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All Ireland Football Final 2020 - Dublin V Mayo - 25 Like(s)
So lovely to see 3 dublin players goading Kev McLoughlin as he's getting off the ground. When winning isn't enough and you see the need to insult the losing team's efforts, it tells you all you need to know. You can buy as many All Irelands as you want. You can't buy class.

cavanman47 (National) - 19/12/2020 18:42:34

Meath V Dublin - 23 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Ahh to hell with it. Meath to win by 2. Hon the royal."
A broken clock is right twice a day and all that. . But you're looking to be right twice a century at this rate!

cavanman47 (National) - 15/07/2021 12:37:35

Dublin Vs Kerry - 18 Like(s)

Replying To Northsidegaels:  "Disgraceful refereeing performance here, he shouldn't ref another game this summer. You'd have to wonder if some of these refs are gaa people at all as any gaa person would know to play those advantages for Kerry there. The Kerry defending is nearly as bad as the referee also!"
See the problem is. . If he refs it correctly he gets the ex Dublin players in the media calling him out, like Whelan did to David Gough after the drawn 2019 final. Referees know which side their bread is buttered and god forbid they hold Dublin to account (see the Cormac Costello red card last November). It's just another obstacle to be overcome when playing Dublin. Part and parcel of the game for a long long time now.

cavanman47 (National) - 23/05/2021 15:21:53

Dubs V Mayo - 17 Like(s)

Replying To Joxer:  "Thank God for that. The millstone that has been weighing heavily around our necks of having been "financially doped", population excuses, GPO advantages, home advantages…. is well and truly smashed. Heaven knows what our correspondent in Brazil and other begrudgers will talk about now. A shocking performance from the champs from the second half on but Mayo were brilliant and thoroughly deserved their win. So much hunger from them and so much tiredness and lack of creativity in in Dublin. Happy for Yew Tree and any other genuine Mayo supporters on here. Well done lads. We've had our fill of accolades. It's a good result for the game in general. For Mayo, the task remains uphill. This Kerry team are decent assuming Tyrone are dismissed, and I hope they aren't. Should be a cracking final."
See - this is what it's come to. Dublin fans actually happy to lose once in a blue moon, just so that nothing will be done to address the imbalance.

cavanman47 (National) - 15/08/2021 07:12:31

Meath V Dublin - 16 Like(s)

Replying To Breffni40:  "I'm working from home in Dublin actually, so it's the neighbours wifi I'm using. IN YOUR FACE LOSER."
Ah go easy on him. .he must've spent ages coming up with such a witty joke. Even put the stones down for a few seconds to write it!

cavanman47 (National) - 06/07/2021 16:40:53

2021 Rankings So Far - 16 Like(s)

Replying To McGo72:  "[quote=Offtheball10:  "[quote=McGo72:  "[quote=nicko94:  "[quote=McGo72:  "Replying To MurphBalls: "Mayo on a higher tier than Donegal and Tyrone haha. Now that is comical!" They 100% are at the moment. Donegal and Tyrone have done nothing, absolutely nothing to suggest otherwise to date for a long long time. In 2019 which was the most recent full season Mayo won the league and got to an all ireland semi final, comfortably beating Donegal in a straight knockout championship game along the way. In 2020 Mayo got to the all ireland final, Donegal and Tyrone on the other hand...... if you go back to the years prior to this Mayo were miles ahead of them both. I can't work out on what basis Donegal or Tyrone (even Kerry it could be argued) deserve to be ahead of Mayo currently. The only thing is the injury of Cillian O'Connor, which is a huge loss, but Donegal will suffer without Murphy also. Offtheball10 (Meath) - Posts: 21 - 28/06/2021 12:06:43 I have noticed you have used only the last two years to benefit the point you are making which is quite shocking to be honest because you can't even reason with yourself well enough. Bare with me I will pick your argument apart from here ... "Donegal and Tyrone have done nothing, absolutely nothing to suggest otherwise to date for a long long time." Other than win Ulster championships and appear in an All Ireland in 2018. OK so you initial statement is complete nonsense. Between them they have done more than Mayo. If you want to try again and go back further over a period of 5 years you will find you are still wrong. "In 2019 which was the most recent full season Mayo won the league and got to an all ireland semi final, comfortably beating Donegal in a straight knockout championship game along the way." Mayo were eliminated from Connacht by a team just relegated from division 1 who only won one match in the league. They were then soundly beaten by both Kerry and Dublin. "I can't work out on what basis Donegal or Tyrone (even Kerry it could be argued) deserve to be ahead of Mayo currently." I would say Mayo are below Donegal and Tyrone at present because Mayo were relegated last year and they have not beaten anyone to note this year. I do believe there is a strong possibility that either Galway or Roscommon could beat Mayo in Connacht who were not good enough for D1 and as much as I don't rate Armagh they went through Roscommon like they never existed."
'Between them they have done more than Mayo. If you want to try again and go back further over a period of 5 years you will find you are still wrong.' Is this poster an actual troll? lmao"]I would rather measure it in terms of provincial success. You don't get any prizes for being the bridesmaid."]Yeah good idea, measure it on provincial competitions where counties can only play others within that province. Let's ignore what happens when the counties leave the provinces and can play each other."]I don't think Donegal would beat Dublin and haven't said any such thing on this forum so I don't know why you are getting all high and mighty about it. I have no problem saying Dublin would beat every provincial winner with ease with the exception of Kerry because they would. However, if Donegal were in Leinster they would easily be the second best team."]Same as they were in Ulster last year, eh ;)

cavanman47 (National) - 29/06/2021 13:50:16

Meath V Dublin - 16 Like(s)

Replying To Crinigan:  ""We'l look to youth at grassroots, it's our way" As opposed to every other county in GAA that buy players in? You must be new to GAA."
You'd have to take his comment as very much tongue-in-cheeck. The buying in of country players by the Dublin superclubs is what pushes the standard within the county up and has contributed greatly to their recent dominance.

cavanman47 (National) - 15/07/2021 11:48:15

Would You Rather.. - 15 Like(s)

Replying To achara:  "Would you rather your county won 5 in a row or have the most all ireland wins, by a good bit! Me personally would rather more all irelands 1 in a row would be nice too:)"
Finally a thread that can't possibly descend into a tedious Dublin v Kerry argument!

cavanman47 (National) - 26/10/2020 09:27:07

Kerry Could Be There For The Taking - 15 Like(s)

Replying To ForeverBlue2:  "Mayo won't have to limit David Clifford…. He is out for the rest of the season with injury"
This aged well. Do you sell fine wine or just drink it??

cavanman47 (National) - 26/06/2022 18:57:57

Meath V Dublin - 15 Like(s)

Replying To brian:  "No great with your facts there at all avonali old chum Not as if all your beloved Dubs don't have plenty of inductments with their cushy jobs with very little travel to allow them devote the majority of their time to training. They all have sponsored cars and meals delivered to them as they want so they don't have to do that for themselves either. C'mon Avonali, every county has played that game. Look at your own messiah and all the legal support he's gotten in recent years paid for to make sure he could be on the pitch. I'm pretty sure the house you're talking to was not to a midfielder but a half foward, believe he was given a site to build a house to transfer clubs and if memory serves me that was around 2000. And the player in question didn't play in the 1996 replay. And speaking of that i think the only orchestrating of a brawl was from three mayo punches being thrown first and meath lads not backing off, but look if it suits your flawed narrative to say meath orchestrated a brawl then so be it. Unless you want to share with us the details of this house that was given to a Meath player and back up your argument. And BTW if you think that's unique to one county then you're very naive. It happens with every county across the country, being on a county panel always provides "lifestyle perks" to the players be it jobs, cars, etc. It's happened since time immemorium I'm surprised you haven't mentioned all the helicopter rides the meath players got during the Kepak sponsorship days..."
Which Dublin messiah are you referring to Brian? Would it be the current player who's due in court or a past player, say one who left the panel in the last 2-3 years? Tho maybe the fact I've to ask the question says enough.

cavanman47 (National) - 21/07/2021 12:43:54

All Ireland Football Final 2020 - Dublin V Mayo - 15 Like(s)

Replying To Irishcelt:  "Last 10 minutes Dublin showing the professionalism wake me up when it's a level playing field please"
Are you sure they're professional tho? Stephen Cluxton's speech-writer swears they're not.

cavanman47 (National) - 19/12/2020 18:47:43

Meath V Dublin - 15 Like(s)
Fairly astonishing that a game expected to be so 1 sided has garnered 75 posts in a few days. Maybe the royals won't lie down this year. .

cavanman47 (National) - 06/07/2021 12:52:17

Meath V Dublin - 15 Like(s)

Replying To avonali:  "Seems like you have a couple of Messiahs yourself up in Cavan. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.">link"
Hold on. . There's a massive difference between a long retired footballer getting into trouble now and a county system actively influencing the law to cover up crimes by one of their players. The fact that same player then went on to cause serious physical harm to an innocent bystander in an unprovoked attack just goes to show the danger of protecting them in the first place.

cavanman47 (National) - 21/07/2021 18:29:00

Meath V Dublin Leinster Final. - 14 Like(s)

Replying To Joxer:  "Tipp were wearing a replica jersey from 1920. Were you expecting to see Teneo, a firm founded almost a century later, emblazoned across it?"
No I wasn't. Tipp did what you'd expect. Dublin didn't do what an amateur team should do. Why couldn't they have worn replica jerseys too? Why the need to keep the AIG logo? Don't tell us. We already know the answer. You can buy as many Leinsters and All Irelands as ye like. You can't buy class.

cavanman47 (National) - 24/11/2020 15:48:59

Kerry Could Be There For The Taking - 14 Like(s)
The more I look at this game, the more I think Kerry could be beaten. . . One the one hand, this is the game Kerry need. If, as expected, they are to meet Dublin in the semi final, then their defence needs to have it put up to them by Mayo and they need to come through all the stronger for it. And normally, that's what you'd expect to happen. But they tailored their approach to a game v Cork 2 years ago with one eye very firmly focused on Dublin, and they got caught out. There's so much talent in this Kerry side that when they eventually win 1 all ireland, I think many of their players will go on to win 4 or 5 medals. But the longer they are made to wait for that breakthrough win, the more difficult they will find it to come through the tight games at the latter end of the championship. And this could just be one such game.

cavanman47 (National) - 17/06/2022 12:05:27

Indiscipline In GAA - 14 Like(s)

Replying To Dubsfan28:  "[quote=munstermaniac71:  "Was anyone else struck with how the indiscipline was handled in the rugby match against wales towards how it is in gaa matches. gahfan (Wexford) - Posts: 548 - 08/02/2021 08:55:10 When you say indiscipline are you just referring to red card or in general? You'll have to expand on what you're asking as it isn't a direct comparison. I'm guessing you're referring to Peter O'Mahoney's red card. Well the ref waved play on in real time. It was when the TMO suggested he needed to review it that he (rightly) issued the red card. Are you suggesting we need a similar facility in the GAA? cavanman47 (Cavan) - Posts: 4335 - 08/02/2021 09:51:42 It would be no harm to have extra help for officials but changing rules and working far more to help all officials and how everyone treats them would be a start Didn't watch it; what did you notice? Generally, any rugby games I've watched, the big difference for me has been the refs, who seem less partisan than our refs, and they are more inclined to explain a decision. Our refs would consider it a humiliation if they had to explain anything to the players. essmac (Tyrone) - Posts: 845 - 08/02/2021 10:19:35 Refs are taught in rugby to explain decisions and work with players. Does that happen in GAA? Fans, players, coaches all dont in general work with/treat officials with respect. is it also rugby refs have more time to explain things, things are happening at a much slower pace, if gaa refs stopped play 5/10/15 times during a game to explain a call to players, there would be uproar on the line and in the stand, it weouild suit defenders, Stmunnsriver (Wexford) - Posts: 1963 - 08/02/2021 11:06:53 Rugby isnt that much slower and yes the offside law and how many players will be closer helps in some cases but GAA refs in hurling/gaelic should be able to explain decisions to players far more than they currently do. Let's also compare apples and oranges while we are here. TheFlaker (Mayo) - Posts: 6956 - 08/02/2021 11:35:39 Why so negative? Why not discuss the issue rather than post this type of post I was impressed for so many reasons. In the rugby...... 1. No irish players surrounded the ref pleading with him. 2. Everyone was calm. 3. The correct decision was arrived at. 4. The player accepted the decision. 5. Management accepted the decision. 6. The irish commentators and analysts accepted the decision. 7. No talk of ruining the game, that he ruined it as a spectacle, that they are taking the manliness out of the game, of the player's great disciplinary record etc. We could learn a lot from it. gahfan (Wexford) - Posts: 548 - 08/02/2021 12:14:12 Players dont surround ref much because its drilled into them from a young age. I don't like comparing sports as all sports are different in terms of the flow of play. For example, you couldn't referee a game of hurling in the same way that you referee a game of rugby. I do think that GAA players are getting better in terms of not abusing referees, at least at intercounty level. And in fairness to players, most players these days focus more on playing the game than playing the man as in the past. Personally, I think that the lack of an edge in the game has affected it as spectacle. The rivalries that once existed between clubs and counties is a thing of the past, some would say that it is for the better as the rivalries contributed to people potentially being badly injured which no one wants but at the same time I miss that bit of an edge that existed in matches in the past. Rugby is more a game of attrition these days where power trumps skill. wicklowsupport (Wicklow) - Posts: 1200 - 08/02/2021 12:43:04 Rugby is not at all these days about power trumping skill. The most successful side in international rugby is New Zealand and while they have many powerful players they are so dominant because they are the most skillful and innovative the majority of time."
Ormond?"]Yep. Tipp, Claire, Limerick and now Galway. He's had more homes than James Joyce

cavanman47 (National) - 08/02/2021 17:16:51

Leinster Football - 14 Like(s)

Replying To Joxer:  "But surely league position is a measure of where any team is at. They finished 5th in D2 last year. Weak counties like this need to take the focus off Dublin and concentrate on their league position. It's like Swansea worrying about meeting Liverpool in the FA Cup. Surely these weaker counties need to throw all of their focus into the league and having got into D1 then put real focus into the championship. There will only be one Leinster team in D1 next year. The quality is very poor. I'd be in favour of scrapping the provincials anyway. Despite Tipp's win this year Ulster is the only competitive province."
But Cork beat Kerry too. Not like it was a 1-off miracle year by just Tipp. And Limerick almost beat tipp too. Connaught has had 3 different winners in the last 4 years. Ulster is competitive as you say. It's just Leinster that's not.

cavanman47 (National) - 21/12/2020 14:12:03

Dublin Vs Kerry - 14 Like(s)

Replying To sligo joe:  "What is the issue with Costello's red last November, at the time no one knew what it was for. Refs report stated red was for abusive language to official, which is a yellow card offence, threatening language to an official is a red, so the appeal was an open and shut case."
That's not why he got off! He got off, according to the Central Hearings Committee, because "there was insufficient evidence to substantiate the infraction". So to put it simply, the evidence wasn't there. It came down to whether the linesman should be believed or not. And he wasn't. Look, it's small beans. .he hardly impacted the championship subsequently. But Dublin footballers have gotten off the rap in the past because they had friends in high places. As I said in my original post, you hold them to account at your peril.

cavanman47 (National) - 23/05/2021 16:14:44

Supreme All Stars - 14 Like(s)

Replying To gatha:  "I have to admit I am not a die hard football follower but I don't understand all the hype around Cluxton. How can a goalie change the game. How does he dominate his position. The same goes for Hurling. A goalie can go matches without making a save. I know puckouts have become an important part of the game but in football 90% of kick outs go about 15 meters. I have great respect for goalkeepers in both codes and you will win very little with a poor one. However I don't see how a keeper can dominate or change the way a game is played."
The game changed (because of the blanket defence). Keepers reacted. No keeper changed the game, but only 1 is fortunate enough to play for the best team in the country.

cavanman47 (National) - 01/02/2021 21:54:02

Casement Park - 14 Like(s)

Replying To OGarmaile:  "Let's be honest. Clones can be a great day out but it's not fit for purpose. It's out of the way geographically for majority of the province's population. If the GAA is to be a forward-looking and forward-thinking organisation, a solid base in the most populated area in Ulster (Belfast) is essential. Decent public transport links to Belfast from many towns across Ulster. Clones has almost none. The plans for Casement would make it arguably the finest gaelic games stadium on the island. This is very exciting."
If Cavan were to meet Derry, Tyrone or Donegal in a championship game (apart from Ulster final), I'd still like to see it held in Clones.

cavanman47 (National) - 14/10/2020 14:39:47