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Donegal V Armagh - 12 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Played them last year and didn't see a great improvement. Didn't take much notice of div 2 this year but it didn't look that strong."
I'd say you will take a bit more notice next year.

s goldrick (National) - 03/11/2020 22:52:38

Armagh Vs Galway - 8 Like(s)
what a game. Fair play to both teams but shame on those who disgraced themselves at the end of full time. I didn't see what the 2 lads did that got red-carded. In fact I could clearly see Sean Kelly trying to be a peace-maker. I thought a few Armagh players over-stepped the mark during the game.. James Morgan for one was lucky to be still on the pitch. Did anyone see who instigated the melee. It looked like they had it in for Comer. One Armagh guy who was not togged out attempted to gouge him. Whoever he is , he should receive a lenghty ban.

s goldrick (National) - 26/06/2022 19:06:11

Derry vs Tyrone - 8 Like(s)

Replying To essmac:  "When any other county defends in numbers and attacks in numbers, it's "players going man-to-man, there's players going zonal, it's a combination of both". See: And this is fair enough. In another code, it was good enough for Ajax. But when Tyrone defends in numbers and attacks in numbers, it's an opportunity for torrents of sanctimonious, hypocritical guff. Occasionally, the bitterness and the sledging is close to comical - here we have some legend from, er, Carlow lecturing us on how to play football: At least though, he's open about his bigotry: "Let me start off by saying I don't like Ulster football, and I never have. When I was younger it was because 'they' were 'up there'- counties and places that I knew very little about." We'd never have guessed!"
gosh that article (which was written in 2013 it has to be said is not very good. as a cavan man I took umbridge at this particular paragraph "Cavan, some people's surprise package of the 2013 championship, will contest an All Ireland quarter final next weekend having served up some of the worst football seen in many a year, and not having played a team from outside Ulster, bar London. They had two horrible games for any neutral to watch, against a Fermanagh team devoid of anything resembling attacking proficiency and a round three qualifier against Derry.2 Now, I was at those games and The Derry game in particular was a fantastic game and anyone who was at it will agree. it was a glorious sunny day and was played in great spirit with two teams getting some fantastic scores. It went to extra-time and ended up something like 1:22 to 19 points . Now if you are going to write an article that aims to promote a viewpoint then you better be able to back it up with examples and get your facts right. He seems to have drawn a conclusion and then invented "facts" to fit in with it. There is no such thing as "ulster" football. There is Donegal football, Monaghan Football, tyrone Football, derry football,Armagh football,Down football, Fermanagh Football, Cavan Football and Antrim Football. They are not all the same, just as Leinster football is not all the same , or "connacht" football or "munster football". It is a myth.

s goldrick (National) - 23/05/2016 11:30:21

The Sunday Game - Awful Coverage - 6 Like(s)
just looking at the Sky Sports coverage of the football at the moment. The analysis is light years ahead of what the RTE analysts come out with. Peter Canavan and Ciaran Donaghy doing the talking. So refreshing compared to the usual nonsense from Brolly/Spillane et al.

s goldrick (National) - 20/07/2019 16:18:27

The Sunday Game - Awful Coverage - 5 Like(s)
The Sunday Game really is painful to watch these days. at least the football part. They have managed to ruin the coverage of the Mayo v Roscommon game. Brolly needs to go . basically Mayo are not Dublin so he berates them for not being the dubs. Himself and Whelan with their stupid analysis of how Mayo were so bad. I mean they lost the game by a point and were inches away from drawing it so how on earth were they so much poorer than Roscommon. Also the edited hghlights spoil the game, there is no continuity and you dont get a feel for the game at all. I dread to think how they will butcher the other games and I feel i will throw the tv out the window when brolly starts slating fermanagh and antrim and all the teams that are not Dublin

s goldrick (National) - 26/05/2019 22:03:30

Tailteann Cup 2022 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "My predictions are Leitrim, Fermanagh, Carlow and Offaly to make the semi-finals."
nearly a full house there

s goldrick (National) - 05/06/2022 17:43:06

Non-Sport Superthread - 5 Like(s)

Replying To yew_tree:  "I have never claimed to understand. As I have stated, if I lived in Derry during the civil rights era I would probably have joined the IRA."
why would you not have joined NICRA instead. after all it was NICRA who were standing up for the civil rights of catholics until paisley and his people stood against them thus supposedly creating the "need" for the IRA and then the British Army. If NICRA had to have been left alone to do their thing it would have been better. Yes it might have taken a long time for change but I believe public opinion throughout Britain and the world would have swayed Westminster to change thing. The global power of TV was becoming more important and the world's media and the exposure would have shamed Westminster in to action. But as usual others know better and are prepared to use violence which then escalates and becomes a tit-for-tat war. meanwhile thousands of innocent peple are dragged in to the blody conflict and some of them lose perspective and get so caught up in their own personal vendettas that they lose sight of what it is they are actually fighting for. There were many good patriotic people in The North who tried to change things without the recourse to violence but as usual these people were looked down upon by the so-called real-patriots.

s goldrick (OtherSports) - 26/01/2017 10:42:41

Dublin'S Free Count - 5 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "How did Fenton not get a black card for pulling down the Meath lad going through on goal Gerry? It was a clear cut black as you'd ever see but nothing not even a yellow."
so should McGill not have got a black card for his deliberate and cynical foul on O'Callaghan as he was about to shoot. (resulting in the penalty that Mannion missed).

s goldrick (National) - 24/06/2019 11:48:13

Joe Brolly Finished With RTE - 4 Like(s)

Replying To moc.dna:  "I would be really interested in getting a FOI from RTE to see whether the GAA had any contact or request with RTE in relation to this. Joe Brolly is a questioning voice that is needed within the GAA which has become more autocratic over the years. Similarly Colm O Rourke who has asked tough questions & highlighted certain issues within both the GAA & GPA & being castigated for same. We need these voices heard as it has now reached all levels within the GAA that if you put your head above the parapet to question the group think, you are a radical. Many of the issues Joe & Colm raise are very valid & serious. Major financial irregularities last year in Galway which were sent to Croke Park, yet the details were never publicly published or whether anyone was prosecuted or punished in any way. Everybody is afraid to ask the hard questions. Are Joe & Colm infallible, no. Do they make cock ups in analysis, yes. Interesting that RTE drop Joe but leave Ciaran Whelan & Pat Spillane. RTE & the GAA will soon have all the Yes people they need as panelists all following the script."
yes but they both have also a platform in the newspapers. Colm and Joe both write for the Sunday Independent and probably other publications too. A live game or a highlights show is not the forum to be constantly airing your opinions or grievances with the state of the game. People find it annoying . All we want is analysis of the games in hand . Joe always compared every other team less favourably to which ever team was top dog at that particular time. "Dublin wouldn't do that". You wouldn't get Donegal doing that", " That's not what Tyrone would do" . etc etc. He expects every team to do what the top team does whilst ignoring the fact that all teams are not equal and never will be. There will always be winners and losers. That's how sport works and we must not condemn the losers for not being winners. His domineering , bullying and shouting down of other panelists and presenters was even more annoying for the viewer that his views. He needs to take a break and reflect. RTE could do worse than do look at the SKY coverage to see how proper match-day analysis works.

s goldrick (National) - 12/09/2019 10:50:40

Fair Play Tomás O'Sé - 4 Like(s)
here is a different perspective. Former Cavan footballer and current AFL coach Nicholas Walsh has rejected criticism of the recruitment of GAA players by AFL clubs, writes Daragh Ó Conchúir. Walsh, who has been part of the coaching staff since the GWS Giants' inaugural season in 2012, dismisses the depiction of recruiters as bogeymen luring unsuspecting youngsters away from a purer life. He also rejects the notion that the GAA, who he worked for as children games' development officer having previously spent five years as development officer of Cavan GAA, should be doing more to prevent players being offered the possibility of earning a living as sportsmen. The former Breffni star's own bid for success as a player was scuppered by injuries and he returned home after three years. "I used to watch it on TV with my Dad, every Saturday morning on TnaG (TG4) as it was at the time" says Walsh. "I always said to myself that if I was ever given an opportunity to play professional sport, I would love it, and that Aussie rules was the game that was closest to Gaelic football that would enable me to do it. "The players coming over, they're given an opportunity. "I'm not saying it's for everyone because it's not. You had the likes of Seán Cavanagh, who decided not to come and he's very happy with that. He's played 15 years for Tyrone, has three All-Irelands under his belt, numerous All Stars, a good job and a lovely family. It was the best decision for him. "Other guys came and didn't make it like myself and numerous others. And then you have maybe four or five others that have really made it since 1984. Why are people so bothered? "Looking into it, most of the players that have gone back to Ireland have been successful enough with their counties too, bar a couple." Only 50 players have signed contracts with AFL clubs since the late Seán Wight was recruited by Melbourne Demons in 1982. Apart from Wight, only Jim Stynes, Tadhg Kennelly, Pearce Hanley and Zach Tuohy have played more than 100 games. Tadhg Kennelly Stynes is the sole GAA recruit to win a Brownlow medal as player of the year and Kennelly, the only Grand Final winner. On Saturday, dual All-Ireland winner with Kerry, Mark O'Connor became just the 20th former GAA player to play in the AFL when making his debut for Geelong. Walsh notes that established players are taking time out in the middle of their GAA careers to pursue social or professional opportunities. Waterford hurler Tom Devine is the latest to do so, with the likes of footballers Jack McCaffrey (Dublin) and Jamie Clarke (Armagh) now returned after taking time out. Another Dublin All Star Rory O'Carroll is missing his second season however, having gone to New Zealand, while Paul Durcan has not played for Donegal either since 2015 after moving to Qatar. In that context, Walsh cannot comprehend the negativity surrounding young players trying their hands at the professional game. "It's an experience. If I had a young son and I was living in Ireland, and he wanted to go to Australia or even go play soccer in England, I'd never stand in his way. People talk about the love of the club - I still love Cavan Gaels and every time I'm home I go to watch the games, but there was an opportunity for me. "It's the player's choice at the end of the day. Ciarán Kilkenny decided that it wasn't for him and he's gone home and won three All-Irelands. "It's very hard to make it and very few do. But I don't understand why some people view it as a threat. For a start, the stats tell you that very few make it and players return home having been exposed to a professional high-performance set-up. They also have the traveling thing done and are of an age when they're ready to step up to inter-county level. "But apart from that, it's no different to going to America or anywhere else to get a job. It's an opportunity and most of us growing up dreamed of playing sport for a living. It's the dream."

s goldrick (National) - 20/05/2017 22:44:26

Tyrone V Dublin - 4 Like(s)
masty cheap shot there from Macauley

s goldrick (National) - 21/07/2018 20:36:04

Tyrone V Dublin - 4 Like(s)
Kilkenny doing a Neymar

s goldrick (National) - 21/07/2018 20:39:24

What's wrong with Down? - 4 Like(s)
why wasn't this thread entitled "What's Up with Down" an opportunity missed.

s goldrick (National) - 14/02/2017 14:52:39

RTE pundits - 4 Like(s)
Yes I watched the Derry v Tyrone match on the BBc. They are knowledgable about the players and the game and analyse the game. Yes thet had a discussion about the state of the game but it is an adult discussion not the drivel that passes for analysis on RTE. Last week I went out of the room at half-time as I couldn't bear to watch or listen to Brolly.

s goldrick (National) - 28/05/2017 17:53:08

Come On Engerland.....Peoples' Views??? - 4 Like(s)
WHY IS THIS THREAD NOT ON THE ELEVEN A SIDE FORUM ?. it has no place on a GAA forum… admin please move it. there is a topic there already about the euros.

s goldrick (National) - 08/07/2021 21:44:53

Kerry V Cork - 4 Like(s)
Look, will people stop saying "Look". Look look look look .

s goldrick (National) - 22/06/2019 21:10:34

NFL Division 2 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Hoofhearted:  "My apologies, what I meant to say was that the Rossies chance of NOT being relegated was slight. If you look at the Odds of who is likely to be relegated and promoted from this Division, Roscommon are one of the favourites of being relegated. So, for me that would reinforce my view that they are on the way down rather than on the way up. Cavan are definitely favourites for going up and Roscommon are favourites for going down. Div 3 probably is where Roscommon are at, with all of the injuries and lads leaving for different reasons Roscommon are still boxing above their weight. Division 3 is probably where they belong. It would be great to see Westmeath getting promoted as I think they could compete at Div 1 for a few years."
absolute rubbish, Roscommon are not a div 3 team, they are a top 10 or 12 team and will be in the top half of div 2.

s goldrick (National) - 22/02/2020 22:44:20

A New (Wick) Low - 4 Like(s)
let's get this straight. I never said last year's Ulster win was a "fluke". It was won on merit. Which is why I am so dissappointed at what has gone on since. We had a one-off game against a periennal minnow to save our league status and couldn't do it. That is the reality. Cavan supporters are 100% entitled to moan and be grumpy . What the hell kind of supporters would we be if we just accepted it ?. It is because we are true supporters that it effects us so bad. I cannot and will not take relegation to div 4 lying down and I will not be silenced by sycophants.

s goldrick (Cavan) - 16/06/2021 07:20:14

A New (Wick) Low - 3 Like(s)

Replying To tomsmith:  "Sgolderick Tomsmith here You ask where are we at .. well the answer is Division 4 and unless we get our act together we will stay down in Div 3 or 2 for a few years, What is the answer to our problems is that we need to find new talent soon .. Our current crop of players you could pick any of twenty and these players are nearly all the same. Get Divisional teams set up find any new players that is t6he way to go"
Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse… Tomsmith enters the fray.

s goldrick (Cavan) - 13/06/2021 18:18:52

The Future Of Inter-County Football - 3 Like(s)
nobody gave a damn when the likes of Wicklow,Carlow,Longford,Westmeath,Louth etc were being soundly beaten every year in Leinster but now because Meath and Kildare were deservedly beaten by 2 so-called lesser teams who happen , to have, at this moment in time better players and better management and are better prepared it's all doom and gloom. Personally, I think it's great that 2 "new" teams are contesting the semi-finals in Leinster. Good luck to Dublin, They are a joy to watch.

s goldrick (National) - 28/05/2018 23:47:18