half back line and got plenty of joy from it. On the night, a better team than us (no disputing the quality Mayo have) scored 2 points more than we did and got what was a very questionable goal. We were set up very well and played a good brand of football. The quality just wasn't there at some crucial times."
yourself and hardtimes seem to speak with a bit of sense and pragmatism. i was also at the game and agree with basically everything you say, a very questionable goal followed by a couple of very harsh refereeing decisions went hard on cavan. had the goal not went in it may have been a different story. but crucially i do see improvements in their performances, they've improved on their pace hugely from last year and are trying to go more direct, physically they're looking good and seem to be getting stronger, i'm fully expecting them to be in tip top shape come May. i can't understand the negativity on here. i think i'm done with it tbh. there seems to be one poster with a massive grudge anyway not to mention others that no matter what cavan do its wrong............

theweanling (Cavan) - 11/02/2019 15:56:21

Frank McGlynn - 3 Like(s)
frank deserves all the plaudits he gets in the next week or so even though he'll not want any of it.. he was one of those players that got on with the job, was totally committed and totally honest. he was also one of them ost intelligent footballers around and the sight of him taking on the ball and charging down the wing put the fear into every team bar none. good luck in the retirement frank. you'll be missed by all football people around the country

theweanling (National) - 06/11/2019 10:44:20

Fair Play Tomás O'Sé - 3 Like(s)
i don't understand why some people here are so dead against these young lads wanting to give it a shot!! Kennelly no matter what you say is giving these lads a LIFE EXPERIENCE. if they don't like it they come home. simple. I went out to new Zealand years ago and spent a good length over there but i wanted to come home. But it was a fantastic experience and one i'll never forget. Its not Tomas or anyone else's decision to make. Some of these lads could go over and win an AFL trophy and cherish it just as much as an all ireland. Perhaps some of them same lads could only ever dream of winning an all ireland anyway.....But one thing that will definitely happen is that they'll broaden their horizons, get to know a new culture, challenge themselves and get paid. Does anyone begrudge Shane Long, Mick Galwey, Gavin Duffy, Tommy Bowe, Sweetnam, Niall Quinn etc etc. Not at all. its a bigger world that the parish and they only get one life. If they want to do it good luck to them.

theweanling (National) - 24/05/2017 15:52:17

The Allianz FL Thread (Division 2, 3 & 4) - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Furlong1949:  "Saying kildare supporters dont hate Meath would be like saying Rangers supporters dont hate Celtic. Go to Newbridge or Nass or Maynooth and kilcock and ask them about Meath..and see what answer you will get. I can ensure u it will definalty not be a positive one to say the least. You can buy signs to put on your car and I have seen them many a time reading Love kildare football hate Meath. It doesnt read hate Donegal or Carlow or Dublin it always reads Meath. I have seen these similar signs in other neighbouring counties also. And it used to be said that Dublin gaa supporters hated REM in the the 80s and 90s. Not not the band REM, but Dublin supporters hated REM - Rangers England and Meath."
Saying kildare supporters dont hate Meath would be like saying Rangers supporters dont hate Celtic. You've obviously never been to a Celtic- Rangers game. haha!!!! Some Meath person should step in and take the heat of you're county, this man is ruining your rep

theweanling (National) - 20/02/2018 09:28:21

The Allianz FL Thread (Division 2, 3 & 4) - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Furlong1949:  "Seen as Im mentioned above in the above message I would like to clarify a few things.

1 I never built Meath up this year. I said over and over and over again that this year would be up and down. It would be inconsistent. I said this consistently on this forum. Next year or in 2020 and 2021 I believe true progress will be seen. We are a work in progress.
In terms of yesterday players like lavin McGill Conlon Flanagan who were all excellent recently played poorly. Thats what happens with young players. They are up and down. Conlon is excellent prospect was poor yesterday. Hes 20 years of age. McGill is 22. Lavin Flanagan Rooney are 23. They have years of football.ahead of them. I think allot of people are delighted with yesterday and want to really believe Meath will stay the same.

My point is simple Meath are one of the youngest teams in the country the vast majority of players are 3 to 4 years away from peaking. Most players peak at 27 28. In 2 or 3 years time you can then judge. But yesterday was not a true reflection of Meaths ability. Again allot of people want and need Meath to be bad team. We arent as bad as people want us to be.
And I doubt Cavan are as good. In my experience Cavan always play like men possessed v Meath. Cavan and kildare play like 15 all stars and with unbelievable passion when they play Meath. Even when Meath had the best team in the land and Cavan and kildare were in div 4 Meath always found it hard to beat them. Both Cavan and kildare hate Meath with a passion. Beating Meath is the number 1 game for any Cavan man. If you took 15 men from Cavan town on sunday they would have played like men possessed v Meath. I have never seen Cavan play poorly v Meath. I remeber in the 90s we were All Ireland champions and Cavan were div 4. And we played them and they were unbelievable. They were even better then Dublin but yet they were in div 4. Meaths record v Cavan and kildare is poor. They both have the best record in the country v Meath. And they also hate Meath football with an unreal passion. It linked."
Beating Meath is the number 1 game for any Cavan man And they also hate Meath football with an unreal passion. It linked." I think you're flattering yourself a little bit here. I honestly think some Meath people are using Kildare and Cavans so called ''hate'' to feel relevant in football terms of late. However the fact is that although Cavan are no world beaters and will be happy to consolidate in division 2, Cavan came down from division 1 last year. Meath were middle of the road division 2. do your sums on that and come back and tell me again why some of your fellow meath men predicted a ''comfortable'' Meath win yesterday.

theweanling (National) - 19/02/2018 15:28:28

Christy Toye aka Magnus - 3 Like(s)
what a loss Christy is (with all respect to the other two boys, Rory got his day, Walsh was always a solid man to have on your team and stood into the fold without any fuss, done his job well and there was no more word about it) Christy deserves a special word though. he was a beautifully relaxed player who just oozed calm. He wasn't just calm and collected in any old game. think of the biggest games since 2011, v Kildare- 2011, v Mayo- 2012, v Dublin- 2014 and Tyrone 2016. he came to within a whisker last year (as someone else said) of being the hero again. what about those powerful runs in 2014 against Dublin that single handedly lifted Donegal of the turf and dragged them back into the game. His pace and balance on the ball under pressure was outstanding. You could argue he was the catalyst to Donegals great era, after his vital goal and point against a very experienced Kildare team in 2011. I wonder did he mean that pass into murphy though............

theweanling (National) - 12/01/2017 09:44:56

Female Coaches within the Intercounty Scene. - 2 Like(s)
Never mind women managing men's teams, i think its much more important that ladies teams come to a stage where they're at the very least equally represented on the sideline. As it stands there's literally only a handful of women managing ladies teams. In a world of sexism and by god we're hearing lots of it today i think the role of ladies in GAA (which is mens football) is always being highly appreciated. the steps are already being taken in GAA (without any big song and dance), we have referees, chair people in clubs and board members at the highest level and in fairness if and when the day comes that a woman takes the reigns as president of the GAA it won't be debated, it'll be celebrated or even better still it'll be just ignored as it will be just cool!!

theweanling (National) - 20/10/2017 10:27:04

GOAT - 2 Like(s)
there seems to be a lot of people out today to discredit dublins achievements using any means possible. this dublin team is unbelievable, they do not make mistakes!!! over 80% score conversion in the semi final, something similar in attacks to chances on goals, frees converted are above 85% over the whole year, that's phenomenal. people on here saying that kerrys team and kilkennys hurling team were better. what are you basing that on? nothing....only sentiment!!!!! if any of you have the time go and prove it by gathering up the stats on both of those teams in their 4 in a row exploits. the answer will come back Dublin clear as day!!! take into consideration that they won yesterday missing Brogan, Flynn, Connolly and Bastick, players that were indispensable during all their other final wins!!!! will it last forever?? i honestly don't know (population and money being the one difference between them and Kerry/ Kilkenny) but history tells us it won't. for the good of football here's hoping. history also tells us that after Kerry and Kilkennys dominance a new era of greatness began for football and hurling.

theweanling (National) - 03/09/2018 10:16:36

Donegal V Cavan Ulster Semi Final - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Donegal_abroad:  "Being written off for the final now. The Sunday Game lads have our obituary written anyway but hopefully we produce a big performance. Are we capable of beating Monaghan or Derry? Yes we are. But it'll take improvement for sure. I think there is no harm having room to improve going into an Ulster final having faced an awkward and capable Cavan team rather than destroying a team and being hyped to the clouds. It's really up to our players now, they've got the talent to go to another level, but the question marks won't go away until they produce wins against big teams in big games."
the GAA media is amongst the most fickle there is. Cavan were getting the same treatment last week which I thought was totally unfair, anyway its Donegal's turn now. as has been mentioned before this game will stand to you. you met something that was able to challenge your key game plan of running from deep. I'll not say much until the monaghan Derry game is over but it'd be totally ludicrous to write off Donegal and at the moment id be putting you as favourites. best of luck in the final!!!!! just on the media note again I haven't heard anything about the skill levels we seen on show Sunday from both sides. it has to be admired, some of the best fielding, point taking, tackling and as much as it kills me to say...opportunism you could wish to see in a game

theweanling (National) - 10/05/2022 10:58:27

Dublins Demise - 2 Like(s)

Replying To kentuckytucky:  "Dublin have played this keep ball type game for the past ten years. Only now the difference is teams aren't afraid to go at them and it has them flustered. And teams are dropping balls in on the square too, which they seemed to forget to do previously"
so that's it.............that's all it would've took to beat them. lol!!!!!! Dublin are out of the equation for a while. I'd fear for them that it might get even worse considering where they are at atm and that's before they have even lost the real core of their defence in mc carthy, cooper and Fitzsimons. there isn't the same players coming in than that's going out and that's testament to just how good that crop of players were, they'll be remembered for a long time to come. for what its worth I feel they lost a large bit of their soul when they lost Jim and his team. muscle memory brought them through 2020. its the end of a glorious era for football.

theweanling (National) - 21/02/2022 12:52:18